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Alice . la Beale MP (535 - d.)

Charles Trigg Beale, Sr. MP (c.1806 - d.)

Charles Trigg Beale married Anne Rebecca Radford born May 6, 1816, and died July 30, 1841. They had two children, William Radford Beale and John Robertson Beale. Her parents were William Radford and El...

Edith Ewing Beale (Bouvier) MP (1895 - 1977)

Elizabeth Carter (Beale) MP (1711 - d.)

Elizabeth Beale (Travers) MP (1681 - 1728)

There are two profiles for this person in order to denote conflicting information about name and parentage; however, all of the children with Thomas Beale are assigned to the other profile ( Elizabeth ...

Elizabeth Beale (Lovewell) MP (1664 - d.)

Christened 21 Aug 1664 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass. ______________________ The historic genealogy of the Lowells of America from 1639 to 1899 (1899) Pg.1 1. PERCIVAL LOWELL1 (Lowle), b. i...

Emily Mildred Arnest (Beale) MP (1817 - 1886)

Death Notice from the "Northern Neck News" of 1886 "At Nomini Hall their residence, on Friday Nov. 10,1886, Mrs. Emily M. Arnest in the 70th year of her age and on Wednesday, the 22nd day of November...

Frances Madison Hite (Beale) MP (c.1726 - 1778)

Frances Madison Beale Hite was killed by Indians.--------------------Frances was widow Col Tavener Beal & Dau of Col Ambrose Madison

Hannah Ball (Beale) MP (c.1674 - c.1744)

Hannah Heale married Captain William Ball of Millenbeck (the eldest son of Capt William Ball Jr and whose mother was Margaret Williamson. )bef. Oct 15 1710. Hannah Heale was the daughter of George Heal...

Jane Beale (Trafton) MP (1670 - 1757)

John Beale MP (1767 - 1832)

Son of Col. Travenor Beale, JR. of VA. Married 8/10/1797 to Margaret (Peggy) Skillern, daughter of George 4/04/1805 to Rhoda Trigg, daughter of Abraham TRIGG Links tree ...

Judith Beale (Carter) MP (1749 - 1836)

Margaret Felicia Beale (Turberville) MP (1786 - 1822)

Martha, already married to Capt. Robert Beale, inherited Hickory Hill Plantation when her brother John died without issue in 1815. She and husband Robert had moved from Mountain View Plantation, Madiso...

Margaret Beale (Skillern) MP (1766 - 1805)

Margaret (Peggy) Skillern (ca 1770-bef 1805), w/o John Beale, was d/o George Skillern (1728-1803) and Elizabeth (Betsy) Brown (ca 1746-47 - before Oct 1808). Her sister Elizabeth Ann Skillern was the...

Martha Beale (Stone) MP (c.1564 - 1625)

Martha Stone Beal Birth: unknown Hingham Norfolk, England Death: unknown Family links: Spouse: Edward Beal (____ - 1612) Children: John Beal (1593 - 1688) Burial: Non-Cemetery Created by: ...

Martha Cook (Beale) MP (b. - 1717)

Christening: 24 May 1696 Dunstable, Essex, MA

Martha Stoddard (Beale) MP (1646 - 1708)

Mary Beale (Gilman) MP (c.1605 - 1687)

Mary Gilman [Parents] 1 was born about 1610 in Hingham-Caston Area,Norfolk,England. She was christened on 6 Aug 1615 in Hingham-Caston Area,Norfolk,England. She died on 15 Jun 1681 in Hingham,Plymout...

Mary Beale (Poe), SM/PROG MP (1783 - d.)

1820 British Settler Mary Poe 35, together with her husband William Beale 42, Agriculturist, and 4 children, were members of Cock's Party of 91 Settlers on the Weymouth . Party originated from Ox...

Nazareth Beale (Hobart) MP (c.1601 - 1658)

Hobart, Nazareth Birth : 7 JUN 1601 Wymondham, Norfolk, England Death : 23 SEP 1658 Hingham, Plymouth, Massachuetts (another note) Information I have gleaned on NAZARETH HOBART 1601-1658 indica...

Reuben Beale MP (1751 - 1802)

Brig. General Richard L. T. Beale (CSA) MP (1819 - 1893)

Richard Lee Turberville Beale (May 22, 1819 – April 21, 1893) was a lawyer, three-term United States Congressman from the Commonwealth of Virginia, and a brigadier general in the Confederate S...

Major Robert Beale MP (1759 - 1843)

D.A.R. Ancestor # A007899 Major Robert Beale was born, in twin, at Chestnut Hill, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, VA, the son of Capt. William Beale and Ann (Harwar) Beale. He settled at Hicko...

Robert Beale, MP MP (1541 - 1601)

Family and Education b. 1541, 1st s. of Robert Beale, mercer, of London by Amy Morison. educ. at Coventry; ?Camb.; Strasbourg. m. Edith, da. of Henry St. Barbe of Som., sis.-in-law of Francis Walsingha...

Sarah Cory (Beale), SM MP (1805 - 1837)

Sarah BEALE Born before 20 April 1805 Wakefield, Yorkshire, England Married William CORY on the 5th February 1825 in Grahamstown. They had 5 children, William George CORY, Mary Elizabet...

Susanna Jones (Beale) MP (1663 - 1689)

Susannah Jones (Beale) MP (1664 - 1689)

Thomas Beale, III MP (1675 - c.1729)


Thomas Beale, IV MP (c.1708 - 1782)


William Beale MP (1659 - 1711)

William Beale, Snr. SV/PROG MP (1778 - d.)

1820 British Settler William Beale 42, Agriculturist, together with his wife Mary 35 and 4 children, were members of Cock's Party of 91 Settlers on the Weymouth . Party originated from Oxfordshir...

Winifred Eustace Lee (Beale) MP (c.1741 - 1815)

Winifred Travers Carter (Beale) MP (c.1733 - 1794)

Maddocks (Beale) (deceased)

Beale (deceased)

Beale (deceased)

(Unknown) Beale (1665 - d.)

. Beatie (Beale) (deceased)

? MARTIN (BEALE) (deceased)

? BEALE (HENDON) (deceased)

? Beale (deceased)

A L Beale (c.1867 - 1900)

A. W. JR. Beale (deceased)

Aaron Beale (1668 - d.)

Abigail Beale (Hunt) (deceased)

Abigail Beale (1704 - d.)

Abigail Belcher (Beale) (1704 - d.)

Abigail Beale (1747 - 1821)

Abigail Hayward (Beale) (1765 - 1821)

Abigail Baxter (Beale) (c.1704 - d.)

Abigail Beale (Hunt) (1739 - 1758)

Abner M. Beale (1809 - 1867)

Abner Beale (1838 - 1839)

Abner Beale (c.1766 - 1836)

Abraham Beale (c.1558 - d.)

Abraham Beale (deceased)

Ada Maria Edwards (Beale) (1872 - 1951)

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Ada Beale (deceased)

Ada Beale (Shaver) (deceased)

Ada Shaver Beale (deceased)

Ada Beale (1878 - d.)

Ada Beale (deceased)

Ada Gordon Byron Ziegler (Beale) (1833 - 1877)

Ada Beale (Viera) (deceased)

Ada Mary Beale (deceased)

Adaline Raison (Beale) (c.1872 - d.)

Adam Beale (1829 - d.)

Adam Beale (1825 - 1828)

Adam Beale (deceased)

Addison Herbert Beale (1869 - 1930)

Adelaide Beale (1920 - 1999)

Adina Beale-Lettsome (deceased)

Adolf (Alan John) Bielschowsky (Beale) (1897 - 1980)

Agnes Beale (Hilton) (deceased)

Agnes Beale-MNU (deceased)

Agnes Beale-MNU (deceased)

Agnes Beale (McAllister) (deceased)

Agnes Mary Beale (Pointer) (1915 - 1995)

Aileen Feasey (Beale) (1896 - 1989)

Alan Bruce Newsome (Joe) Beale (1919 - d.)

Nick Beale has a fairly detailed history in book form. Soft copies exist with the siblings His mother (Kathleen) said he was a miracle baby as she was 38/9 when he was born in Rockhampton Born In R...

Alan Beale Jr. (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Lindsay Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert William Beale (1909 - 1965)

Albert Beale (deceased)

Albert Beale (deceased)