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Alexander Beaton MP (1725 - d.)

Birth: 1725 in Lochaber, Scotland Death: Deceased Note: Fought at Culloden Moor

Alexander "Alasdair an Taillear" Beaton MP (1750 - d.)

Alexander "Alasdair an Taillear" Beaton Birth: 1750 in Glen Spean, Lochaber, Scotland Death: Deceased Immigration: 1809 Mabou, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada Note: Youngest son of Alexander of ...

Alexander "of Skye" Beaton MP (1690 - 1770)

He left the Isle of Skye and came to the district of Lochaber, Scotland. He became a convert to the Catholic Faith and married Anne MacBain or MacBean, sister to notable Gillies MacBain.

Anne Beaton (MacBain) MP (1710 - 1780)

Anne MacBain, the sister of the notable Gillies MacBain, married Alexander Beaton, Alexander of Skye, and had a family of four sons and one daughter. Mabou Pioneers 1, page 88. She is the sister of n...

Sir Cecil Beaton MP (1904 - 1980)

Sir Cecil Beaton, CBE, was an English fashion and portrait photographer, diarist, painter, interior designer and an Academy Award-winning stage and costume designer for films and the theatre. He was na...

Donald Beaton MP (deceased)

Donald 'of Skye' Beaton MP (1550 - d.)

Finlay Beaton MP (1730 - d.)

Recently, I received an email from a distant cousin, Catherine Beaton, who was born in Mabou, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. She told a couple of wonderful stories about her distant ancestor, Big Fin...

Janet Hamilton, Countess of Arran MP (c.1490 - c.1522)

I believe that the image of Janet Beaton on this site (and subsequently copied to many other sites) is of a later woman of the same name as the only other place I have seen this image on the intenet ...

Malcolm Beaton MP (1585 - d.)

Marjorie Boswell MP (c.1440 - d.)

Mary Beaton MP (1543 - 1606)

Mary Beaton (1543–1598) was a Scottish noblewoman and an attendant of Mary, Queen of Scots. From Wikipedia Mary was born in 1543, the third of five children of Robert Beaton, 4th Laird of ...

Robert Bethune, Laird of Creich  MP (c.1518 - d.)

Biography He went to France as Page of Honour to Queen Mary when she went there to be married to Francis, the Dauphin of France after King of France, who died shortly after the marriage.  The ...

Ronald Beaton MP (deceased)

? Beaton (deceased)

? Beaton (deceased)

? Beaton (MacDonald) (deceased)

The wife of Donald Beaton was a descendant of " Iain Dubh " MacDonald of Bohuntin, Scotland. Page 88 - Mabou Pioneers # 1.

? Beaton (deceased)

? Beaton (Maiden name?) (deceased)

??? MacDonald Beaton (deceased)

Ada Bessie Beaton (Stride) (1867 - 1955)

Ada Catherine Ryan (Beaton) (1903 - 1985)

Adah Beaton Smith (deceased)

lived at 232 East Sixteenth Ave in Columbus, OH

adelaide beaton (deceased)

Adele Vivian Beaton (1919 - 1975)

Adis Padró y Beatón (c.1923 - c.2011)

Agnes Gillespie (Beaton) (deceased)

Agnes Beaton (1856 - 1908)

Agnes Jane Beaton (MacPhee) (c.1877 - c.1961)

Agnes F. Gudknecht (Beaton) (1865 - d.)

Agnes Beaton of Balfour, (deceased)

Agnes Beaton (c.1812 - 1866)

Agnes Beaton (c.1538 - d.)

Agnes Gordon (Beaton) (1540 - d.)

Agnes Beaton (Spurway) (1650 - d.)

Agnes Beaton (1880 - d.)

Agnes Beaton (1879 - d.)

Agnes (Agnnas) MacKinnon (Beaton) (1883 - c.1948)

Aida Beaton (deceased)

Alan John Beaton (1925 - 1993)

Alan Beaton (deceased)

Alan John Duncan Beaton (1917 - 1990)

Alan Beaton (b. - 1906)

Alasdair Beaton (deceased)


Alastair Beaton (deceased)

Albert Beaton (c.1900 - c.1981)

Alec Beaton (deceased)

Aleck Dan Beaton (1904 - d.)

Alex BEATON (deceased)

Alex Beaton (deceased)

Alex Beaton (c.1881 - d.)

Alex "The Tailor" Beaton (1880 - d.)

Alex Angus "Tailor" Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Alasdair Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Immigrated 1804 - Pictou, N.S.

Alexander Beaton (1850 - d.)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (1888 - 1968)

Alexander Beaton (1829 - d.)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (c.1892 - d.)

ALEXANDER Beaton (1869 - 1895)

Alexander Beaton Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (b. - 1898)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander "Alasdair Ban Alasdair" Beaton

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander (Alasdair Ban) BEATON (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (1877 - d.)

Alexander Alasdair an Gobbann Mor Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander J Beaton (1889 - 1961)

Alexander Beaton (1908 - 1942)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

ALEXANDER MARCUS Beaton (1901 - 1934)

alexander beaton (1906 - d.)

Alexander Beaton (1870 - d.)

Alexander Beaton (c.1865 - c.1955)

Alexander Beaton (1891 - 1919)

Alexander Jr. Beaton (1942 - d.)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (1690 - 1770)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (c.1818 - 1885)

Alexander Beaton (1867 - d.)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (1808 - 1891)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (1880 - 1935)

ALEXANDER Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (1827 - d.)

Alexander Beaton (deceased)

Alexander Beaton (1849 - d.)

Alexander "Alasdair Ruadh" "Red" Beaton (deceased)

Alexander "An Clachair" Beaton (deceased)

Clachair the "Mason"