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David ben Chiya, Nasi MP (c.1001 - c.1090)

David ben Hezekiah, who died sometime before 1090, was the son of the Babylonian exilarch Hezekiah II (r. ca. 1000–ca. 1060). Very little is known about David’s life. He was active in communal affair...

Hezekiah II & III ben David ben Hizkiya (ben Zakkai), 45th & 47th Exilarch MP (c.1040 - c.1110)

Hezekiah III, is mentioned as exilarch in a letter dated 1091. Bibliography Beeri, Tova (ed.). Le-David Mizmor: The Liturgical Poems of David ha-Nasi Son of Hezekiah the Exilarch (Jerusalem: Mekize...

Shalom II ben Hizkiya, Exilarch Interregnum MP (c.-20 - 40)

Shalom , son of Hizkiah and nn to: nn 1) Nathan (De Zuzita?) to: nn

Yosef ben Hizkiya ibn ʿAwkal, Nasi, Nagid of Fustat and Rome MP (c.1020 - c.1085)

Some sources call him Joseph of Cairo, others call him Joseph of Rome. In 1040 he fled to Granada, an independent sultanate in what is now Spain. He took refuge there with Rabbi Yosef ha-Naggid until t...