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Catalina Castillo Apacible MP (deceased)

Catalina Castillo Apacible was the Queen of the 1922 Manila Carnival. More here: .

Galicano Castillo Apacible MP (deceased)

Galicano Apacible was a Philippine politician. He co-founded La Solidaridad and the Nacionalista Party. He served as the Governor of Batangas and a representative of the first District of Batangas. Mor...

1st Catalina Apacible-Abellanosa (deceased)

Agustin de Joya Apacible (c.1818 - d.)

Agustin Apacible (deceased)

Bonifacio Apacible (deceased)

Catalina Tiangco de Joya (Apacible) (deceased)

Catalina Apacible (Castillo) (deceased)

Cecilio del Castillo Apacible de Antonio (1795 - d.)

Chinese wife Apacible (deceased)

Donata Florentina Quizon Apacible (Limjoco) (1858 - d.)

Eustaquio Tiangco Apacible (1864 - d.)

Fernanda Apacible (deceased)

Fragedes de Joya Apacible (deceased)

Herminigilda Tiangco (Apacible) (c.1841 - d.)

Juan de Joya Apacible (deceased)

Juliana Apacible Abellanosa (deceased)

Leon Apacible, Jr. (deceased)

Leon Castillo Apacible (deceased)

Luisa Apacible (deceased)

Luz Alegre Apacible (1896 - d.)

Marcela Apacible (Tiangco) (c.1820 - d.)

Maria Apacible (Avena) (c.1847 - d.)

Matilde Apacible (Martinez) (deceased)

Modesta Castillo Afable (Apacible) (deceased)

Pedro Avena Apacible (deceased)

Pedro Vicente Apacible (c.1750 - d.)

Petrona de los Reyes Apacible (Afable) (deceased)

Vicente Afable Apacible (deceased)