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? Benovic (Pandžić) (deceased)

Adolf Benovic (1919 - 1942)

Part of Hungarian Labor Battalion - Died of cold in Pervoje Maja USSR

Arpad Benovic (deceased)

Survived the war with his mother and father in the capital city, Bratislava.. All siblings were murdered by the Nazis. Arpad was the eldest son. Became editor of Slovak edition of Communist Newspaper...

Asher (Artur) Benovitz (1905 - d.)

Benjamin Benovic (1913 - c.1944)

Bernard (Bernhard) Benovic (1924 - 2011)

Part of Hungarian Labor Battalion Mauthausen – Prisoner # 123649

Emanuel Benovic (1881 - 1944)

Herman Benovic (1916 - 1943)

Part of the Hungarian Labor Battalion

Jakub Benovic (1911 - 1945)

Mauthausen – Prisoner # 123650

Jakub Benovic (deceased)

Mami Benovic (Schneider) (deceased)

Regina Benovic (Weisberger) (1890 - c.1943)

Ruzena (Benovic) (deceased)

As told to me by Marko Brand: Ruzena was able to delay the deportation to concentration camps of herself, husband Arpad, and Arpad's parents as well as Marko's family under President Tissot exception...