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Anne Thomas (Belden) MP (1664 - d.)

Arthur Belden MP (deceased)

Catherine I. Belden MP (deceased)

Charles Frederick Belden MP (deceased)

Daniel Belden, Sr MP (1702 - 1763)

Elinor Elisabeth Belden (Perry) MP (c.1865 - d.)

Esther Smith of Hatfield MP (1706 - 1757)

Esther Smith Birth: 14 Jun 1706 in Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts Parents: Samuel Smith, Sarah Bliss Death: 19 Oct 1758 in Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut married Lieutenant Daniel Bel...

Frances Belden (Marsden) MP (deceased)

Frederick Belden MP (deceased)

George F. Belden MP (deceased)

George William Belden MP (deceased)

George Frederick Belden MP (c.1892 - d.)

Henry Belden MP (deceased)

Katherine Belden (Loomis) MP (deceased)

Louise Belden MP (deceased)

Lydia Belden (Mack) MP (1767 - 1855)

Lydia Kellogg (Belden) MP (1675 - 1759)

The surname BELDEN is prominent in New England Colonial history, the earliest American BELDEN ancestor, is RICHARD, who first settled in America at WETHERSFIELD in 1650. He had two sons whom he probabl...

Margaret Belden (Ackronden) MP (1602 - 1632)

Richard and Margaret had the following children: i. William Belding BAILDON. ii. William BELDING. iii. Susan BELDING. iv. Grace BELDING. v. Jamuel BELDING was born about 1628 in Staffordshire...

Mary Bird (Belden) MP (c.1600 - 1664)

Name: Mary Bird ( probably not Elizabeth Bud or she was another wife) Gender: Female Birth Year: 1600 Spouse Name: Thomas Bird Spouse Birth Year: 1600 about Marriage Year: 1625

Mary Belden (Allis) MP (deceased)

María Belden Gutiérrez MP (1886 - 1954)

NN Belden (Fitch) MP (deceased)

Rhoda Belden (Phelps) MP (1758 - d.)

Robert Henry Belden MP (deceased)

Samuel Belden MP (c.1632 - 1711)

BELDING (BELDEN), SAMUEL. (C. 1633-1713). American cabinet maker. He was born in Staffordshire and was brought to America by his parents ca. 1640. In 1661 he came to Hadley in the Connecticut River Val...

Samuel Belden MP (1687 - 1750)

The following was taken from the Hatfield Town Becords: "Elizabeth, wife to Daniel Beldenye head of the family, together with Daniel Belden, John Belden and Thankful Belden, their chidren, were all o...

Samuel Belden MP (deceased)

Selah Belden MP (deceased)

Thomas Fitch Belden MP (deceased)

Ward Perry Belden MP (c.1890 - d.)

William Belden MP (1754 - d.)

William Belden MP (c.1622 - 1655)

His wife Thomasine, also known as Tamsin or Tarsen Sherwood was the 6th of nine children of Thomas Sherwood and Alice Seabrooke. They were married ca 1646. William was baptized 21 Mar 1609 Heptonstal...

Belden (1707 - d.)

( - ) Belden (deceased)

(Baptistus) Joannes Beldé (Belden) (deceased)

- Belden (deceased)

? Belden (Bellak) (deceased)

A BELDEN (1892 - d.)

Aaron BELDEN (deceased)

Aaron Belden (c.1780 - d.)

Abagail Belden (Hibbard) (deceased)

Abigail Belden (1734 - 1806)

Abigail Belden (Robbins) (1697 - 1783)

Abigail Belden/Benton (Graves) (c.1669 - c.1753)

Abigail Belden (b. - 1877)

Abigail Scott (Belden) (1736 - 1810)

Abigail Belden (deceased)

Abigail Belden (deceased)

Abigail Goodrich (Belden) (deceased)

Abigail Belden (deceased)

Abigail Belden (1734 - 1810)

Abigail Belden (1721 - d.)

Abigail Belden (1776 - 1851)

Abigail Belden (1720 - d.)

Abigail Belden (Kellogg) (1768 - 1851)

Abigail Belden (Berry) (c.1828 - c.1868)

Abigail's husband was very religious and a deacon in the church. they lived in Alton, Wayne Col, N.Y. She died at age 40 after a long illness. Her husband remarried (Emma_____). The children of Abiga...

Abigail BELDEN (1710 - 1739)

Abigail Belden (1753 - 1786)

Abigal Belden (1756 - 1839)

Abigal Belden (deceased)

Abigal Belden (1720 - d.)

ADah Belden (deceased)

Addie Mae Belden (Iliff) (1893 - 1961)

Agustus Belden (1753 - 1831)

Albert Ashel Goodrich Belden (1843 - 1843)

Albert Belden (1902 - d.)

Alberta B Bernier (Belden) (1921 - 2011)

Alexa Belden (deceased)

Alfred M. Belden (1847 - d.)

Alfred Belden (b. - 1799)

Alice Jane Belden (1864 - 1948)

Alice Belden (deceased)

Alice Ruth Belden (Carter) (deceased)

Alice Belden (deceased)

Almeda Belden (Orcutt) (1823 - 1876)

Alonzo Belden (deceased)

Alve Belden (deceased)

Alvin J. Belden (1916 - 1949)

Amanda Melissa Belden (1908 - d.)

Amanda Caroline Belden (Dugger) (1856 - 1934)

Amelia Gertrude Belden (Woolson) (1844 - 1927)

Mrs. Gertrude W. Belden, 83, wife of the late Mead Belden, who died Thursday at her home in the Dewitt Apartments, 129 Dewitt Street, was buried this morning in Oakwood Cemetery. Funeral services were ...

Amelia French (Belden) (1813 - 1877)

Amelia Belden French Find A Grave Memorial# 38610463

Amelia Tompkins-Belden (Fitzgerald) (1829 - 1915)

Amos Belden (deceased)

Amos belden (deceased)

Amos Belden (deceased)

Amos Belden Jr,* (1925 - 2005)

Amos John Belden Jr. was born July 22, 1925 to Amos John and Mavis (Driscoll) Belden. He married Frances Shoun October 5, 1954 in Jacksboro, Texas. He retired from Bowie Independent School District i...

Amos John Belden* (1904 - 1972)

He was an employee of Columbus, Kansas Water Works and of Scovell Plumbing before becoming self employed as a plumber. Source: Find A Grave - Newspaper Archives

Amparo Aguilar Belden (1917 - 1986)

Ana María Madero Belden (1917 - 1990)

Andrew Belden (b. - 1796)

Ann Bartlett (Belden) (deceased)

Ann Belden (1723 - d.)

Ann Barnett (Belden) (deceased)

Ann Belden (deceased)

Anna Belden Montague (Belden) (c.1721 - 1815)

Anna Belden (1765 - 1808)

Anna Belden (Morton) (deceased)

Anna Belden (1794 - d.)

Anna Belden (Steele) (deceased)