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(Unknown) Bannatyne (deceased)

A.J.B. Bannatyne (deceased)

Agnes Bannatyne (1838 - d.)

Agnes Bannatyne (Stirling) (1763 - 1848)

Agnes Bannatyne (deceased)

Agnes Jarvie (Bannatyne) (1835 - 1923)

Agnes Paul Bannatyne (1863 - 1915)

Agnes Goldie (Bannatyne) (deceased)

agnes nee mcconnell Bannatyne (deceased)

Alexander Bannatyne (1816 - d.)

1851 CENSUS Name: Alexander Bannatyne Age: 35 Estimated birth year: abt 1816 Relationship: Son Father's Name: William Mother's Name: Jean Gender: Male Where born: Carmichael, Lanakshire...

Alexander Bannatyne (1842 - 1857)

Alexander Bannatyne (deceased)

Andrew Walter Bannatyne (1865 - d.)

Andrew Bannatyne (1798 - 1871)

Biographical details on this website: .

Andrew Robert James Bannatyne (deceased)

RG15 , Interior , Series D-II-8-a , Volume 1319 , Reel C-14925 , Access code: 90 File Title: Scrip affidavit for Bannatyne, Andrew Robert James; born: 22 September, 1856; father: A.J.B. Bannatyne; moth...

Andrew Bannatyne (1838 - d.)

Andrew Mansfield Bannatyne (1899 - 1984)

The Honourable Andrew Graham Balenden Bannatyne (1829 - 1889)

ANDREW GRAHAM BALLENDEN BANNATYNE (1829-1889) is the son of James Bannatyne and his wife, Eliza Balenden. He was born on 31 October 1829 and his baptism was registered at South Ronaldsay, one of the ...

Andrew McDermot Bannatyne (1898 - d.)

ANDREW MCDERMOT BANNATYNE [The Manitoba Historical Society: Memorable Manitobans] [Canada Census, 1901, index, FamilySearch]

Andrew Robert James Bannatyne (1855 - 1901)

ANDREW ROBERT JAMES BANNATYNE is the son of Andrew Graham Ballenden Bannatyne and his wife, Annie McDermott. Winnipeg, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada [Canada Census, 1881, index, FamilySearch] FIRST M...

Ann Bannatyne (1838 - d.)

ann laurie rinn (deceased)

Ann Bannatyne (McDermott) (deceased)

Ann Bannatyne (deceased)

Ann Bannatyne (1754 - d.)

Ann Bannatyne (Black) (deceased)

Anna Bannatyne (Bruce) (deceased)

Annie Bannatyne (1869 - d.)

[Canada Census, 1881, index, FamilySearch]

Anthony Gillies Bannatyne (1903 - 1980)

Archibald Ferguson Bannatyne (1874 - 1947)

Archibald Bannatyne (1820 - 1889)

Archibald Bannatyne (1740 - 1800)

Archibald McKenzie Bannatyne (1920 - d.)

Archibald Bannatyne (b. - 1924)

Archibald Bannatyne (1790 - 1865)

Archibald Ferguson Bannatyne (1914 - 2007)

Barbara Sutterley (Bannatyne) (deceased)

Benjamin Neave Peach Bannatyne (c.1908 - c.1988)

Beth Bannatyne (deceased)

Catherine Bannatyne (deceased)

Charles Bannatyne (deceased)

Charles Edward Bannatyne (1895 - d.)

CHARLES EDWARD BANNATYNE is the oldest child of Andrew Robert James Bannatyne and his Ojibway wife, Margaret Wakweya. He was born at the Lac Seul Ojibway Reserve in Algoma, Ontario, Canada, on 25 Dec...

Charles Grahame Bannatyne (1904 - d.)

CHARLES GRAHAME BANNATYNE [The Manitoba Historical Society: Memorable Manitobans]

Christopher Strachan Bannatyne (deceased)

Cristina Bannatyne Camino (deceased)

Cuthbert Bannatyne (deceased)

Cuthbert (triplet) Bannatyne (deceased)

Daniel Donald Bannatyne (1819 - 1824)

Donald Bannatyne (deceased)

Donald Bannatyne (deceased)

Dorothea Bannatyne (Williamson) (1920 - d.)

Dorothy Margaret (Peggie) Bannatyne (1905 - 1995)

Dorothy Bannatyne (1900 - d.)

DOROTHY BANNATYNE [The Manitoba Historical Society: Memorable Manitobans] [Canada Census, 1901, index, FamilySearch]

Dugald J. Bannatyne (deceased)

Dugald Bannatyne (1830 - 1856)

Dugald Bannatyne (1755 - 1842)

Was postmaster in Glasgow. Birth/death dates, etc. from and . One of his apprentices, James Andrew Anderson (1785-1863), became manager of the Glasgow Union Banking Company. Anderson owned slaves i...

Dugald J. Bannatyne (deceased)

Dugald John Bannatyne (1805 - 1863)

Dates of birth/death, etc. from and . From the latter website: "A well known writer in Glasgow, and partner of his brother Andrew. Married, in 1833, Janet Bogle, and had issue."

Duncan Bannatyne (1818 - d.)

Duncan Donald Bannatyne (1760 - 1830)

Eileen Wilhelmina Bannatyne (Wutzke) (1929 - 2013)

Eleanor Bannatyne (1909 - d.)

ELEANORE BANNATYNE (OTHERWISE ELINORE BANNETYNE) [The Manitoba Historical Society: Memorable Manitobans] [Canada Census, 1916, index, FamilySearch]

Eliza Cumming Greig Bannatyne (Umphray) (deceased)

Elizabeth (Elspeth) Bannatyne (1746 - d.)

Elizabeth Ellen Massey (Bannatyne) (b. - 1883)

Elizabeth Bannatyne (deceased)

Elizabeth BANNATYNE (1885 - 1972)

Elizabeth Hutchison (Bannatyne?) (deceased)

Elizabeth Bannatyne (Hamilton) (deceased)

Elizabeth Bannatyne (deceased)

[Canada Census, 1881, index, FamilySearch]

Elizabeth Bannatyne (1833 - 1924)

Elizabeth Bannatyne (McKenzie) (deceased)

Emily Bannatyne (Pulham) (1857 - 1953)

Ethel Margery Bannatyne (Mitchell) (1895 - d.)

Emigrated to South Africa Married John Bannatyne

Euphemia Bannatyne (Jamieson) (deceased)

George Bannatyne (deceased)

Georgiana Bateman (Bannatyne) (deceased)

Gerald Vincent Bannatyne (1899 - d.)

GERALD VINCENT BANNATYNE (1899-) is the second son and youngest child of Andrew Robert James Bannatyne and his Ojibway wife, Margaret Margaret Wahweyn (Otherwise Margaret Wahweya). He was born at La...

Gilbert Alexander Bannatyne (1867 - d.)

Gillies Bannatyne (1841 - 1920)

Grizel Bannatyne (Lockhart) (1603 - 1635)

Grizel Bannatyne (deceased)

Grizel Bannatyne (1744 - d.)

Grizell Bannatyne (Stewart) (deceased)

Harry Bannatyne (deceased)

Hector Bannatyne (deceased)

Hector Bannatyne (1718 - d.)

Hector Bannatyne (1720 - d.)

Hector Bannatyne (deceased)

Helen Bannatyne (deceased)

Helen Bannatyne (1918 - 1960)

Born at 92 Hozier Street, Partick, Glasgow Immigrated to the San Diego, California with Robert & Irene on February, 1955

Helen Bannatyne (1786 - 1787)

Herbert Morice Bannatyne (1902 - d.)

HERBERT MORICE BANNATYNE [The Manitoba Historical Society: Memorable Manitobans]

Hugh D. Bannatyne (1882 - 1935)

HUGH D. BANNATYNE (1882-1935) is the son of Andrew Robert James Bannatyne, and his wife, Margaret Louisa Rowand. He was born at Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada, in 1882, or 1883 [New York, County Marria...

Isabel Bannatyne (deceased)

Isabel Bannatyne (deceased)

Isabella Bannatyne (1789 - 1866)

Birth/death dates from . Died unmarried.

Isobel Sharp (Bannatyne) (1746 - d.)

J Bannatyne (deceased)

James Bannatyne, of Newhall (b. - c.1636)

Biographical Summary "Son of N.N. Bannatyne of Newtyle, was bred to the law, and appointed one of the Commissaries of Edinburgh. He was admitted as an Ordinary Lord on the 14th February 1626, and die...