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Cleofe Jaime Balingit MP (b. - 1981)

Cleofe Jaime Balingit was crowned Miss Mindanao at the National Beauty Contest at the 1936 Manila Carnival. More here:

Albert Balingit (deceased)

Albert Balingit (1910 - 1993)

Alfredo E. Balingit Jr. (deceased)

Antolin BALINGIT (deceased)

Antolin BALINGIT is your third cousin's late husband. You → WENCISLAO GALARRITA KAAMIÑO your father → JOSE NACALABAN KAAMIÑO SP-1 his father → CINANDO NACALABAN K...

Antolin Navarro Balingit (deceased)

Antolin Navarro Balingit (deceased)

Apolonia Balingit (DeAsis) (1888 - 1968)

Arcadia Balingit Laurito (deceased)

Arcadia Balingit-Laurito (deceased)

Baby Balingit (deceased)

Bonifacio Nicasio Balingit (deceased)


Dioscoro Balingit, Sr. (deceased)

Dolores Balingit (Genuino) (1918 - d.)

Dominga Mariano Balingit (Capuli) (1893 - 1973)

Donata Pacia (Balingit) (deceased)

Feliciano Balingit (deceased)

Felix Balingit (deceased)

felizidad balingit (deceased)

Gregorio Cortez Balingit (deceased)

Hugo Balingit (1887 - c.1947)

Irinea Quiazon (Balingit) (1887 - d.)

Juan Balingit Balingit (deceased)

Juana Balingit (deceased)

Leonila A. Balingit (Untalan) (1922 - 2003)

Licerio Viray Balingit (deceased)

Loreta Yabut (Balingit) (deceased)

Lourdes Balingit (deceased)

Marcela Ignacio (Balingit) (deceased)

Marcelino Cortez Balingit (1931 - 1990)

Mariano Cortez Balingit (b. - 2010)

Marie Balingit (Andrade) (deceased)

Marie Madrigal (Balingit) (1919 - 1975)

Mary Jane Kaamiño Balingit (deceased)

Maxima Balingit (deceased)

Mike Balingit (deceased)

Nicanor Balingit (deceased)

Nick Balingit (deceased)

Perpetua Balingit Guevarra (deceased)

Priscila Balingit (deceased)

recardo balingit (deceased)

Ricardo Balingit (deceased)

Rodolfo Balingit (deceased)

Rose Lacap (Balingit) (deceased)

Ruperta Balingit Bagundol (deceased)

Vicente Balingit (deceased)


xx Balingit (deceased)