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Antonio Casimira Archuleta (deceased)

Antonio L. Archuleta (deceased)

Apelicarpio Archuleta (c.1845 - c.1909)

Apolonio Archuleta (deceased)

Armando Archuleta (1946 - 2014)

Arsenio Romero Archuleta (1904 - d.)

Arthur James Archuleta (1940 - d.)

Asencio Archuleta (c.1700 - d.)

Baltazar Archuleta (1932 - 1994)

Baltizar Archuleta (deceased)

Beatrice Archuleta (deceased)

Beatriz Archuleta (1914 - 1914)

Belarminio Archuleta (deceased)

Benigna Archuleta (c.1834 - d.)

Benigno Archuleta Jr (deceased)

Bernardita Archuleta (deceased)

Bersabe Anaya (Ramirez or Archuleta) (deceased)

Bertina Archuleta (Jiron) (1917 - 1943)

Bessie Olive Archuleta (Graham) (1894 - 1988)

Bonifacio Archuleta (deceased)

Brenda Jean Archuleta (1960 - 1972)

Buch Archuleta (deceased)

Candido Archuleta (b. - 1954)

Carla Archuleta (Baca) (deceased)

Carmen E. Archuleta (Elivarria) (1878 - 1944)

Carolina Archuleta (Ortega) (deceased)

Carolina Archuleta (1901 - 1962)

Carolina Archuleta (deceased)

Celestina Archuleta (deceased)

Celia Archuleta (deceased)

Cenaida Archuleta (deceased)

Charles E. Archuleta (1888 - d.)

Charlie Archuleta (deceased)

Chonita Archuleta (deceased)

Christ Archuleta (1909 - 1992)

Christina Archuleta (deceased)

Cidelia Archuleta (deceased)

Claudina Salazar (Archuleta) (1923 - 1999)

Cleofas Archuleta (Maes) (deceased)

Cora Chavez (Archuleta) (deceased)

Corinna Archuleta (Duarte) (1911 - d.)

Cosme Archuleta (deceased)

Cristobal Archuleta (c.1740 - d.)

Cristóbal Archuleta (c.1720 - d.)

Cristóbal Archuleta (deceased)


Cruz Archuleta (deceased)

D Archuleta (deceased)

Damacio Archuleta (1871 - d.)

Daniel Archuleta (deceased)

Daniel Archuleta (deceased)

Daniel Archuleta (1910 - 1988)

Danny Archuleta (deceased)

David Archuleta (deceased)

David Archuleta (deceased)

Del jeanne reavy (archuleta) (deceased)

Del Archuleta (deceased)

Delfina Otero (Archuleta) (deceased)

Delfina J. Otero (Archuleta) (1912 - d.)

Delia Archuleta (Lopez) (deceased)

Delores (Lola) Sandoval (Archuleta) (b. - 2001)

Denny Archuleta (deceased)

Diego Archuleta (deceased)

Diego Antonio De Jesus Archuleta (1766 - d.)

Diego Ruperto Archuleta (deceased)

Dolores Archuleta (Avila) (deceased)

Avila (last name) d (her brother was a gambler and apparently lost the family land grant in Los Angeles gambling. Might have been for Olivera Street area) Avila (last name) d (her brother was a gambler...

Domingo Archuleta (deceased)

Donaciano Archuleta (deceased)

Donald Archuleta (1933 - 2004)

Donicio Archuleta (c.1890 - d.)

dora Archuleta (deceased)

Easter Pricilla Gonzales (Archuleta) (1920 - 2005)

Ecolastica Archuleta (deceased)

Eddie Archuleta (deceased)

Eduviges Archuleta (Salazar) (deceased)

Elenaor Gallegos (Archuleta) (1916 - d.)

Eli Ernesto Archuleta (1935 - 1989)

Elias Archuleta (deceased)

Eliza Archuleta (Segura) (1892 - d.)

SSN: 521-74-0418

Elona Josephine rice (Archuleta) (1943 - d.)

Emilia Archuleta (c.1903 - d.)

Emma Archuleta (1892 - d.)

Encarnacion Jose Maria Valdez (Archuleta) (deceased)

Epifanio Archuleta (deceased)

Epifanio Archuleta (deceased)

Epifano Archuleta (deceased)

Erlinda Archuleta (deceased)

Ernest Archuleta (deceased)

Ernest Archuleta (deceased)

Ernesto Archuleta (deceased)

Ernesto Archuleta (b. - 2009)

Ernesto Archuleta (deceased)

Estafanita Alires (Archuleta) (1871 - d.)

estanislado archuleta (deceased)

Estefana Archuleta (1760 - d.)

Estella Archuleta (Zamora) (c.1919 - c.1990)

Eustaquia Archuleta (Lopez) (1859 - d.)

Eutilia Velarde Archuleta (Archuleta) (1901 - 1975)

Eva Suazo Martinez Archuleta (deceased)

Evelyn Archuleta-Gallegos (deceased)