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Abigail Beeson (Dimmit) MP (1749 - 1817)

THis is not Zanes mom he needs seperated from these parents

Amy Vernon / Calvert / Smith / Catlin (Beeson) MP (b. - 1775)

B.B. Beeson MP (deceased)

Benjamin Beeson MP (1719 - 1766)

Benjamin Beeson, Sr. MP (1715 - 1794)

Benjamin Beeson, born 1/14/1714 Chester Co, Pa; married Elizabeth Hunter Benjamin Beeson Family Son Benjamin Beeson married Elizabeth Hunter according to a tradition described in "The Bason-Beaso...

Catherine Beeson (Duke) MP (deceased)

Charity Beeson (Grubb) MP (1687 - 1761)

Additional Curator's Notes CHARITY IS NOT RELATED TO FRANCES VANE -- READ NOTES ON PARENT'S PROFILES! This profile is locked because Charity is frequently mis-merged into the Vane family. CHARITY B...

Charity Mendenhall (Beeson) MP (1715 - 1809)

Daughter Charity Beeson married Mordecai Mendenhall, son of John and Susannah Pearson Mendenhall, and brother of Martha Mendenhall, who married Charity's brother Edward. There is much more on Charity...

Dicy Beeson (Mullen) MP (b. - 1843)

Edward Beeson, Sr. MP (1652 - 1712)

Edward Beeson was born in Lancaster, Lancashire, England in c.1652 and died in March, 1817/13 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Edward is widely believed to have been the son of Thomas Beeson and Ann Pe...

Edward Beeson, Jr. MP (1685 - 1725)

[Edward Beeson, Jr. was the son of Edward Sr and Rachel Pennington. He was born c.1681 in W. Nottingham, Chester Co., PA and died c. 1725. He married Esther Hall in 1704 at the Newark, PA MM, Society o...

Capt. Edward Beeson MP (1757 - 1837)

From BEESON GENEALOGY by Jasper Luther Beeson: "Capt. Edward Beeson was born in Guilford Co., N.C., Jan. 1, 1757. In the spring of 1778 he joined the army of the Revolution from Guilford Co., was Ens...

Elizabeth Ann Beeson (Pennington) MP (1771 - 1823)

Elizabeth Beeson (Pohlson) MP (1722 - d.)

Elizabeth Beeson (Hunter) MP (1718 - 1794)

Two pewter platters that Elizabeth Hunter brought to America from England have been handed down in the Beeson family. Benjamin & Elizabeth Beeson had twelve children recorded in New Garden Monthly Me...

Elizabeth Everett (Beeson) MP (1712 - 1760)

Elizabeth Beeson was the daughter of Edward Beeson and second wife Elizabeth, who may have been a Grubb. She was born August 12, 1712 in Nottingham, Chester County, Pennsylvania. She married John Evere...

Elizabeth Beeson (Grubb??) MP (1690 - 1730)

Sometime prior to 1701, Rachel Pennington died and Edward Beeson married Elizabeth (possibly a Grubb). 6. Elizabeth Beeson m. John Everett. 7. Rachel Beeson b. 1713 d. abt 1732 m. Richard Brown, ...

Esther Beeson (Hall) MP (1681 - 1730)

Esther Hall married Edward Beeson, Jr. in 1704 at the Newark, PA MM, Society of Friends. Edward was the son of Edward Sr. and Rachel Pennington.

Frank Beeson MP (deceased)

Isaac Beeson MP (1682 - 1712)

Isaac Beeson was the second son of Edward Beeson Sr and Rachel Beeson. He was born c.1682. He married Ann Cloud and moved to Orange Co., NJ prior to 1713.

Isaac Beeson, Sr. MP (1739 - 1811)

Married in New Garden Meeting, North Carolina ------------------- BEESON, ISAAC Ancestor #: A008561 Service: NORTH CAROLINA Rank: PATRIOTIC SERVICE Birth: 12-26-1739 FREDERICK CO VIRGINIA D...

Isabell Beeson (Jelly) MP (deceased)

Additional Curator's Notes Current thought on Isabell Jelly is that she married (1) William Beeson and had a daughter, Ann BEESON. After William's death, Isabell married (2) Edward Besson in 1635, an...

John Brooks Beeson MP (1819 - 1875)

JOHN BROOKS7 BEESON (ISAAC6, EDWARD5, ISAAC4, RICHARD3, EDWARD2, THOMAS1) was born 1819 in North Carolina6,7, and died 1875 in Healdsburg, Sonoma, California. He married (1) HARRIET WILSON 6/05/1845 ...

Kate Caroline Powell (Beeson) MP (1855 - d.)

While living in Sacramento Newton Dennison died in 1856 at the age of 12 and John and Caroline had three more children, Kate Caroline (b.1855-d.1885), Edward Isaac (b.1858-d.1948) and Edgar Elias (b....

Letties Fields (Beeson) MP (1771 - 1840)

Margaret Thornburgh (Beeson) MP (1708 - 1775)

Margaret Beeson was born c. 1708 and died on March 19, 1775 at New Garden, Guilford County, North Carolina. She married Walter Thornburgh of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Walter Tho...

Martha Pennington (Beeson) MP (1716 - 1800)

(1) Levi Pennington b: 17 Jun 1714 Rowan Co, NC d: 05 Dec 1790 Randolph Co, NC m: MARTHA BEESON, in Abt 1750 b: 17 Jun 1716 NC d: 27 Nov 1800 Guilford Co, NC (1) Levi Pennington ...

Mary Beeson (Mills) MP (1724 - 1810)

had the following children: M i William Beeson was born 04 May 1741 in Hopewell, Frederick, VA. F ii Welemet Beeson was born 11 Dec 1742 in Hopewell, Frederick, VA. She died 06 Feb 1775 in New Gard...

Rachel Beeson (Pennington) MP (1662 - 1713)

PLEASE DO NOT ADD PARENTS TO THIS PROFILE. ANY PARENTS FOUND IN WEB TREES IS PURE CONJECTURE. There is no substantive proof that her father was the noted Quaker author, Isaac Pennington, who married Ma...

Rachel Haworth (Beeson) MP (1724 - 1775)

Rachel Brown (Beeson) MP (1713 - 1732)

Rachel Beeson was the daughter of Edward Beeson and second wife Elizabeth. She was born in 1713 in E. Nottingham, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, several months after her father's death and thus, was not in...

Richard Beeson, Sr. MP (1684 - 1777)

Ben M. Angel notes: As a reminder, the West Nottingham Friends Meeting was located in disputed territory at the time of its foundation, and during the time that this ancestor lived there. Eventually, t...

Richard Beeson MP (1747 - 1817)

This is not zanes dad and mom he needs seperated from this group

Richard Beeson, Jr. MP (1711 - 1748)

Richard Beeson, born about 1711 Chester Co, Pa; married Ann Brown Richard Beeson, Jr. Family Son Richard Beeson married Ann Brown 10/15/1730 at East Nottingham MM in Chester County, Pennsylvania....

Selena Betty Beeson (Lamb) MP (deceased)

Thomas Beeson MP (1635 - d.)

[Thomas Beeson who married Anne Pecke is believed to be the father of Edward Beeson, Sr., the first Beeson in this line to come to the New World.]

William Beeson MP (1721 - 1760)

William Beeson Family Son William Beeson married into the Mills family which is extensively covered on this Web Site (see link to Mary Mills with William under children of Richard listed above). Th...

Beeson (deceased)

Beeson (c.1865 - d.)

"Doc" Beeson (deceased)

* Beeson (deceased)

2nd wife Beeson (deceased)

? beeson (deceased)

?? Beeson (deceased)

??Amelia Beeson (Huffsmith) (deceased)

A. Beeson (1856 - d.)

Census of 1860 -- children were listed only by initials. -- added by Maria Edmonds-Zediker, 9/23/10

A. T. Beeson (1852 - d.)

Census of 1860 -- children were listed only by initials. -- added by Maria Edmonds-Zediker, 9/23/10

Abetha Bone (Beeson) (c.1785 - d.)

Abigail Beeson (Dimmitt) (deceased)

Abigail Beeson (1769 - d.)

Abigail Beeson (Dimmit) (1749 - 1817)

Abner Beeson (1795 - d.)

Abner Beeson (1780 - d.)

Abner Beeson (deceased)

Abner Beeson (1795 - 1860)

Abner Beeson (deceased)

abner ping beeson (deceased)

Abnor Ping Beeson (deceased)

Absalom G. Beeson (1800 - d.)

Absolom Beeson, Sr. (1787 - d.)

Absolom Beeson, Jr. (1815 - d.)

Absolom Beeson (1777 - 1798)

Ada May Sloper (Beeson) (1901 - 1956)

ada beeson (deceased)

Ada (Ida) May Sloper (Beeson) (1901 - d.)

Ada Luella Beeson (1884 - 1957)

Adelaide Beeson (1890 - 1970)

Agnes Beeson (1782 - d.)

Alan Thomas BEESON (1923 - 1988)

Albert Gallatin Beeson (1805 - 1870)

Albert Milton Beeson (1884 - 1887)

Albert G. Beeson (1854 - 1934)

Albert Gallantin Beeson (deceased)

Alberteena Beeson (Orwig) (1875 - 1968)

Albertha Langworthy (Beeson) (1875 - 1932)

Albertha Langworthy (Beeson) (1875 - 1932)

Alexander Beeson (deceased)

Aley Louise Beeson (Frazier) (1854 - 1915)

Obituary from the Nov. 16, 1915 Charlotte Observer: "MRS. W.A. BEESON---Kernersville, Nov. 15---At her home near this place on Saturday morning at 7 o'clock, Mrs. W.A. Beeson died suddenly of heart t...

Alfred Thomas Beeson (c.1859 - 1928)

Alfred Leander Beeson (1861 - 1948)

Alfred Henry Beeson (1918 - 1971)

Alfred Beeson (1827 - 1905)

Alice Beeson (Green) (deceased)

Alice Beeson (deceased)

Alice Marshall Beeson (Rayle) (1923 - 1988)

Alice Beeson (deceased)

Alice Shemwell (Beeson) (1897 - 1989)

Alice Beason (Beeson) (Martin) (1709 - 1759)

Alice Beeson (deceased)

Alice Beeson (c.1857 - d.)

Alice Beeson (deceased)

Alice Beeson (1838 - 1909)

Alice Elizabeth Kent (Beeson) (deceased)

Allen Beeson (1879 - d.)

Allen Beeson (1850 - 1873)

Allen Beeson (1855 - d.)

Allen Beeson (1815 - 1873)

Allen Beeson (c.1854 - d.)

alma beeson (deceased)

Alma Theoda Prouty Beeson (deceased)