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Helen Hunt MP

Helen Elizabeth Hunt (born June 15, 1963) is an American actress, film director, and screenwriter. She starred in the sitcom Mad About You for seven years, before being cast in the 1997 romantic comedy...

Hank Azaria MP

Trained as a stage actor, Hank Azaria had an almost empty film and television résumé, and earned his living mostly as a bartender, before he became one of the principal voice actors on th...

????? Azaria (deceased)

Aharon Azaria (deceased)

Alphonse AZARIA (deceased)

Amete Tewelde (Azaria) (deceased)

Asher Azaria (deceased)

Avram - Alberto Azaria (deceased)

Azaria Azaria (deceased)

Beletech Azaria (deceased)

Chai (חי) Azaria (1906 - 1974)

Daisy Mendell (Azaria) (c.1924 - d.)

David AZARIA (deceased)

Dorma Azaria (deceased)

Eddie Azaria (deceased)

Elias Ben Azaria Suraqi (Chouraqui) (b. - 1968)

Elihahu azaria efrati (deceased)

Elsa Haïm (Azaria) (deceased)

Ezra Aharon (Azaria) (deceased)

Fannie Angel (Azaria) (deceased)

Fannie Angel (married uncle Max) (Azaria) (deceased)

Flora Azaria-Habib (deceased)

Fortuna (מזל) Azaria (1912 - 1966)

Fortune Azaria (1850 - 1927)

Frag'y Azaria (deceased)

Gaston Azaria (deceased)

Gioya Azaria (Angel) (deceased)

Haim Azaria (deceased)

Haim Azaria (c.1897 - d.)

1940 United States Federal Census

Haim Azaria (1915 - 1995)

Harriet (Chana) Azaria (Stern) (1922 - d.)

Henriette Azaria (Sarfati) (deceased)

Itzhak Azaria (deceased)

Jacques Azaria (deceased)

Laura Schul (Azaria) (deceased)

Lena Perahia (Azaria) (deceased)

Letensae Azaria (deceased)

Lucha Azaria - Altzech (deceased)

Michael Azaria (deceased)

Mois Azaria (deceased)

Moshe Azaria (deceased)

Murray Azaria (deceased)

Neomi Azaria (deceased)

Oscar Azaria (deceased)

Pinhas Azaria (deceased)

Rachel Azaria (deceased)

Rachel Azaria (deceased)

Rachel Rodrigue (Azaria) (deceased)

Rebecca Ballul-Azaria (deceased)

Refael Azaria (deceased)

Regina Azaria (deceased)

Rikoula Azaria (De Castro) (deceased)

Sally(???) Azaria (deceased)

Sara Azaria (deceased)

Sarina Azaria (deceased)

Shlomo Salim Azaria (c.1925 - 2008)

Solomon Azaria (deceased)

Suzanne Azaria (Arouete) (deceased)

Tsadok Azaria (deceased)

Twelde Azaria (deceased)

Tzipora Azaria (deceased)

Velvel Helfgot (Zeev) AZARIA (b. - 1961)

Victoria Azaria (deceased)

Yaacov Azaria (deceased)

Yacoub Azaria (1936 - 1977)

Yosef Azaria (deceased)

Yosef Azaria (1938 - 1995)

Yossi Azaria (1943 - 2007)

Zafrira ( ) AZARIA (1927 - 1986)

Zelda Azaria (Danon) (1915 - 2011)

Zvi Azaria (deceased)