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Jose Dira Avelino MP (1890 - 1986)

Jose Dera Avelino received a BA degree from the Ateneo de Manila, a Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Philippines, and a Master of Laws from the University of Santo Tomas. He was admitted to ...

???????? Avelino (deceased)

Adelaide Avelino (deceased)

Agido Avelino (deceased)

Albertina Avelino (deceased)

Altagracia "Tatà" Avelino (deceased)

Alvaro Avelino (deceased)

Amandio Emílio Avelino (b. - 1993)

Ambrosio Avelino, Sr. (b. - 2007)

Ana da Natividade Bezerra Avelino (deceased)

Andres Avelino Perpiñal (deceased)

Andres Avelino (deceased)

André Avelino de Paiva Gadelha (deceased)

André Avelino de Souza (deceased)

"Martins" do autor Manoel Jácome de Lima - Coleção Humanas Letras - Coleção Mossoroense - vol 852 - CCHLA/UFRN - Natal/ 1995

Angelina Rodrigues Tabau (Avelino) (deceased)

Anna Payano Avelino (Avelino) (deceased)

Annabelle Avelino (1944 - 1988)

Antonio Uria Avelino (deceased)

Antonio "Culimbí" Avelino (deceased)

Antonio André Avelino da Silva (deceased)

Antónia da Conceição Avelino (1913 - 1998)

António Candido Avelino (1877 - d.)

arlindo avelino costa (deceased)

Artemio Avelino (deceased)

Asunta Reumero (Avelino) (deceased)

Baltazar Avelino (deceased)

Baltazar Uria Avelino (1914 - d.)

Bare Avelino (deceased)

Benedito Avelino de Toledo (deceased)

Benita Avelino de Carrion (deceased)

Benita Avelino Perpiñal (deceased)

Camille Avelino (deceased)


Celito Avelino (deceased)

Cermen Avelino (deceased)

Conchita Avelino (deceased)

Consuelo Lorenzana Avelino (Leuterio) (deceased)

Consuelo Leuterio Avelino (deceased)

Edgar Avelino (deceased)

Edth Avelino Sant'anna (1897 - 1985)

Eduardo Morales Avelino (deceased)

Eduardo Avelino (deceased)

Emília de Jesus Avelino (1891 - 1976)

Enrique Avelino (deceased)

Enrique Uria Avelino (c.1915 - c.1970)

Enriqueta Balmori Avelino (deceased)

Evangeline Avelino (Jamora) (1952 - 2007)

Faustina Tianza Avelino (Leuterio) (deceased)

Felix Avelino (deceased)

Filomena Avelino (deceased)

Francisca Avelino Reame (deceased)

Francisco Avelino Barbosa da Silveira (1862 - 1934)

Francisco Avelino (deceased)

Francisco Avelino Florêncio (deceased)

Gabriel Avelino (deceased)

GARCIA Avelino dit Nini (deceased)

Germano Avelino (deceased)


Gildásio Avelino (deceased)

Gitano Avelino (deceased)

Gregório Monteiro Avelino (deceased)

Hilda Avelino (Anasco) (deceased)

Horacio Vicioso Avelino (deceased)

Iluminada Dira Avelino (deceased)

Isidro Avelino (deceased)

Jaimé Avelino (deceased)

Joao Luis Martins Avelino (deceased)

Joaquim Avelino (deceased)

Joaquim Avelino Ribeiro (deceased)

Joaquina Avelino (deceased)

Joaquín Avelino (deceased)

John Avelino (deceased)

Johnnie Avelino (deceased)

Jose Uria Avelino, Jr. (c.1917 - 2006)

Served as Chairman of the Philippine Racing Commission 1994 and practiced law throughout his working career.

Jose Avelino (deceased)

Jose III Balmori Avelino (deceased)

Josefa Avelino (Villaruz) (deceased)

Joseph? Avelino (deceased)

josé avelino costa (deceased)

José Avelino (deceased)

José Payano (deceased)

José Avelino Correia Pinto de Almeida (deceased)

José Avelino Almeida Pinto (deceased)

José Avelino (deceased)

José António Avelino (1874 - d.)

)) Registo de Baptismo de José António Datas 24/05/1874 Data de Nascimento: 17/05/1874 Pai: José Maria do Nascimento Avelino Estado civil: casado Naturalidade: Souto da...

José Carlos Ramalho Avelino (deceased)

José Maria do Nascimento Avelino (deceased)

João Avelino da Silveira (deceased)

Joãozinho Avelino (deceased)

Juan Avelino (deceased)

Juana Avelino (deceased)

juvenal avelino costa (deceased)

Júlio Avelino de Souza (deceased)

Leon Avelino (deceased)

Leopoldo Avelino (1924 - d.)

Louisa Avelino (deceased)

Lourdes Avelino Garcia. (deceased)

Lucindo Avelino (1912 - 2004)

Luiz Avelino (deceased)

Luiz Avelino da Silveira (1929 - 2003)