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Marisa Berenson MP

Vittoria Marisa Schiaparelli Berenson (born February 15, 1947, New York City) is an American actress and model. She is the elder daughter of Robert L. Berenson, an American diplomat turned shipping e...

. Berenson (deceased)

/ Berenson (deceased)

/ Berenson (deceased)

? Berenson (deceased)

? Berenson (deceased)

? Berenson (deceased)

? Berenson (deceased)

A. Berenson (deceased)

Abraham Berenson (1908 - 1985)

Abraham Charles Berenson (deceased)

Abraham (Abie) Berenson (1873 - d.)

Abram G. Berenson (1873 - d.)

Aharon Berenson (deceased)

Alana Berenson (deceased)

Albert Berenson (deceased)

Albert Berenson (Valvrojenski) (deceased)

Ann Berenson (deceased)

Anna Cohen (Berenson) (deceased)

Anna Naiditch (Berenson) (deceased)

anna Berenson (hoff) (deceased)

Anna Berenson (Khersonskaya) (b. - 1924)

Anna Berenson (deceased)

Anna "Ma'am" Berenson (Cohen (Studnick)) (1888 - d.)

Arthur Berenson (deceased)

Arthur Berenson (deceased)

arthur berenson (deceased)

Babe Berenson (deceased)

Barnette Berenson (b. - c.1945)

Barney Berenson (deceased)

Bea Berenson (deceased)

Beatrice Berenson (Colton) (deceased)

Becky Berenson (deceased)

Beer Berenson (deceased)

Bella Berenson (deceased)

Bella Sachs (Berenson) (deceased)

Benjamin Berenson (deceased)

Benny Berenson (deceased)

Benjamin P Berenson (1909 - 1982)

Berel (Benjamin) Berenson (deceased)

Berry Berenson (1948 - 2001)

Berinthia "Berry" Berenson Perkins was an American photographer, actress, and model. Perkins was also known as the wife of actor Anthony Perkins and died in the September 11 attacks as a passenger on A...

Berk Berenson (deceased)

Bernard Berenson (deceased)

Bernard Berenson (deceased)

Bernard Berenson (1865 - 1959)

Bernard Berenson moved to Florence in 1900, his study and work in Italian Renaissnace art supported by his patron, Isabella Stuart Gardner of Boston. Over the course of the following years, Berenson pr...

Bernard Berenson (1865 - 1959)

Bernard Berenson (June 26, 1865 – October 6, 1959) was an American art historian specializing in the Renaissance. He was a major figure in pioneering art attribution and therefore establishing t...

Bernard Berenson (1890 - 1954)

Bernice Berenson (Rodman) (1924 - 2004)

Berta Berenson (deceased)

Bertram Berenson (deceased)

Bertram Berenson (deceased)

Bess Berenson (Cohen) (1912 - 1989)

Bessie Berenson (deceased)

Bessie Kopel (Berenson) (c.1880 - c.1950)

Bessie Gabler (Berenson) (1892 - d.)

Bessie Berenson (1878 - d.)

Bette Berenson (Gittleman) (1918 - 1981)

Betty Berenson (Swett) (deceased)

Byrdie Berenson (deceased)

Cecile Katz Berenson (Katz) (1935 - 2004)

Cecilia Berenson (deceased)

Chana Berenson (1853 - 1924)

Clara 'Clare' Hyams (Berenson) (1908 - 2007)

Connie Berenson (deceased)

David (Bechucher) Berenson (deceased)

Dena Berenson (Levenson) (1891 - 1929)

Dinah Berenson (Stoltzer) (1887 - 1945)

Dorothy Berenson (deceased)

Eleonor Berenson (Lapidus) (deceased)

Elise Berenson (c.1885 - d.)

Bruidegom: Michael David Horowitz Relatiesoort: Bruidegom Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 26 Beroep: scheikundige Vader bruidegom: Wolf Horowitz Geslacht: Man Beroep: diamanthandelaar...

Elizabeth Berenson (1878 - d.)

Elizabeth Berenson (Stollerman) (deceased)

Elizabeth Skulnick (Berenson) (1889 - 1961)

Elizabeth (Lizzie) came to the USA at 14 years old. She worked in a factory. When she was 18 years old, she met Joseph Skulnick. She was married to him a year later at 19 years old. Their first child...

Elka Holtsberg (Berenson) (deceased)

Ella Berenson (deceased)

Ella Berenson (Midkiff) (deceased)

Ellah Berenson (Rokach) (deceased)

Emilie Berenson (Witkin) (1877 - d.)


Ester Berenson (1880 - 1974)

Esther Berenson (Valvrojenski) (c.1863 - d.)

Esther Berenson (deceased)

Esther Mark (Berenson) (deceased)

Esther A. Berenson (deceased)

Ethel Berenson (deceased)

Ethel Berenson (Rutman) (deceased)

Ethel Berenson (deceased)

Etta Berenson (deceased)

Eva Lebowitz (Berenson) (deceased)

Eva Berenson (deceased)

Eva Grifman (Berenson) (c.1881 - d.)

Eva Berenson (Singerman) (c.1898 - 1997)

Evelyn Berenson (deceased)

Ezra Berenson (1890 - d.)

Fanny Berenson (Golchinsky (Goldin)) (deceased)

Fanny Berenson (deceased)

Fanya Berenson (deceased)

Flora Berenson (deceased)

Florence Berenson (Feingold) (1910 - d.)

Fran Berenson (deceased)

Frances Herman (Fayge Berenson) (b. - c.1935)