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Abaye ben Natronai Kohen Ṣedeq, Gaon of Pumbeditha MP (c.790 - c.860)

According to Sherira Gaon, Abbaye was not his personal name, but Nachmani, after his grandfather. His father had died before Abbaye was born, and his mother died in child-birth. So the orphan was broug...

Hakhinai ben Natronai (ben Nehemia) MP (c.690 - 749)

Nehemiah ben Natronai MP (c.644 - d.)

Shmuel of Mosul "the Usurper" MP (b. - c.1195)

Yehuda ben Natronai MP (deceased)

Yehudai 'Habibai' ben Natronai, Exilarch of Pumbeditha & Carcassonne MP (c.683 - c.770)

Yehudai left Pumbeditha during a contentious period and sought to enjoy his last days in the comforts of a burgeoning community in Southern France - Carcassonne. Yehudai was elected leader of the Jew...

1st Wife ben Natronai Kohen Ṣedeq (deceased)

2nd Wife ben Natronai Kohen Ṣedeq (deceased)

Abaye ben Natronai Kohen Ṣedeq (c.790 - c.860)

Shlomo ben Yehuda (ben Natronai) (deceased)

Yehoshua ben Yehudah (ben Natronai) (deceased)

Zakkai Ben Natronai (Yehuda) (deceased)