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Caradoc Friechfras, King of Gwent MP (c.500 - 550)

Caradoc Freichfras ap Llyr o Gwynedd was born after 450. He was lord of Gloucester in right of his father, was grandson of Brychan Brecheiniog, prince and lord of Brecknock. Supposedly, he was a cont...

Ceidio . ap Ynyr, Saint MP (deceased)

Cynheidion . ap Ynyr, Saint MP (deceased)

Einion ap Ynyr MP (1297 - d.)

Ithon ap Ynyr, Brenin Gwent MP (deceased)

Meurig Fychan ap Ynyr MP (1295 - d.)

Tudor Trevor AP YNYR, Lord of the March MP (900 - 948)

Also see ---------------- Tudor Trevor (a.k.a. Tewdor Trefor) who married Angharad around 942, had an impressive ancestry, which is illustrated by his many titles. He was Lord of Whittington, Oswes...

Ynyr Fychan ap Ynyr MP (1263 - d.)

Aeddan Ap Ynyr (c.875 - d.)

Aeddan [Iddon] ap Ynyr (c.1056 - d.)

Clydno ap Ynyr Farfdrwch (deceased)

Clydno Ap Ynyr Farfdrwch (deceased)

llewelyn ap ynyr (deceased)

Meurig ap Ynyr (1050 - 1135)


Meurig AP YNYR (1065 - d.)

Meyrick Lloyd Ap Meyrick Vychan Ap Ynyr Vychan (deceased)

Tegeyrn ap Ynyr (deceased)

Ynyr Vychan Ap Ynyr (1263 - 1304)

Ynyr Vychan Ap Ynyr (1263 - 1304)

Ynyr Vychan Ap Ynyr (1263 - 1304)