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Marie-Madeleine Billy dite St. Louis MP (1717 - d.)

Hutton Billy (1921 - 1944)

? Lebon (Billy) (deceased)

Abuelo Billy Adams (deceased)

ada billy (deceased)

Ada Billy (1883 - d.)

Adaline Billy-Moody (deceased)

Adeline Billy (deceased)

Adolphe Billy (deceased)

Adélaïs de Billy (deceased)

Agnes Billy (deceased)

Agnès de Billy (deceased)

aka Gerald Billy (1931 - 1971)

Albert Billy, Choctaw Code Talker (b. - 1958)

Code talker Albert Billy (1885-1958) was from Poteau, Oklahoma, in LeFlore County. (Code talkers sited by Choctaw Nation shows (Jove? I.T.) Born October 8, 1885 A member of the 142nd Infantry of th...

Aldora Billy (Lamarche) (deceased)

Alexander Billy (deceased)

Alexis Billy dit Courville (1731 - 1779)

alfred billy (deceased)

Alfred de Billy (deceased)

Alfred Billy (1906 - d.)

Alice Ann Braun (Billy/Bialy) (c.1939 - d.)

Alix de Billy (deceased)

Alphonse Billy (deceased)

Alphonsine Charleville (Billy) (1874 - 1941)

Alphonsine Modeste Billy (Liaud) (1893 - d.)

Alton Curtis Billy Sr. (1942 - 1976)

Always Billy (1882 - d.)

Amable Billy (deceased)

Amable Billy / St-Louis (deceased)

Amy Emma Dayment (Billy) (deceased)

Ana Billy/Bialy (1914 - 2002)

Andrea Billy (deceased)

Andrew Billy (deceased)

André BILLY (deceased)

Anette Billy (deceased)

Angenora Billy (1894 - d.)

Anna Billy (deceased)

Anna Billy (1885 - d.)

Anna Petrisko (Billy) (deceased)

Anna Billy (c.1810 - d.)

Anna Billy (deceased)

Anne de Billy (deceased)

Anne M Donahoe (Billy) (1910 - 2000)

Anne Marie Augustine BILLY (deceased)

Annie Billy (deceased)

Antoine de Billy (1900 - 1984)

Antoine DeBilly (Billy or DeBilly) (1798 - d.)

Antoine Billy (deceased)

Antoine de Billy, seigneur de Mauregard (c.1381 - 1444)

Antoine Billy (1780 - 1840)

Antoine Billy-St-Louis (1759 - d.)

Antoine Billy (deceased)

Antoine II de Billy, seigneur de Mauregard (1450 - 1515)

Antoine II de Billy (deceased)

Antoinette de Billy (deceased)

Antonin Billy (1808 - 1864)

Archange Billy (Auger) (1782 - 1854)

Archie Billy (deceased)

Archille Billy (deceased)

Auguste Jean Baptiste Billy (deceased)

Augustin Billy (1845 - d.)

Austin Billy (1875 - d.)

Beatrice Billy (deceased)

Ben Billy (deceased)

Benjamin Billy (1888 - d.)

Bernadette Alexander/Billy (deceased)

Bernard de Billy (1906 - d.)

Berthe Moutur (Billy) (deceased)

Betsy Billy (1865 - d.)

Bill Ellis (Billy Roland Ellis) (deceased)

billy james farris (billy james farris) (deceased)

Billy Silabhumi Muditajaya (Billy Tjung) (45 - 11)

Billy Joe Kerr (deceased)

billy cato cato cato bechel (billy don cato), billy don cato (1935 - 2000)

Billy Joe Martin (1931 - d.)

Briz Billy (deceased)

BRUNO de CRESPIN de BILLY (1940 - 1996)

Camille Morni (Billy) (deceased)

Casimir Billy (deceased)

Catharine Billy (deceased)

Catherine Billy (deceased)

Catherine Marguerite de Billy (deceased)

Cecil Billy (deceased)

Cecilia Billy (deceased)

CHANTAL de CRESPIN de BILLY (1935 - d.)

Charles De Billy (1530 - 1574)

Charles Billy (1701 - d.)

Charles Billy (deceased)

Charles Billy (1787 - d.)

Charles de Billy (deceased)

Charles de Billy (deceased)

Charles Billy (deceased)

Charles Billy (1733 - d.)

Charles De Billy (c.1563 - 1582)

Charles Billy (deceased)

Charles de Billy (deceased)

Charlotte MARTINAGE-BILLY (deceased)

Charlotte - (Billy) (deceased)

Chester Easton Billy (deceased)

christian katie billy (deceased)