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Dafydd, Prince of North Wales and Gwynedd MP (c.1206 - 1246)

Dafydd ap Llywelyn (c. 1215 – February 25, 1246) was Prince of Gwynedd from 1240 to 1246. He was for a time recognised as Prince of Wales. Contents 1 Descent 2 Conflict 3 Later reign 4 Succes...

Dolffyn ap Llewelyn, of the Northern Britons MP (964 - d.)

Gruffudd Llwyd ap Llewelyn MP (1295 - d.)

Hywel y Farf ap Llewelyn MP (deceased)

Ieuan ap Llewelyn MP (1380 - 1427)

Iorwerth ap Llewelyn MP (deceased)

Madog ap Llewelyn MP (b. - 1331)

'Heraldic visitations of Wales and part of the Marches; between the years 1586 and 1613, under the authority of Clarencieux and Norroy, two kings at arms (1846) Vol. 2 PLWYF RYWABON Edwar...

Morgan ap Llewelyn MP (c.1330 - 1383)

Llewelyn, Morgan Ap [Male] Birth: ABT 1330 Tredegar, Monmouth, Wales - Death: AUG 1384 Married to Rhun, Mallt (Maud) Verch [Female] Birth: ABT 1338 Cibwr, Senghennydd, Glamorgan, Wales - Marriage...

Morgan Ap ap Llewelyn MP (1378 - 1400)

Rhys Vychan ap Llewelyn MP (1370 - 1460)

Richard Gwyn Lewis ap Llewelyn MP (c.1456 - 1530)

Sir Dafydd Gam ap Llewelyn MP (1351 - 1415)

Dafydd ap Llewelyn ap Hywel (c. 1380 - October 25, 1415), better known as Dafydd Gam or Davy Gam, was a Welsh medieval nobleman who died at the Battle of Agincourt fighting for Henry V. The name "Gam...

Thomas ap Llewelyn MP (c.1300 - 1343)

Thomas ap Llywelyn Thomas was born about 1309 in Gloddaeth, Creuddyn, Caernavonshire, Wales.1 Thomas' father was Llywelyn ap Owain and his mother was Eleanor de Bar. His paternal grandparents were Ow...

??? Ap Llewelyn (deceased)

Angharad ferch Dafydd ap Llewelyn (deceased)

Cadwgon Ap Llewelyn (1190 - d.)

cadwgon ap llewelyn (1165 - d.)

Christian Ap Llewelyn (1392 - d.)

Dafydd ap Llewelyn (c.1304 - d.)

Sir David Gam (b. - 1415)

Dafydd ap Llewelyn ap Hywel (c. 1380 - October 25, 1415), better known as Dafydd Gam or Davy Gam, was a Welsh medieval nobleman, a prominent opponent of Owain Glyndŵr, who died at the Battle of Agincou...

Davydd ap Llewelyn (1345 - d.)

Efa Ferch ap Llewelyn (verch Ieuan) (c.1407 - d.)

einion cest ap llewelyn (deceased)

Einion Cest (deceased)

Elizabeth Ap Llewelyn (deceased)

Ffelis verch Llewelyn (c.1367 - d.)

Griffith ap Llewelyn (1462 - 1580)

Griffith Ap Llewelyn (1360 - 1385)

griffith (deceased)

Griffith ap Llewelyn, King of Wales (c.1011 - 1063)

Gruffudd ap Llewelyn (c.1335 - c.1399)

gruffudd llwyd ap llewelyn (1320 - d.)

Gruffydd (deceased)

Gruffydd Ap Llewelyn (1206 - 1244)

Gruffydd ap Llewelyn (1315 - 1399)

gruffydd ap llewelyn (1322 - d.)

Gwenllian Verch Ap Llewelyn (Ieuan) (1366 - d.)

Gwilym (deceased)

gwilym ap llewelyn (deceased)

Gwilym Verch Ap Llewelyn (c.1371 - d.)

gwilym gwyn ap llewelyn (deceased)

Henry ap Llewelyn (deceased)

Henry ap Llewelyn (c.1272 - d.)

Howel ap Llewelyn (deceased)

Howel Gymen Ap Llewelyn (1278 - d.)

Hugh ap Llewelyn (deceased)

Hywel Ap Llewelyn (c.1357 - d.)

hywel ap llewelyn (deceased)

Hywel Vychan ap Llewelyn (1200 - d.)

Idnerth ap Llewelyn (1220 - d.)

Ieuan ap Llewelyn (c.1362 - d.)

ieuan llwyd ap llewelyn (1300 - d.)

Janet (deceased)

Jenkin Ap Llewelyn (1602 - d.)

Jenkin Ap Llewelyn (1355 - d.)

Jennet D Phylip (Ap Llewelyn) (deceased)

John Ap Llywelyn (c.1358 - d.)

Jonet verch Gruffydd (1373 - d.)

'Jonet verch Gruffudd 'F, b. circa 1373 Father Gruffydd ap Gwilym b. c 1322, d. 1405 Mother Generys verch Madog b. c 1346 ' Jonet verch Gruffudd married Nicholas ap Philip, son of Philip ap E...

Llewelyn Fychan Ap Llewelyn (1090 - d.)

Llewelyn "Fychan" ap Llewelyn (1270 - 1338)

Llewelyn Ap Thomas (Ap Llewelyn) (c.1364 - c.1400)

llewelyn fychan (deceased)

Llywelyn ap Dafydd ap Ifan (Jem/Ieuan) Lloyd (Esq of Mathavarn) ap Llewelyn ap Tudyr (Tudor of Incharvan) ap Gronwy (Gronw) ab Einion ap Seisyllt (deceased)

Lord of Merionydd and apparently descended from Welsh princes.

Maredudd ap Llewelyn Fychan (c.1230 - 1277)

Margaret ap Llewelyn (ap David) (deceased)

margred ap llewelyn (ferch einion) (deceased)

Meyrick (deceased)

Meyrick (Meurig) ap Llewelyn (1451 - 1538)

Meyrick (deceased)

Meyrick Meurig Ap Llewelyn (deceased)

Meyrick (deceased)

Morgan ap Llewelyn (c.1382 - d.)

Morgan (c.1378 - d.)

Morgan (c.1378 - d.)

Morgan Ap Ap Llewelyn (c.1362 - d.)

Morgan (1378 - d.)

Morgan AP Llewelyn (deceased)

Morgan (1378 - d.)

Mrs Hywel Vychan "The Little" Ap Llewelyn (deceased)

Owen ap Llewelyn (deceased)


Philip ap Llywelyn (c.1325 - d.)

Philip ap Llewelyn (deceased)



Philip ap Llewelyn (1222 - d.)

'Visitation of Shropshire' volume 28 page 275 gives the following pedigree: Philip ap Llywelyn ap Seisyll ap Cadwgon ap Elystan "Glodrydd". This pedigree is missing several generations. It should read ...

rhirid ap llewelyn (deceased)

rhys ap llewelyn (deceased)

rhys ap llewelyn (1328 - d.)

Rhys Goch Ap Llewelyn (1096 - d.)

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