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Catalina Castillo Apacible MP (deceased)

Catalina Castillo Apacible was the Queen of the 1922 Manila Carnival. More here: .

Galicano Castillo Apacible MP (deceased)

Galicano Apacible was a Philippine politician. He co-founded La Solidaridad and the Nacionalista Party. He served as the Governor of Batangas and a representative of the first District of Batangas. Mor...

1st Catalina Apacible-Abellanosa (deceased)

Adelaida Apacible (deceased)

Agustin Apacible (deceased)

Agustin de Joya Apacible (c.1818 - d.)

Agustin Apacible (deceased)

Ana Apacible (deceased)

annie Apacible (deceased)

antonio apacible (deceased)

Antonio Apacible (deceased)

Antonio Apacible (deceased)


APOLINARI Apacible (1916 - 1963)

Apolinario Apacible (deceased)

Apolinario Apacible (deceased)

arturo vico apacible (deceased)

Aurora "Auring" Jonson (deceased)

Aurora Garcia (Aurora apacible) (deceased)

Baltazar Apacible (deceased)

BALTAZAR Apacible (deceased)

BALTAZAR AVENA Apacible (1885 - 1929)

BEATRIZ Almanzor (APACIBLE) (deceased)

BEATRIZ Apacible (deceased)

BENVENIDO Apacible (deceased)

Bienvenido Apacible (deceased)

Bonifacio Apacible (deceased)

Brigida Apacible (Almanzor) (deceased)

Brigida Almanzor-Apacible (deceased)

Candida Apacible (Garcia) (deceased)

CARMEN Apacible (1911 - 1987)

Catalina Tiangco de Joya (Apacible) (deceased)

Catalina Apacible (Castillo) (deceased)

Cecilio del Castillo Apacible de Antonio (1795 - d.)

Chinese wife Apacible (deceased)

Clara Apacible (Marquez) (deceased)

Clarita Apacible (deceased)

CLARITA S Apacible (1909 - 1998)

Consuelo Tinchuangco Limjoco Apacible (deceased)

Daniel Limjoco Apacible (deceased)

Daniel Limjoco Apacible (deceased)

Diosdado Apacible (deceased)

Don Silvestre Valdez Apacible (deceased)

Donata Florentina Quizon Apacible (Limjoco) (1858 - d.)

Donata Florentina Quizon Limjoco (deceased)

Dr. Pedro Apacible (deceased)

ELPIDIO C Apacible (1940 - 1987)

enrique vico apacible (deceased)

Eustaquio Tiangco Apacible (1864 - d.)

Felisa Limjoco Jonson (Apacible) (1889 - 1949)

Felisa Apacible (Fareja) (deceased)

Fernanda Apacible (deceased)

Fernanda Apacible-Rillo (deceased)

Fernanda Apacible married Santiago Rillo from Marigondon, Cavite. They have three children, Salvador, Juliana and Josefa. children of Salvador married to Sarita Ramos are: Lydia, Socorro, Arsenio and...

Filomena Apacible (deceased)

Fragedes de Joya Apacible (deceased)

GALICANO Apacible (1864 - 1949)

Genoveba delos Reyes Baylon (Apacible) (deceased)

Herminigilda Tiangco (Apacible) (c.1841 - d.)

HORACIO Apacible (deceased)

Isidora Adoptante Apacible (Valdez) (deceased)

Jose Apacible (deceased)

Jose Apacible (deceased)

Juan de Joya Apacible (deceased)

Juan Apacible (deceased)

Juan Apacible (deceased)

Juancho Apacible (deceased)

Juliana Apacible Abellanosa (deceased)

Leon Apacible, Jr. (deceased)

LEON CASTILLO Apacible (b. - 1901)

Leon Castillo Apacible (deceased)

Linda Laguardia (deceased)

Lola anda Apacible (deceased)

lolo tanda Apacible (deceased)

Lucrecia Hernaez Apacible (deceased)

Luisa Apacible Bulaclac (deceased)

Luisa Apacible (deceased)

luisa antonio ermita (apacible) (deceased)

Luz Apacible (deceased)

Luz Alegre Apacible (1896 - d.)

Magdalena Apacible (deceased)

MAGDALENA Apacible (deceased)

Mamerta Castroviejo de Castro Valdez (Apacible) (deceased)

Marcela Apacible (Tiangco) (c.1820 - d.)

Marcelo Apacible (deceased)

MARIA C. Apacible (TITAY) (1888 - 1970)

Maria Apacible (Avena) (c.1847 - d.)

Maria Avena-Apacible (deceased)

Maria (Maring) Apacible (deceased)

Mariano de Joya Apacible (1824 - 1892)

Matilde Apacible (Martinez) (deceased)

Mercedes del Rosario-Apacible (deceased)

Mercedes Apacible (1943 - 2007)

MERCEDITAS S. Apacible (1943 - 2007)

Miguela Apacible (deceased)

MODESTA Apacible (deceased)

Modesta Castillo Afable (Apacible) (deceased)

Moises Apacible (deceased)

Natividad "Naty" Apacible (deceased)

Natividad Abellar Apacible (deceased)

NENY Apacible (deceased)