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David Lewis Arquette MP

David James Arquette is an American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter, and former professional wrestler. A member of the Arquette acting family, he first became known during the late 1990s a...

Patricia T. Arquette MP

Patricia T. Arquette (born April 8, 1968) is an American actress and director, perhaps best known as the star of the supernatural drama series Medium. Early life and family Arquette was born in...

Alexis Arquette MP

Alexis Arquette is an American trans woman actor, musician, and cabaret performer. Arquette was born Robert Arquette in Los Angeles. Arquette's siblings are actors Rosanna, Patricia, Richmond and Dav...

Rosanna Arquette MP

Rosanna Lauren Arquette is an American actress, film director, and film producer. Life Arquette was born on August 10, 1959 in New York City, the daughter of Brenda "Mardi" Olivia (née Nowak...

Alden Arquette (1921 - d.)

Alexis (Kanasatirhon) Arquette (b. - 1854)

Allen Arquette (1887 - 1912)

Alvin Arquette (deceased)

Amable Arquette (c.1857 - 1860)

Amable Abraham Arquette (deceased)

Amable Arquette (deceased)

Amable Arquette (1797 - d.)

Amelia Trinette Arquette (deceased)

Arnold Arquette (deceased)

Arthur Arquette (deceased)

Beatrice Arquette (deceased)

Benjamin Arquette (deceased)

bernard arquette (deceased)

Bernard Arquette (deceased)

Bernard Arquette (deceased)

billy arquette (deceased)

bobby arquette (deceased)

bonnie arquette (deceased)

brent arquette (deceased)

Burt Arquette (deceased)

Carlene Arquette (deceased)

Charles "Chas" Arquette / Arquardt (c.1837 - d.)

Charles Arquette (deceased)

Charles-Augustus Arquette (1878 - 1927)

Christine Arquette (deceased)

clarence arquette (deceased)

Clark Arquette (deceased)

Cliff Arquette (1905 - 1974)

Actor and comedian Cliff Arquette rose to fame playing the character "Charley Weaver." For his contribution to radio, Arquette was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6720 Hollywood Bl...

Daniel Arquette (1888 - d.)

Darlene Arquette (deceased)

David Arquette (deceased)

David Arquette (deceased)

dean Arquette (deceased)

Dean Arquette (deceased)

Dennis Arquette (deceased)

Donald Arquette (deceased)

dorothy arquette (deceased)

Dorothy "Kanonwriostha" Rose Cook (Arquette) (1873 - 1935)

edward arquette (deceased)

Edward C Arquette (1900 - 1983)

eileen arquette (deceased)

Elizabeth Monica Quick (Arquette) (1865 - 1929)

Elizabeth McKay (Arquette) (deceased)

Ella Arquette (1869 - d.)

Elsie Marie Arquette (McCarthy) (deceased)

Ernest Arquette (deceased)

Ernest Arquette (deceased)

Eva Arquette (Barrett) (deceased)

Evelyn Grishaber (Arquette) (deceased)

Francois Napoleon Arquette (c.1855 - 1883)

frank arquette (deceased)

Frank Arquette (deceased)

Gearld Arquette (deceased)

gloria arquette (deceased)

grace arquette (deceased)

Hannah Todhunter- Arquette (c.1842 - d.)

Harriet Arquette (Kingsley) (deceased)

howard arquette (deceased)

Hyacinthe Wallace Arquette (c.1862 - d.)

Irma Weeks Arquette (1907 - d.)

jamie arquette (deceased)

Jane Elizabeth Arquette (Barrett) (1912 - 2003)

Janette Arquette (deceased)

Jennie Arquette (Johnson) (c.1832 - d.)

Jeremy Arquette (deceased)

Jim Arquette (deceased)

Jim Arquette (deceased)

John Arquette (deceased)

John Arquette (deceased)

John Arquette (1861 - d.)

John Arquette (deceased)

John Arquette (deceased)

John Arquette (deceased)

John Baptiste (Toaonko) Arquette (1835 - 1894)

Jon Pierre Arquette (1953 - 2001)

Jon was a talented artist, he spent a lifetime working on his skills. He worked as a fine artist and a commercial artist as well, murals became a focus for him. He was also a self- taught musician, pla...

Joseph Arquette (deceased)

Joseph Raymond Arquette (1921 - 2009)

Josephine Arquette (1886 - d.)

Lawrence Arquette (1840 - d.)

Lester Arquette, Sr. (1904 - 1969)

Lewis Michael Arquette (1935 - 2001)

Lillian Arquette (deceased)

Lily Arquette (deceased)

linda arquette (deceased)

Loraine Arquette (deceased)

Lorella Arquette (deceased)

Lucinda Arquette (Metzkar) (c.1863 - 1927)

Margaret Rabian, Rabie, Robbie- Arquette (1809 - 1880)

Marguerite Chinook Arquette (c.1820 - 1870)

Marguerite Arquette (Chinook) (deceased)

Marie Anne Arquette (deceased)

Martha Arquette (deceased)

Martha Arquette (Kulikulialana) (deceased)

Martha Arquette (deceased)

Martha Arquette (deceased)