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Christina Merlette (Billiou) MP (1658 - 1699)

Married 1677 in Church of Mannheim (French Church), Staten Island, NY One child: Abraham (1680)

Maria Billiou MP (c.1650 - 1699)

Sex: Female Father: Pierre Billiou Mother: Francoise du Bois Birth: 3 Mar 1650 Leiden, Holland Death: Bef 1690 Staten Island, Richmond, NY Family 1 Spouse/Partner: Arendt Jansen Van Naerden...

Pierre Billiou MP (c.1625 - 1701)

May 9, 1661, Pierre Bilyue left Amsterdam, Holland for New York on a Dutch Ship called the St. Jan Baptiste. He arrived August 6, 1661. He laid out the first Staten Island town (New Amsterdam). It was ...

Thomas Billiou MP (c.1560 - 1617)

Homepage for Billiou Descendants of Bucks County, Pennsylvania Billiou/Ballou/Bailou/Balliou/Barlow Generation 1 Thomas Billiou was born about 1570 in Wicres, France. He married Ann Aime. She was...

Aalte Bilyeu, (c.1773 - d.)

Abraham Bilyeu-Billiou (c.1704 - d.)

Anna Billiou, (Bilyeu) (deceased)

Anna Walker (Billiou) (c.1604 - d.)

Abigail's marriage [to John Dunham] was witnessed by her father, Thomas Billiou and a sister Anna (not previously mentioned) who was married 28 May 1624 in Holland to Nathaniel Walker. WORKMAN FAMI...

Ariaantje Bilyeu-Billiou (c.1684 - d.)

Catharine Curtis (Billiou) (c.1654 - 1734)

Catherine Bilyeu-Billiou (c.1698 - d.)

Daniel Bilyeu-Billiou (c.1708 - d.)

Diannah Bilyeu (Bilyeu Billiou) (1817 - 1861)

Elizabeth Folwell (Billiou) (c.1748 - 1768)

Esther Billiou (deceased)

Francina Bilyeu-Billiou (c.1692 - d.)


Francois Billiou (deceased)

Francoise Larzelere (Billiou) (deceased)

Francoise Billiou (Du Bois) (1622 - 1695)

Francoise Billiou (deceased)

Françoise Morgan (Billiou) (c.1654 - 1700)

Hendrick Bilyeu, (c.1729 - d.)

Hendrick Billiou (c.1752 - d.)

Ida Sueberingh Billiou (c.1664 - d.)

The eldest son, Isaac Billiou, married Ida Sueberingh in Bergen, New Jersey, on November 2, 1684. The daughter of Jan Roeloffsen Suerboring and Adriana Polemus, Ida was born in Bergen, New Jersey in 16...

Isaac Billiou (1661 - 1709)

Isaac Bilyeu-Billiou, Jr. (c.1696 - d.)

Isaac Bilyeu (c.1661 - c.1708)

Isaac was born at sea while his parents were fleeing to (New York) America. His parents left Holland May 9, 1661, then Isaac was baptised in New York August 10, 1661. So, Isaac was born between May 9 a...

Isaac Billiou (c.1722 - 1803)

Isaac Billew was a member of the Abington Presbyterian Church in Abington, Pennsylvania.

Isaac Bilyeu, (c.1809 - d.)

His father is John Bilyeu, NOT PETER Isaac6 Bilyeu (JOHN5, PETER4 BILLIOU, PETER3, ISAAC2 Billau/Billiou, PIERRE1 Billiou, JeanA, ThomasB) was born 1812 in TN65, and died 19 Jan 1892 in Miller Co, MO...

Jacob Billiou (c.1663 - 1774)

Jacob Billew/ (c.1754 - d.)

Jacob Billew died young.

Jean Bilyeu-Billiou-Billiau (c.1620 - 1715)

Jean Bilyeau-Billiou (c.1595 - d.)

John Billiou (c.1668 - d.)

John H. Bilyeu, (c.1803 - 1867)

John Bilyeu-Billiou (c.1688 - 1758)

Lucas Bilyeu-Billiou (c.1708 - d.)

Lucienne BILLIOU (LE MASSON) (1935 - 2012)

Maria Billiou (deceased)

Marie Prall (Billiou) (deceased)

Marie Billiou (deceased)

Martha Billiou (deceased)

Mary Billiou (Bilyeu-Billiou) (c.1702 - d.)

Nathaniel Boileau, (c.1763 - 1850)

Nathaniel Brittain Boileau grew up near Hatboro, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Princeton University in 1787. In 1797 he was elected a member of the Pennsylvania State Legislature a...

Peter Billiou (deceased)

Peter Billiou (1695 - 1811)

Peter Billiou (b. - 1702)

Peter / Pierre Billiou (c.1668 - 1698)

Pierre Billiou (1625 - 1702)

Pierre Billiou (1575 - d.)

Rachel Bilyeu, (b. - c.1734)

Rachel Billiou (Britain) (c.1724 - 1814)

Sarah Workman (Bilyeau-Billiou) (c.1801 - 1887)

Sarah Wilson (Billiou Bilyeu) (1755 - 1839)

Stintye Bilyeu-Billiou (c.1740 - d.)