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Alexander Beall MP (1625 - 1655)

Some reference indicate this Alexander John Beall is the brother of Col. Ninian Beall, but it is more likely they are not directly related.

Alexander Beall, Jr. MP (1649 - 1744)

Alexander BEALL Jr. was born 11 Oct 1649 in Scotland. He died before 6 Sep 1744 in Maryland. Alexander married Elizabeth COOMBES on 11 Oct 1649 in Fife County, Scotland. BIOGRAPHY: NOTES FROM WALTER ...

Ann Beall (Orme) MP (1752 - 1827)

Daughter of John Orne. Mrs. Thomas Beall Presbyterian Burying Ground of Georgetown, District of Columbia no longer exists; no record of where body was reinterred. Ref: FindAGrave memorial ___...

Anna Beall MP (deceased)

Anne Marie Beall (Calvert) MP (c.1603 - 1646)

Possibly related to George Calvert, 1st Baron Lord Baltimore (1580-1632), Cecilius Calvert, 2nd Baron Lord Baltimore (1605-1675).

Annie Mae Eggleston (Beall) MP (deceased)

Catherine Lovelace (Beall) MP (1731 - d.)

Earnest Alexander Beall MP (1893 - d.)

Elizabeth Beall (Magruder) MP (1689 - 1764)

Elizabeth Beall (Coombs) MP (1654 - 1735)

Elizabeth Poston (Beall) MP (1803 - 1883)

Elizabeth Beall (Brooke) MP (1699 - 1748)

Elizabeth Evans (Beall) MP (c.1743 - c.1803)

Elizabeth Beall (Magruder) MP (1733 - 1774)

Esther Beall MP (deceased)

Frances Cole (Beall) MP (1598 - 1665)

Colonel George Beall, Sr. MP (c.1695 - 1780)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MARYLAND. DAR Ancestor # A007842 _______________________ George was the son of Ninian Beall of Scotland and Ruth Moore. He served in the Revolutionary War, ...

George Washington Beall MP (b. - c.1867)

Col. George Beall MP (1729 - 1807)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MARYLAND with the rank of Major. DAR Ancestor # A007843 -------------------- 29th Battalion Montgomery County Maryland Militia Revolutionary War He was th...

Hester Belt (Beall) MP (deceased)

Dr. James Beall MP (c.1603 - 1646)

Dr. James B. Beall (Bell) received a Dr of Divinity from the University of Glasgow. The university has records that show that he was one of the first DDiv in the Church of Scotland. Largo, Fifeshire ...

James Beall MP (1652 - 1725)

Came to America in 1655 Was this the one who immigrated to P.County MD? see He might have owned a part of MD which he named Drumeldry after Drummeldrie in Fife (near Largo).

James Beall MP (1687 - 1733)

Will of James Beall of Robert, Planter: written 25 January,1781. Probated 14 August 1783. Liber B, Folio 139; In the Register of Wills Office, Rockville, MD "I devise and bequeath to my beloved sons, J...

Jane Beall MP (deceased)

Jesse Otho Beall MP (deceased)

Jewel Addie Murietta (Beall) MP (deceased)

John McLellan Beall MP (deceased)

Judith Elizabeth Beall (McLellan) MP (1854 - 1932)

Leven Beall MP (1715 - d.)

Lorrie Ann Beall MP (b. - c.1900)

Lucy Sarah MaGruder (Beall) MP (c.1738 - 1795)

Margaret Beall (Berry) MP (deceased)

Mary Beall MP (c.1724 - c.1740)

Mary Watkins (Beall) MP (deceased)

Mary Beall (Edmonston) MP (1708 - 1734)

Mary White (Beall) MP (c.1745 - c.1806)

Mary Ann Hamilton (Beall) MP (1689 - 1719)

Nancy Freshwater (Beall) MP (deceased)

Nancy Malissa Beall (Williams) MP (1856 - 1938)

Sources The Families of Burrell Musgrave (1800-1869) and Olive Robinson (c 1810-1885) - PDF file

Colonel Ninian Beall MP (1625 - 1717)

See "Discussions" for more on wives and children of Col. Ninian. NINIAN BEALL, may have been born in Largo, Fifeshire, Scotland, in 1625. He held a commission as cornet in the Scotch-English Army, ra...

Patrick Beall MP (deceased)

Rachel Veatch (Beall) MP (1693 - 1766)

Rebecca Beall MP (deceased)

Robert Beall MP (1670 - 1755)

Ruth Smallwood (Beall) MP (1776 - d.)

Ruth Swearingen (Beall) MP (1734 - c.1770)

Ruth Jackson (Beall) MP (1686 - 1731)

Sarah Beall (Peerce) MP (c.1680 - c.1722)

Sarah McAtee (Beall) MP (1759 - 1803)

Sarah Beall (Magruder) MP (1713 - 1734)

Sarah Magruder (Beall) MP (1670 - 1734)

Thomas Beall MP (deceased)

Thomas Beall MP (deceased)

Thomas Beall MP (1748 - 1819)

Tobias Emanuel Beall MP (deceased)

Uriah Alles Beall MP (1856 - 1912)

Walter Terrell Beall MP (deceased)

William Beall MP (1683 - 1756)

Date of death: March 3, 1756

(1st great grandson) Beall (deceased)

(2nd great grandson) Beall (deceased)

(3rd great grandson) Beall (deceased)

(4th great grandson) Beall (deceased)

(5th great grandson) Beall (deceased)

2 Children Unrecorded Beall (deceased)

2 Children Unrecorded Beall (deceased)

3 Children Unrecorded Beall (deceased)

? Beall (deceased)

?? Beall (deceased)

A. Camilla Beall Rosewag (Beall) (deceased)

A. T. W. Beall (deceased)

Achsah Beall (deceased)

Ada Beall (Howard) (deceased)

Ada Beall (Collins) (1889 - d.)

Ada Mae Withers (Beall) (1907 - 1999)

Adam Beall (deceased)

Agnes Runyan (Beall) (deceased)

Agnes Camille Rosewag (Beall) (1914 - 1994)

Alan Edes Beall (deceased)

Albert B Beall (1850 - 1931)

Albert Beall (deceased)

Albert S. Beall (c.1852 - d.)

Alethea Elizabeth VanHorn (Beall) (1780 - 1819)

Alexander BEALL (deceased)

Alexander Beall (1696 - d.)

Alexander Beall (1565 - 1612)

Alexander Beall (deceased)

Alexander Beall (1796 - 1795)

Alexander Beall (c.1854 - d.)

Alexander Beall (deceased)

Alexander Beall (1713 - 1759)

Alexander Beall (deceased)

Alexander Beall, jr (1649 - 1744)

Alexander Beall (deceased)

Alexander Beall (deceased)

Alexander beall (deceased)

Alexander Beall (deceased)

Alexander Beall (deceased)

Alfred Taylor Beall (1837 - 1885)

Alfred Beall (1837 - d.)

Alfred (Len) Leonard Beall (1925 - 1995)