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Abu Ishaq Abraham ben Nathan, Nasi MP (c.1036 - c.1115)

Abraham ben Nathan son of Nathan ben Abraham Abraham ben Nathan, born around 1037, was the only the son of Nathan ben Abraham, the rival of Gaon Solomon ben Judah in the famous conflict that took pla...

Huna ben Nathan, Mar Huna IV, 24th Exilarch MP (c.395 - 442)

Abba was succeeded first by his son Nathan and then by another son, Mar Kahana. The latter's son Huna is then mentioned as successor, being the fourth exilarch of that name; he died in 441, according t...

Hunya ben Nathan, Exilarch Interregnum MP (c.30 - c.90)

Israel ben Nathan MP (c.1038 - d.)

Nechemya ben Nathan, 14th Exilarch Nehemiah I MP (c.250 - c.313)

Exilarque Néhémie ben Nathan beni David était Exilarque (Exilarque [en hébreu: ראש גלות Rosh Galout, l'araméen: ...

Nehorai ben Nathan MP (c.1037 - d.)

Yehuda Azriel ben Nathan (RIBAN), - MP (c.1065 - 1105)

--------------------Judah ben Nathan (RIBaN)Son-in-law and pupil of Rashi, and to a great extent his continuator. It was Judah who completed Rashi's commentary on Makkot (from 19b to the end) and who w...

"RIBAN" Rabbenu YEHUDA ben Nathan (1065 - c.1105)

Abba ben Nathan (deceased)

Abraham Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Albert Ben-Nathan (1874 - 1937)

Albert Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Aron Ben Nathan (b. - 1761)

Aïcha Ben Nathan (Bokobza) (deceased)

Charles Ben Nathan (deceased)

Clémence Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Cynthia Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Daniel ben Nathan Katzin Nasi (c.1345 - d.)

David Ben-Nathan (deceased)

David Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Denise Ben Nathan (Lachkar) (1922 - 1999)

Dolly Ben-Nathan (Myers) (1905 - d.)

Doris Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Eliezer ben Nathan (deceased)

Esther Albuquerque (Ben-Nathan) (deceased)

Esther Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Esther Bellaiche (Ben-Nathan) (deceased)

Ezra Ben-Nathan (1917 - 1992)

Fernande Ben Nathan (deceased)

Florence Ben-Nathan (Gershon) (1938 - 1940)

Gadi Ben-Nathan (1941 - 1973)

אתר יזכור

Geoffrey Maurice Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Hadassa Ben-Nathan (Yagolnitzer) (1918 - 1993)

Hayim Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Huna ben Nathan (395 - 442)

Huna ben Nathan, Mar Huna IV, 24th Exilarch (c.395 - 442)

Isaac ben Nathan (deceased)

Jack Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Jacob Ben-Nathan (1907 - 1936)

Jacob Ben-Nathan (1861 - 1915)

Jacques Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Jacques Ben-Nathan (1934 - 2011)

Joan Ben-Nathan (1921 - d.)

Joseph Ben-Nathan (1912 - 1942)

Joseph Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Joseph Ben-Nathan (1868 - 1918)

Joshua Ben-Nathan (1906 - 1949)

Joshua ben Nathan Israel de Soncino (c.1525 - d.)

Joshua Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Judah Ben Nathan (b. - c.1105)

Judah (Yehudah) ben Nathan (deceased)

Judah ben Nathan, also referred to by the Hebrew acronym RIBaN, was a gifted French rabbi and commentator on the Talmud in the eleventh to twelfth century, best known for being the son-in-law and pupil...

Judah DO NOT MERGE !!! Ben Nathan (deceased)

Jules Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Jules Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Leon Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Louisa Ben-Nathan (Cazez) (deceased)

Machir ben Nathan (ben Machir Todros) (c.862 - d.)

Maklouf Ben Nathan (deceased)

Marcelle Ben-Nathan (Benichou) (deceased)

Margaret Jacqueline Ben-Nathan (Dreyfus) (deceased)

Maurice Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Maurice Moise Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Michel ben Nathan (c.1725 - 1793)

Moise Ben-Nathan (1866 - 1950)

N.N., Wife of Hunya ben Nathan (deceased)

Naomi Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Nathan Ben Nathan (deceased)

Nathan de-Ẓuẓita ben Nathan, 11th Exilarch 'Ukban' (c.230 - c.270)

Nechemya ben Nathan, 14th Exilarch Nehemiah I (c.250 - 313)

Nehemías ben Nathan (250 - 313)

Nita Ben-Nathan (deceased)

NN bat Isaac ben Nathan (deceased)

Phyllis Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Rae Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Rebecca Ben-Nathan (1870 - 1956)

Rebecca Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Renette Benichou (Ben-Nathan) (deceased)

Reshef Ben-nathan (c.1988 - 2007)

Rosalind Hart (Ben Nathan) (b. - c.2010)

Rosalind Hart (Ben-Nathan) (deceased)

Samson Ben Nathan (1730 - 1803)

Samuel Charmaz ben Nathan (b. - 1716)

Samuel Charmaz ben Nathan was married to a daughter of Rabbi Moses

Samuel (Schmuel) Ben Nathan Segal (c.1690 - 1765)

Sarah Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Simon Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Sultana AZIZA (1895 - d.)

Suzie Ben-Nathan (deceased)

Victor Ben-Nathan (1899 - 1962)

Victoria Ben-Nathan (Tarragano) (1872 - 1960)

Victoria Ben-Nathan (Levy) (deceased)

Victoria Ben-Nathan (Tarragano) (1872 - d.)

Violet Ben-Nathan (Ethrington) (deceased)

Wife 1 ben Nathan, Mar Huna IV (deceased)

Wife 2 ben Nathan, Mar Huna IV (deceased)

Yehuda ben Nathan ben Nathan (c.1065 - c.1105)


Yehuda "Zakkai" ben Machir (ben Nathan) (c.895 - d.)