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Agnes Danvers (de la Bere) MP (1416 - 1451)

'Agnes de la Bere1 'F, b. circa 1420 Father Sir Richard Delabere1 b. c 1382, d. a 1422 Mother (Miss) Blount b. c 1387 ' Agnes de la Bere was born circa 1420 at of London, Middlesex, England. Sh...

Alice Blount (de la Bere) MP (c.1394 - 1440)

New 14 Sep 2011 Will someone please take Sir Thomas le Blount out of parentage of Sheriff Humphrey le Blount. Alice did not marry Thomas. Thomas is a grand uncle. Source: 1623 Visitation of Shropshire ...

Anne de la Bere (Tuchet) MP (c.1446 - d.)

'Anne Touchet1,2 'F, b. circa 1446 Father Sir James Touchet, 5th Lord Audley2 b. c 1398, d. 23 Sep 1458 Mother Eleanor de Holand1,2 b. c 1404 ' Anne Touchet was born circa 1446.1 She married ...

Elizabeth Paulett (Credy de la Bere) MP (c.1359 - c.1415)

Name: Elizabeth CREEDY Sex: F Birth: 1359 in Creedy, Devonshire, England Father: William or John CREEDY b: 1325 in Creedy, Devonshire, England Mother: UNKNOWN Marriage 1 John PAULETT b: 1354 ...

Isabella de la Bere MP (c.1296 - 1313)

Not the daughter of Agnes Isabella de la Bere was born circa 1296 at Tolverne, Cornwall, England.2 She was the daughter of John de la Bere.1 She married Sir John Arundell, son of John de Arundell...

Isabella de la Bere MP (c.1296 - c.1320)

Isabella de la BERE was born 1294 in St. Ervan, Cornwall, England. She married Sir John de ARUNDELL Knight on 1312 in Lanherne, Cornwall, England. parents: John de la BERE was born 1268 in St. Erva...

Joan de La Bere MP (c.1175 - 1195)

John de la Bere MP (c.1270 - 1334)

Not married to Agnes, and from Cornwall, not Herfordshire The John de la Bere who is linked to the Arundell family ws from Cornwall and not from Herefordshire. This John is about 30 years older than ...

John de la Bere (La Bere) MP (c.1150 - 1195)

John de la Bere MP (c.1295 - 1366)

Sir John de la Bere1,2 M, b. circa 1308 Father Richard de la Bere b. c 1292 Mother Sybil de Chabbenor b. c 1296 Sir John de la Bere was born circa 1308 at of Talvern, Somersetshire, Weobley in ...

John de La Bere MP (c.1090 - 1110)

Katherine de la Bere (Abrahall) MP (c.1313 - d.)

Kynard de la Bere MP (c.1418 - 1453)

Margaret de la Bere (Gamage) MP (c.1386 - d.)

Richard de la Bere MP (c.1364 - c.1410)

Richard de De La Bere (La Bere) MP (c.1060 - d.)

Richard de La Bere MP (c.1110 - 1155)

Sir Richard de la Bere, Jr MP (deceased)

Sir Richard de la Bere, of Kinnersley Castle MP (c.1382 - 1422)

DE LA BERE DESCENT 1. Andrew DE LA BERE of Tolverne Born Abt 1217, Tolverne, Cornwall married Alice WALERAND born about 1227 in Longford Castle, Bodenham, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.), daughter ...

Richard de la Bere MP (c.1428 - d.)

TOUCHET2 'Anne TOUCHET Born: ABT 1446 Father: James TOUCHET (2º B. Audley of Heleigh) Mother: Eleanor HOLLAND (B. Audley of Heleigh) Married 1: Edward COBHAM 'Married 2: Richard De L...

Sir Kynard de la Bere, of Chilstone MP (c.1356 - 1402)

Family and Education s. and h. of Sir Richard de la Bere† of Kinnersley. m. c.1387, Katherine, wid. of Sir John Pecche† of Hampton in Arden, Warws., 1s. 1da. Kntd. by May 1387.1 Offices...

Sybilla Crophull (de la Bere), de la Bere MP (1338 - 1428)

Sibilla de la Bere1,2,3,4,5,6 F, #22390, b. 19 May 1338, d. before 18 November 1381 Father Sir John de la Bere2,3,4,5,6 b. c 1308 Mother Agnes Turberville Sibilla de la Bere was born on 19 May ...

(unk) de la bere (deceased)

(unk) de de la bere (Hever) (c.1160 - d.)

? Bere (deceased)

? Meron Bere (deceased)

Adam von Bere (b. - 1545)

Agnes De La Bere (Tuberville) (1270 - 1360)

Agnes Bere (deceased)

Agnes de la Bere (1390 - d.)

Agnes Bere (Giffard) (deceased)

Alan De La Bere (c.1210 - c.1237)

Alice Blount (de la Bere) (deceased)

Alice Nissell Bere (1476 - 1497)

Alice Nissell F, #83632, b. circa 1482 Father Thomas Nissell, Gentleman b. c 1455 Mother Alice b. c 1456 Alice Nissell was born circa 1482 at of Wrotham, Kent, England. She married Martin Beers...

Alice Alicia de Barry (de la Bere) (c.1418 - c.1440)

Alma Beatrice May Bere (1888 - 1965)

Ana Bere (c.1932 - 2015)

Andreas von Bere (deceased)

Andrew De La Bere (c.1195 - 1230)

Andrew Bere (De La Bere) (c.1217 - 1295)

Ann Bere (Beckett) (1439 - d.)

Ann Bere (Beckett) (deceased)

Ann Hood (Bere) (1720 - 1775)

Anna E. Wilbert (Bere) (1901 - 1993)

Anna Bere (deceased)

Anna Jonsdtr. Elgje (Bere) (1725 - 1815)

Anna von Bere (von Manteuffel) (deceased)

Anne Delafield (De la Bere) (deceased)

Anne Bere (NN) (deceased)

Anne Bere (Flamoke) (deceased)

Anthony Bere (c.1624 - 1679)

Anthony Beers1 M, #83618, b. circa 1620, d. 14 May 1679 Father James Beers b. c 1595, d. c 1635 Mother Hester b. c 1599, d. c 1635 Anthony Beers was born circa 1620 at Gravesend, Kent, England....

Barry Bere (b. - 1995)

Barry Bere (deceased)

Bere-Pine Bere-Pine (deceased)

Berenice González Zepeda (deceased)

Bertina Bere (1898 - 1947)

Betty Bere (c.1791 - d.)

Boldwin von Bere (deceased)

Catharina von Bere (deceased)

Catharina Johanna Elisabeth de Bére (deceased)

Catrin de la Bere (c.1275 - d.)

[S2437] #4568 Welsh Genealogies, AD 300-1400 (1980), Bartrum, Peter C. (Peter Clement), (25 volumes, with supplements containing additions and corrections. [Wales]: University of Wales Press, 1980), FH...

Chaya (Clara, Eva) Bere (Daien) (deceased)

Christiaan Lach de Bere (1785 - 1837)

Christiaan Lach de Bére (deceased)

Christopher Bere (c.1752 - 1753)

Ciprien Lach de Bere (1761 - 1814)

Cledwyn Bere (1887 - 1955)

Cleydwyn Bere (1887 - 1955)

Dalma PAPP-RAGáNY de BERE (1905 - d.)

Daniel de Bere (1719 - 1779)

Dietrich Bere (Ursus) (c.1168 - d.)

Dorothy Kingswood Bere (c.1539 - c.1560)

Dorothy Kingwood F, #83626, b. circa 1538 Father John Kingwood b. c 1515 Dorothy Kingwood was born circa 1538 at of Rochester, Kent, England. She married James Beers, son of John Beers and Faith ...

Dorothy (Bere) Scott (deceased)

Eberhard Heinrich Ursus (von Bere) (c.1160 - 1194)

Edmund de la Bere (b. - 1382)

Eleanor Bere (c.1759 - 1759)

Eleanor Bere (deceased)

Elisabeth von Bere (von Feldberg) (deceased)

Eliza Bere (Carminow) (1462 - d.)

Elizabeth Kemeys (De La Bere) (deceased)

Elizabeth Bere (Arundell) (deceased)

Elizabeth Bere (Gambon) (deceased)

Elizabeth Bere (c.1756 - 1763)

Elizabeth Bere (Chalvedon) (deceased)

Elizabeth Hopfe (Berry (Bere)) (1860 - 1934)

Marriage record shows maiden name as Bere. Elisabeth, Elisebeth Photos of grave at Find a Grave Birth: 1860 Death: Nov 8 1934 Cemetery: Park Hill Cemetery, Washington, USA 1900 Us Federal Cen...

Elizabeth St. John (de la Bere) (deceased)

Elizabeth De La Bere (deceased)

Elizabeth Bere (Carminowe) (deceased)

Elizabeth De La Bere (1350 - d.)

Ella "Tommy" Marjorie BERE (1897 - d.)

Elvira Bere (deceased)

Emma Bere (deceased)

Endre Jonson Bere (Heimberde) (deceased)

Englesia de La Bere (b. - 1332)

Enid Constance Bere (Small) (1913 - 1966)

Eva Mary BERE (1890 - d.)

Frances Bere (Horner) (deceased)

Francois de Bere (deceased)

Friedrich Bere (deceased)

Geseke (Gertrud) Bere (c.1450 - c.1509)