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Anarawd ap Gruffydd MP (1113 - 1143)

Cadell ap Gruffydd MP (c.1110 - 1175)

Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd MP (c.1096 - 1172)

Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd (c.1096 - 1172) was the third son of Gruffydd ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd, Wales and younger brother of Owain Gwyne...

Cadwallon ap Gruffydd MP (c.1097 - 1132)

Cadwallon ap Gruffydd (1097-1132), son of Angharad verch Owain e Gruffydd ap Cuynan.

Dafydd ap Gruffydd, Last Independent Prince of Wales MP (1238 - 1283)

From the English Wikipedia page on Dafydd ap Gruffydd: Dafydd ap Gruffydd (or Dafydd ap Gruffudd, angl. David of Griffith; Welsh pronunciation: [ˈdavɨ̞ð ap ˈ...

Einion ap Gruffydd MP (1331 - 1380)

Possible extra wives-need to verify [ ]

Evan ap Gruffydd MP (deceased)

Gruffydd Fychan ap Gruffydd MP (c.1330 - 1370)

Griffith Vychan, Lord of Glyndwrdwym in Merionethshire, representativ of Grifitth Maelor, Lord of Brimfield, eldest som of Madoc ap Meredith, last Price of Poweys. Source:

Gruffydd Fychan ap Gruffydd, Lord Glyndwrdwy MP (c.1245 - 1289)

Gwyn ap Gruffydd MP (c.1250 - d.)

Idwal ap Gruffydd MP (1057 - 1068)

Madoc ap Gruffydd Vychan MP (1261 - 1304)

Madog Crypl ap Gruffyd Vychan

Madog . ap Gruffydd ap Madoc (ap Madog Crypl) MP (1255 - 1306)

Madog Vychan ap Gruffydd Maelor MP (b. - 1351)

Madog ap Gruffydd, Prince of Powys Fadog b. circa 1151, d. circa 1236 Father Gruffydd Maelor I ap Madog, Prince of North Powys1 b. circa 1121, d. circa 1191 Also called Madog ap Gruffydd. Madog a...

Maelgwn ap Gruffydd MP (c.1119 - 1136)

The Great Revolt 1136 See also: Wales and the Normans: 1067–1283 By 1136 an opportunity arose for the Welsh to recover lands lost to the Marcher Lords when Stephen de Blois displaced his cousi...

Maredudd ap Gruffydd MP (b. - 1068)

Record of his death: The Chronicle of the Princes of Wales records that "the action of Mechain took place between Bleddyn and Rhiwallon, sons of Cynvyn, Maredudd and Ithel, sons of Gruffudd" in 1068,...

Maredudd Gethin ap Gruffydd (ap Rhys) MP (1152 - 1201)

MAREDUDD GETHIN ap LORD RHYS By Darrell Wolcott This Maredudd was the youngest in-wedlock son of Lord Rhys and his wife Gwenllian ferch Madog. His story, as told by the Brut, ends in 1201, when he ...

Morgan ap Gruffydd MP (c.1116 - 1136)

The Great Revolt 1136 See also: Wales and the Normans: 1067–1283 By 1136 an opportunity arose for the Welsh to recover lands lost to the Marcher Lords when Stephen de Blois displaced his cousi...

Owain ap Gruffydd de la Pole, Baron MP (1256 - 1293)

Owen de la Pole (c. 1257 – c. 1293), also known as Owain ap Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn, was the heir presumptive to the Welsh principality of Powys Wenwynwyn until 1283 when it was abolished by the ...

Owain Cyfeiliog ap Gruffydd MP (c.1125 - 1197)

ID: I30824 Name: Owain Cyfeiliog ap Owain Given Name: Owain Cyfeiliog ap Surname: Owain Sex: M Birth: 1125 in Southern Powys, Wales Death: 1197 in Monastery of Strata Marcella Change Date...

Owain Gwynedd ap Gruffydd, King of Gwynedd MP (1100 - 1170)

Owain Gwynedd ap Gruffudd (c. 1100 – 23 or 28 November 1170) was King of Gwynedd, north Wales, from 1137 until his death in 1170, succeeding his father Gruffudd ap Cynan. He was called "O...

Sir Rhys ap Gruffydd MP (c.1500 - 1532)

'Rhys ap Griffith/Gruffydd FitzUryan (Fitz Vryon) At the age of 23, Griffith Rice was beheaded by King Henry VII for inscribing the name Fitzurien on his coat - of - arms. The king then confiscated a...

Rhys ap Gruffydd, Prince of South Wales MP (c.1125 - 1197)

He was under fourteen in 1136, so was left home when Gwenllian rode out to war. Lucky for him. ?? died 4/28/1197 (check, it was the value on the Master but no evidence) In April 1197 Rhys died unex...

Sir Rhys ap Gruffydd, Kt. MP (c.1325 - 1356)

'Sir Rhys ap Griffith, Lord Whichnor1,2 'M, b. before 1288, d. 10 May 1356 Father Gruffydd ap Hywel ap Gruffydd ab Ednyfed Fychan1 b. c 1260 Mother Nesta ferch Gwrwared1 b. c 1264 ' Sir Rhys ...

Rhys "Fychan" ap Gruffydd MP (c.1132 - d.)

Identification tentative, based on the tradition of there being two sons Rhys of Gruffydd ap Rhys, and of the "traditional" birthdate of Y Arglwyd Rhys seeming a bit late.

William ap Gruffydd MP (1416 - 1500)

Agnes Ap-Rhydderch (Ap Gruffydd Lloyd) (1535 - 1603)

Agnes Salusbury (verch William ap Gruffydd Robin) (c.1470 - d.)

Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd (c.1097 - c.1172)

Caradog ap Gruffydd (c.1040 - 1081)

Caradog ap Gruffydd (died 1081) was a Prince of Gwent in south-east Wales who made repeated attempts to gain power over all of southern Wales by seizing the Kingdom of Deheubarth. Caradog was the g...

Dafydd ap William ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Dafydd "Llwyd" ap Gruffudd (deceased)

Dafydd Ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Dafydd ap Gruffydd ap Caradog ap Thomas (deceased)

David ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Duling ap Gruffydd (c.1109 - d.)

Eddow ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Einion ap Gruffydd (1270 - d.)

Einoin Ap Gruffydd (1310 - 1380)

this website shows einoin was born in picardie france

Elizabeth Ap Gruffydd (Lloyd) (1418 - 1450)

Ellissau AP Gruffydd (deceased)

Enion Ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Evan ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Evan ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Evan ap Gruffydd Llwyd (deceased)

Evan LLoyd Ap Howel (Ap Gruffydd) (1380 - d.)

Gronwy ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Gronwy "Ddû" ap Gruffudd (deceased)

Gruffudd Foel ap Gruffydd (c.1220 - d.)

Gruffydd Fychan Ap Gruffydd (1329 - 1370)

Gruffydd Fychan ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Gruffydd Goch ap Gruffydd (1160 - d.)

Gruffydd Fychan ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Gwenllian Verch Owain Ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Gwenllian Ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Gwenwynwyn Ap Owain Cyfeilioc (Ap Gruffydd) (deceased)

Gwervil Verch Vaughn (Ap Gruffydd) (deceased)

Gwilym Ap Gruffydd ap Gruffydd (c.1376 - 1431)

Gwilym ap Gruffydd (1300 - 1370)

Gwyn ap Griffith Ap Gruffydd (1150 - d.)

Gwyn Ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Gwynedd Ferch Owain Ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Howel ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Howel ferch Howel (ap Gruffydd) (deceased)

Howel ap Gruffydd Goch (deceased)

Howel ap Gruffydd (1220 - d.)

Hywel ap Dafydd ap Gruffydd ap Caradog (deceased)

Hywel ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Hywel ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Idwal ap Gruffydd (c.1107 - d.)

Ieuan Ap Gruffydd (1325 - 1370)

Ieuan y Cott ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Iorwerth Ap Gruffydd (1230 - d.)

Iorwerth 1 Ap Gruffydd (1286 - d.)

Iowerth ap Gruffydd (1350 - d.)

John ap Gruffydd (c.1505 - d.)

John ap Gruffydd ap Jevan ap Siamcyn, of Glanvraed (deceased)

John Griffith (ap Gruffydd) (c.1520 - d.)

John (forwerth) Vychan ap John ap Gruffydd ap John ap Howel ap Madog of Lieyn (deceased)

Lewis ap Gruffydd (1525 - c.1600)

Llewellyn ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Llewellyn ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Llewelyn Ddu ap Gruffydd (c.1300 - 1305)

Llewelyn ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Llwyd ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Llywellyn ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Llywellyn ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Full name: Llywellyn ap Gruffydd ap Philip

Llywelyn Ddu Ap Gruffydd (c.1300 - c.1340)

Lorwerth Ap Gruffydd Ap Meredydd (1286 - d.)

Madoc ap Gruffydd (1190 - d.)

Madoc ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Madog ap Gruffydd (ap Madog) (c.1200 - d.)

13771-Welsh Medieval Database. KINSHIP CONFLICT: Dwynn's Heraldic Visitations of Wales (Vol 2-page 110), shows 2 sons for Madog,with descendants for both.Footnote 1, explains that their are major i...

Madog ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Madog ap Gruffydd (deceased)

Madog Goch ap Gruffydd (c.1189 - d.)

Maelgwyn ap Gruffydd (c.1170 - c.1230)

Maredydd ap Hywel ap Dafydd ap Gruffydd (c.1330 - d.)

Margaret Salusbury (verch Tudur Vychan ap Gruffydd ap Einion) (deceased)

Margaret verch Robin ap Gruffydd Goch (deceased)

Margaret verch Rhys Plwyd ap Gruffydd ap Einion Vychan (deceased)