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Barney Barnato MP (1851 - 1897)

BARNEY BARNATO (21 February 1851 – 14 June 1897) Barnett Isaacs grew up in Whitechapel, the very poor East End of London in an area that was predominantly a Jewish neighborhood. The Isaacs f...

Diana Walker (Barnato), MBE MP (1918 - 2008)

Diana Barnato Walker 'Atagirl' who delivered hundreds of planes during the war and was the first British woman to break the sound barrier. The Telegraph Diana Barnato Walker who died on April 28 [1...

Fanny Christina Barnato (Bees) MP (1859 - 1943)

Birth: Mar 30 1859 - Simonstown South Africa Death: Dec 21 1943 - Ascot Berks-England Father: Johannes Petrus Bees-B:1832-1897 South Africa Mother:Christiana Bees (Born Osler)B:Nov 21,1831-D:Sept...

Woolf 'Babe' Barnato MP (1895 - 1948)

Biography St Judes United Church Cemetery, Surrey, England Birth: September 27, 1895 London, England Death: July 27, 1948 (52) Immediate Family: Son of Barney Barnato and Frances Christina Barn...

Barbara Barnato (Brazier) (deceased)

Charlotte Maud Isaacs (Barnato) (Ireson) (1854 - 1911)

Dorothy Maitland Barnato (Falk) (deceased)

of White Plains, New York

Henry "Harry" Barnato (Isaacs) (c.1850 - 1908)

\Birth: 1849 - London Death: Nov 30 1908 Parents: Isaac Isaacs, Leah Isaacs (born Harris) Siblings: Catherine Joel (born Isaacs), Woolf Isaacs, Sarah Rantzen (born Isaacs), Barney Barnato (Born Issacs)...

Isaac Henry 'Jack' Barnato (1894 - 1918)

Birth: June 7 1894 - london-38 curzon st w1 Death: Oct 22 1918 - at front Parents: barnet isaacs aka barnato, fanny isaacs aka barnato (born bees) Siblings: leah primrose barnato, joel woolf barnato Wi...

Jacqueline Claridge Barnato (Quealy) (deceased)

Joan Barnato (Isaachsen) (deceased)

Leah / Lily Primrose Asher (Isaacs (Barnato)) (1877 - 1959)

Birth: July 28- 1877 Death:1959 Parents: Harry Isaacs Barnato, Rachael Isaacs Barnato (born Pollack) Husband: Samuel Asher

Leah Primrose Haxton (Barnato) (1893 - 1933)

Birth: Mar 16 1893 - london-28park lane w1 Death: Apr 13 1933 Parents: barnet isaacs aka barnato, fanny isaacs aka barnato (born bees) Siblings: isaac henry woolf aka jack barnato, joel woolf barnato E...

Mayme Kunkel (Barnato) (1912 - 1976)

Michael Jay Barnato (deceased)

Paolo Barnato (deceased)

Peter Woolf Barnato (c.1933 - c.1959)

Peter Woolf Barnato (deceased)

Rachel Isaacs (Barnato) (Pollock) (1849 - 1877)

Birth: 1849 Death: 1877 Husband: Henry (Harry) Isaacs Child:Leah "Lillie" Asher (born ISAACS)(B:1877-1959)

Rebecca Barnato (Pollock) (deceased)

Vincent Joseph Barnato (1925 - 1985)

Virginia Barnato (c.1916 - c.1980)

Wolf Barnato (deceased)