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Jose Vera Avellana MP

Jose Vera Avellana was a legendary captain of the Ateneo Blue Eagles and a theater actor. He is best known as the founder of Avellana and Associates, one of the country's oldest Filipino advertising ag...

Jose Mari Hontiveros Avellana MP

Jose Mari Hontiveros is an award-winning actor/director for stage and film. More here: .

Lamberto Vera Avellana MP (1915 - 1991)

Lamberto Vera Avellana is a renowed director of stage and film. He was honored as the National Artist for Film in 1976. More here: .

anastacio avellana (deceased)

Angel Perez Avellana (deceased)

Angel Perez Avellana (b. - 1983)

Bernabé Avellana (deceased)


Felix Vera Avellana (deceased)

Francisco Avellana (deceased)

Isabel Clos Avellana (1877 - d.)

Jose Avellana (deceased)

Jose Jr. V. Avellana (deceased)

Totoy founded Avellana & Associates, the oldest advertising agency in the Philippines.

Josefa Avellana Jal (deceased)

josemari avellana (deceased)

José Avellana (deceased)

José Avellana Jal (deceased)

Juan Avellana Jal (deceased)

Lamberto Vera Avellana (deceased)

Leonor Avellana Jal (deceased)

Lourdes Avellana (deceased)

Ma. Susana Avellana Quimpo (deceased)

Maria Susana Avellana (deceased)

Milagros Avellana (deceased)

Nestor Avellana (deceased)

Orosia Avellana Jal (deceased)

Primo Avellana Jal (deceased)

Ramona Avellana Jal (deceased)

rolando avellana (deceased)

ROSA AVELLANA (deceased)

Rosario "Chit" Avellana (b. - 1981)

Rosario Evangelista Avellana (Evangelista) (deceased)

vicenta avellana (deceased)

x Avellana (deceased)