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Eliezer ben Yehuda [Gd.son of RASHI] (Bar Natan) MP (deceased)

Yom Tov of Falaise MP (1090 - 1140)

R' YOM TOV OF FALAIS (1000's - 1100's) - He was a Tosafist. He was the son of Miriam who was the daughter of RASHI, and R'Yehuda who was the son of R' NATHAN who was known as the R'BAN. R' YOM TOV WAS ...

Yehuda ben Yom Tov of Falaise MP (c.1115 - 1155)

Rabbi Yehuda of Paris (c.1130 - c.1155 or much later) married the widow of RIBAM (who died young)

1? Bar Natan (deceased)

Asher Bar-Natan (deceased)

Avraham Bar-Natan (deceased)

Avraham Bar-Natan (deceased)

Babi Bar-Natan (deceased)

David Bar-natan (deceased)

David Bar-Natan (1959 - 1992)

David Bar-Natan (deceased)

Dov Bar Natan (deceased)

Dr Bar Natan (deceased)

Edith Bar-Natan (Finkelstein) (b. - 2006)

Eliezer Bar Natan (deceased)

Ezra Bar Natan (deceased)

Gamileal Bar-Natan (deceased)

Joseph Bar-natan (deceased)

Meshullam bar Natan (ben Zakkai Yehudah) (deceased)

Mriyam Bar-Natan (deceased)

Natan Kalonymus bar Meshullam (bar Natan) (c.771 - c.830)

Nezira Bar-Natan (deceased)

Nissim Bar Natan (Hanuka) (deceased)

Pinhas Bar Natan (Hanuka) (deceased)

Rina Bar-Natan (Sciaky) (1936 - 2012)

Sara Bar-natan (deceased)

Shmuel Bar-Natan (1925 - 1997)

Shoshna Bar Natan (deceased)

Yaacov Bar Natan (deceased)

Yael Reinitz (bar-natan) (1946 - 2006)

Yemima Bar-natan (deceased)

Zaddik Bar-Natan (Hanuka) (1923 - 2014)