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Baglan . ap Ithel MP (deceased)

Cynwrig Sais ap Ithel MP (1310 - 1348)

Einion ap Ithel MP (1337 - d.)

Enir Fardd ap Ithel MP (c.-825 - 100)

B: c. -825, c. -600, -760, c. -940 Alternate Data at time of merge on 11/28/09: First Name: Enir Fardd Ben Ithel Last Name: Rey Britanico

Flewyn . ap Ithel, Saint MP (deceased)

Gredivael . ap Ithel, Saint MP (deceased)

Gredyw . ap Ithel, Saint MP (554 - d.)

Gwrgan ap Ithel, King of Glamorgan MP (c.965 - 1030)

GWRGANT (AB ITHEL,) a prince who succeeded to the throne of Glamorgan, A.D. 994, and died in 1030. Caraduwg of Llangarvan says of him that he was a wise and peaceful prince, and gave lands to the poor ...

Ithel Fychan, of Englefield ap Ithel Gan MP (deceased)

Llechid . ap Ithel, Saint MP (556 - d.)

Meurig ap Ithel MP (deceased)

Rhychwyn . ap Ithel, Saint MP (deceased)

Tanwg . ap Ithel, Saint MP (deceased)

Tecwyn . ap Ithel, Saint MP (deceased)

Tegid . ap Ithel, Saint MP (c.550 - d.)

Trillo . ap Ithel, Saint MP (552 - d.)

Twrog . ap Ithel, Saint MP (deceased)

Cynwrig Sais ap Ithel (deceased)

dafydd ap ithel (deceased)

Dafydd "Fychan" ap Ithel (deceased)

Dafydd Vychan ap Ithel Vychan (Cynwrig) (deceased)

David ap Ithel (deceased)

ednywain ap ithel (1044 - d.)

Ednywain ap Ithel (deceased)

Edward ap Ithel (ap Dafydd) (c.1395 - d.)

Einion ab Ithel (ap Ithel) (c.1130 - d.)

Einion Ap Ithel (1360 - d.)

Einion ap Ithel (deceased)

Elinor Holland (ap Ithel ap Howel) (c.1436 - d.)

Gwrgant Ap Ithel (c.953 - d.)

Gwrgant Ap Ithel (c.953 - d.)

Hoedlyw ap Ithel (1050 - d.)

Ieuan ap Ithel (c.1280 - d.)

Ithel Fychan ap Ithel (c.1230 - 1300)

ithel llwyd ap ithel (1237 - d.)

llwyd ap ithel (deceased)

Trahaearn ap Ithel (c.1130 - d.)

trahearn ap ithel (deceased)