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Agnes Ballard (Robinson) MP (deceased)

Ann Ballard (Johnston) MP (c.1715 - 1786)

Ann Catherine Dant (Ballard) MP (1830 - 1893)

Birth: Jun. 15, 1830 Death: Feb. 14, 1893 Dant Marion County Kentucky, USA LEBANON ENTERPRISE Volume XX, No. 52, February 20, 1903, Friday., P. 2. "GONE TO HER REWARDS"- At nine o'clock last Saturd...

Ann Ballard (Lunn) MP (1558 - 1584)

Ann Spalding (Ballard) MP (1655 - 1726)


Anne Mendenhall (Ballard) MP (1608 - 1640)

This Anne (maiden name unknown) is the wife of Thomas Mendenhall, II. His parents were Thomas Mendenhall, I & another Anne (maiden name unknown). How confusing this can get with 2 generations of parent...

Anne Chesley Ballard (Napper) MP (1604 - 1664)

Anne Sarah Ballard (Thomas) MP (1635 - 1678)

Thomas Ballard, married, first, Ann Thomas, daughter of William Thomas, circa 1650, in York Co., VA. William THOMAS was his step father and Ann was this William's daughter by his first wife. Thomas Bal...

Anne Buckner (Ballard) MP (1725 - d.)

Elizabeth Ballard (Phelps) MP (1646 - 1692)

Elizabeth Phelps Birth: 1646 - Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts Death: July 27 1692 - Andover, Essex, Massachusetts Parents: Edward Phelps, Elizabeth Adams Husband: Joseph Ballard CHILDREN: ...

Elizabeth Colyer (Ballard) MP (c.1686 - d.)

Elizabeth Ballard (Fane) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth E Ballard (Burson) MP (1845 - d.)

Elizabeth Seaver (Ballard) MP (c.1601 - 1657)

Ben M. Angel notes: There have been several attempts to place this person's birth location as Roxbury, presently located in the southern part of Boston. Unless this person is Native American, this pers...

Elizabeth Ballard (Step) MP (1748 - 1830)

Elizabeth Ballard (Townsend) MP (c.1577 - c.1637)

Elizabeth Peirson (Ballard) MP (1737 - 1800)

Esther Jenckes (Ballard) MP (c.1632 - c.1716)

The birth and death dates are approximate. She was born in England and arrived with her parents William Ballard and Elizabeth (?Lee) Ballard Knight Bread on the "James" in 1635, aged 2. She is not the ...

Father of Henry Ballard MP (deceased)

Fear Ballard (Freeman) MP (1721 - 1806)

George Ballard MP (1557 - d.)

Grace Ballard (Berwick) MP (1617 - 1694)

children: Joseph, William, Sarah, Elizabeth, John 2, Hannah, Lydia, Abigail, and Ann The maiden name of William BALLARD's wife, Grace, has long been controversial, for there is no direct, primary rec...

Henry Ballard MP (1564 - 1642)

HENRY BALLARD Birth: CAL 1575 in St. Mary, Southwall, Nottingham, England Christening: 28 Feb 1585 St. Margaret's, Westminster, London, Middlesex, England Death: AFT 1642 in , Warwick, Virginia Buria...

Hugh/Hugo Ballard (b. 1597) MP (c.1597 - d.)

Jacob Ballard MP

Jane Hilliard (Ballard) MP (c.1638 - 1689)

John came to York County,Va.March1634 on the ship “Expedition” at age 18. He left England Nov.1633. He married Jane Ballard. From the will of William Thomas dated 1664 to daughter inlaw...

Joanna Ballard (FitzWilliam) MP (c.1520 - c.1574)

PHILIP BALLARD Birth: 1517 in of, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England Death: in Southwell, Nottingham, England Marriage 1 Joanna FITSWILLIAM b: 1530 in of, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England Marri...

John Ballard MP (1710 - 1787)

may have been the son of Thomas Ballard, III of Charles City county, VA (c 1695 - c 1725) Links John Ballard of Mecklenburg County, Virginia (c.1715-1787).

John William Ballard MP (1653 - 1715)

From BIOGRAPHY: John was admitted to the South Church of Andover on 7/18/1714. He was a constable; took prominent part in arresting persons suspected of witchcraft in 1692. He inherited his father'...

Deacon John Ballard MP (1634 - 1725)

"Inscriptions from the old burying ground, Lynn, Mass" by Moulton, 1886, p. 12: Here lyes buried the body of Deacon John Ballard, who dece'd June ye 11th 1725, in ye 92 year of his age. Links F...

John Ballard, Jr. MP (c.1728 - 1779)


John Ballard MP (c.1475 - d.)

Joseph Ballard, of Andover MP (1644 - 1722)

Joseph Ballard Birth: 1644/1645 in Andover,Essex Co.,MA Death: 22 SEP 1722 in Andover,Essex Co.,MA Father: WILLIAM BALLARD b: 12 AUG 1617 in Lothingland Hundred,Bradwell,County Suffolk,England ...

Judith Ballard (Boyden) MP (1732 - 1806)

Judith (Boyden) Ballard was the third of 11 children and the first of 5 girls born to Joseph (sometimes written as Josiah) Boyden and Judith Adams. Her siblings were: Joseph, b. 1728, of Groton, ...

Katherine Anne Ballard (Hubbard) MP (1665 - 1706)

Birth: Jan. 28, 1665 Essex County Virginia, USA Death: Sep. 16, 1706 York County Virginia, USA Katherine and Thomas were the parents of 10 children: William/abt 1684 Matthew/abt 1685 Robert/abt 168...

Laura L. Parks (Ballard) MP (1874 - 1913)

Lydia Butterfield (Ballard) MP (1657 - 1694)

Generation No. 4 8. JOSEPH4 BUTTERFIELD (BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 15 August 1649 in Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA83, and died 12 February 1719/20 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA84. He m...

Margaret Ballard (Hussey) MP (deceased)

Maria Ballard (Prosser, 1601-1636) MP (c.1601 - 1636)

Martha Ballard (Moore) MP (1734 - 1812)

Martha Moore was born in 1735 in the small central Massachusetts town of Oxford. She kept kept a diary from the age of fifty, without which her biography would be little more than a succession of dat...

Mary Ballard Howard MP (1761 - 1844)

Mary (Ballard) Howard was the third of seven children and the first daughter born to Sylvanus Ballard, Sr. and Judith Boyden. She was born August 31, 1761 in Milford, Worcester Co., Massachusetts. He...

Mary Ballard (Spencer) MP (c.1575 - d.)

Mary Butterfield (Ballard) MP (c.1649 - 1703)

Samuel BUTTERFIELD Mary Ann BALLARD Husband: Samuel BUTTERFIELD Birth: 17 May 1647, Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA Death: 1714, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA Father: Benjamin BUTTERFIELD Mother: Ann __?__...

Mary Test (Ballard) MP (1664 - 1697)

CHILD OF ROBERT AND ANN (-?-) BALLARD mentioned in the wills of Thomas Cox, no. 1,   and Anne Hind Cox.   [Thomas Cox in his will calls Mary Ballard Test his “late daughter-in-law,...

Mary Haven (Ballard) MP (1666 - 1734)

Married (1st) Mary Bullard; 8 children: Joseph Haven b. 8 Feb 1689 Susanna Haven b. 20 Oct 1690, d. 1787 Richard Haven b. 8 Jan 1693 Moses Haven b. 11 Nov 1695, d. 28 Mar 1778 Mary Haven b....

Mary Preston (Ballard) MP (c.1744 - c.1810)

Thomas Preston, who was born about 1740 and married Mary Ballard. Mary was the dau. of Richard Ballard and Elizabeth Orricks. Richard Ballard is thought to be the son of Ambrose Ballard and...

Mary Chandler (Ballard) MP (c.1732 - d.)

Mary Ballard (Byrom) MP (1710 - 1765)

M. Russell Ballard, Apostle, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints MP

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Melvin Russell Ballard, Jr . (born October 8, 1928) is an American businessman and a religious leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was c...

Melvin J. Ballard, Apostle, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints MP (1873 - 1939)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Melvin Joseph Ballard (February 9, 1873 – July 30, 1939) was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sain...

Millie Searcy (Ballard) MP (c.1750 - c.1800)

Millie Mann (Ballard) MP (c.1777 - 1852)

Mitha "Martha" Parker (Ballard) MP (c.1669 - c.1717)

Mitha "martha" Ballard Birth: abt 1670 Death: 17 Jan 1717 - Henrico, VA, USA Father: John Ballard Husband: Richard Parker Perhaps her name was Elizabeth 1. Richard Parker ca 1659/60 - 1...

Mother of Henry Ballard MP (deceased)

Nathaniel Ballard MP (c.1636 - 1721)

Both Nathaniel and John received from their stepfather, William Knight in his will, 40 shillings each. Source: Pg. 19, "Ballard Genealogy" by Charles Frederic Farlow, Pub. 1911.   He became a fr...

Opal Lee Ballard Burson (Givens) MP (1917 - 2007)

Birth: Sep. 30, 1917 Ingalls Bradley County Arkansas, USA Death: Jan. 26, 2007 Union County Arkansas, USA Opal was the wife of Robert Earl (Shorty) Ballard, who died in 1945. She was the daughter o...

Philadelphia Ludwell Ballard (Lea) MP (1682 - 1754)

Phillip Ballard MP (c.1517 - c.1568)

PHILIP BALLARD Birth: 1517 in of, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England Death: in Southwell, Nottingham, England Marriage 1 Joanna FITSWILLIAM b: 1530 in of, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England Marri...

Rachel Ballard / Moorman (Clark) MP (c.1714 - 1792)

Rebecca Ballard (Rea) MP (1656 - 1739)

Rebekah Rea was born.4 Sep 1656 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts and died 11 Feb 1739 in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. Father: Joshua Rea     born 1625 in Salem, Esse...

Rebecca Ballard MP (deceased)

Rebecca Ballard (Hudson) MP (c.1640 - 1724)

In the annals of Lynn 1692 pg. 293, permission was given to Rebecca Ballard and several other women to sit in the hindmost seat of the gallery in the NE corner and fix it up to their liking provided th...

Robert Ballard, Vintner MP (deceased)

mar. 1) abt. 1663, Robert Ballard, Vintner ANN -?- BALLARD, first wife of Thomas Cox, Vintner      Child of Robert and Ann (-?-) Ballard: i. Mary Ballard.9 chr. 16 Oct...

Samuel Ballard MP (deceased)

Sylvanus Ballard, Sr. MP (1733 - 1800)

Sylvanus Ballard, Sr. was born February 10, 1733 in Framingham, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts and died in 1800 at the age of 67. In vital records, his name is various misspelled as Salvanus (his marri...

Col. Thomas Ballard, Speaker, House of Burgesses MP (c.1630 - 1689)

In 1635 , Thomas , along with his family came to America aboard the ship " James ". Thomas would eventually reside in York CO. Virginia where he served as the counties clerk from 1652 to 1663. He marri...

Thomas Ballard MP (c.1654 - 1711)

Thomas Ballard son of Col. Thomas Ballard, of the council of state, was one of the justices of York county and colonel of the militia. He was burgess for the county in 1693, 1697, 1698, 1699, 1700-17...

Thomas Ballard, Sr. MP (1604 - 1642)

"In a search for verification of the connection of this family with Virginia, it was found that Thomas Ballard, born in 1604, who married Anne, daughter of Sir Nathaniel Napper, (Berry's Sussex p. 116)...

unknown father of William Ballard MP (deceased)

unknown mother of William Ballard MP (deceased)

William Ballard of Lynn MP (1603 - 1639)

Husbandman who came to Massachusetts Bay in 1635 on the "James," & settled in Lynn. Died between 13 March 1638/9 (when he signed a committee report) and 6 June 1639 (when he was replaced on a committee...

William Ballard MP (1740 - 1799)

William Marshal Ballard MP (1557 - 1605)

WILLIAM BALLARD Birth: 1557 in of, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England Death: 1605 in Southwell, Notingham, England Father: Philip BALLARD b: 1517 in of, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England Mother:...

William Ballard MP (1723 - d.)

William Ballard, II MP (c.1715 - 1794)

Children of William and Mary Ballard: Thomas b. 12 Nov 1734; Frances b. 12 Dec 1737; Byrum B. 27 Feb 1740; Delphin B. 05 Jan 1742; Moorman b. 16 Mar 1747; David b. 9 Apr 1750. Page: 99 - Marriages: B...

William Ballard, of Andover MP (1617 - 1689)

William Ballard  "of Andover" Birth: 12 AUG 1617 in Lothingland Hundred,Bradwell,County Suffolk,England Christening: Salford Priors,Warwickshire, England (???) Death:   Jul...

Ballard (deceased)

Ballard (deceased)

Ballard (deceased)

Ballard (deceased)

Ballard (Flowers) (deceased)

Ballard or Hoddimott (deceased)

Ballard (Nelson) (deceased)

Ballard (1911 - 1911)

Ballard (deceased)

Armilda Frances Ballard (Hearn) (1854 - 1936)

#Lydia BALLARD (1878 - d.)

(Green) Amy Cory (Green Ballard) (1798 - 1852)

(Se)lina A. Ballard (1879 - 1900)

. Ballard (deceased)

. Ballard (deceased)

? Ballard (deceased)

? Seay (Ballard) (deceased)

? Ballard (Simpson) (deceased)

? Ballard (deceased)

? Ballard (Wagner) (deceased)

? Ballard (deceased)

? Ballard (Weir) (deceased)

? Ballard (deceased)

? Ballard (Gregory) (deceased)