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Abe Bleiweiss (deceased)

Abraham Bleiweiss (Blejwas) (1833 - 1912)

Abraham Bleiweiss (c.1835 - d.)

Abraham Bleiweiss (deceased)

Aki Bleiweiss (deceased)


Alexander Bleiweiss (1890 - 1922)

Amelia Vita Bleiweiss (1874 - 1963)

Anna Singer (Bleiweiss) (c.1877 - d.)

Anna Bleiweiss Gellis (deceased)

Anna Bleiweiss (Faust) (deceased)

Anna-Stina Norén (Bleiweiss) (1924 - d.)

Anne Smissman (Bleiweiss) (c.1872 - 1943)

Annie Bleiweiss (Hivsch) (1871 - 1941)

Name: Anne Bleiweiss Birth Date: 1871 Death Date: 26 Jun 1941 Age at Death: 70 Burial Plot: L11 Burial Place: Fairfield, Connecticut, United States Father Name: Tzvi Hirshel Cemetery: Ahavas Achim Ceme...

Arthur Bleiweiss (deceased)

Aryeh Leib Hacohen Bleiweiss (deceased)

Barnie Bleiweiss (deceased)

Bassel Bleiweiss (deceased)

Beila Cizer (Bleiweiss) (deceased)

Bernice Kliebard (Bleiweiss) (1933 - 1933)

Bessie Bleiweiss (Pensik) (deceased)

Braun Yetta Bleiweiss (deceased)

Celina Bleiweiss (1937 - 1940)

Chava Bleiweiss (deceased)

Clara Bleiweiss (1898 - 1984)

Clara Bleiweiss (Levy) (deceased)

David Bleiweiss (deceased)

David Bleiweiss (deceased)

Dora Bleiweiss (deceased)

Dora Bleiweiss (Lebenbaum) (1881 - 1957)

Dora Bleiweiss (1891 - d.)

Edward Bleiweiss (deceased)

Esther Bleiweiss (deceased)

Ethel ? Bleiweiss (deceased)

Eugene Bleiweiss (deceased)

Eva Bleiweiss (deceased)

Fannie Bleiweiss (deceased)

Fanny Wilkenfeld (Bleiweiss) (1878 - 1951)

Freyda Bleiweiss (deceased)

George Bleiweiss (1872 - 1945)

Gertrude Bleiweiss (deceased)

Gertrude Bleiweiss (Elberger) (deceased)

Gertrude Bleiweiss (Shapinsky) (deceased)

Gitla Bleiweiss (deceased)

Gitli Bleiweiss (deceased)

Goldie Bleiweiss (Resnick) (deceased)

Gussie Bleiweiss (deceased)

Gustav Bleiweiss (deceased)

Harry Bleiweiss (deceased)

Harry Bleiweiss (deceased)

Helene Bell Bleiweiss (deceased)

Hella Bleiweiss (b. - 1940)

Henri Bleiweiss (deceased)

Henriette Plaut (Bleiweiss) (1853 - 1941)

Herman Bleiweiss (1932 - 1998)

Ida bleiweiss (Melinger) (deceased)

Ida Bleiweiss (Siegel) (1870 - 1940)

Ida Bleiweiss (Bishop) (deceased)

Irene Bleiweiss (1905 - 1972)

Isaac Bleiweiss (c.1830 - d.)

Amelia told me that he was so well respected in their community in New York City, that the community named their fraternal lodge (The Bleiweiss Lodge) after him. There's an entry in a ship's passenger ...

Isaac Bleiweiss (deceased)

Isidore Hacohen Bleiweiss (1860 - 1925)

Name: Isador Bleiweis Birth Date: 1870 Death Date: 17 Apr 1925 Age at Death: 55 Burial Plot: J31 Burial Place: Fairfield, Connecticut, United States Father Name: Aryeh Lev Hacohen Cemetery: Ahavas Achi...

Israel bleiweiss (deceased)

Israel Moshe Bleiweiss (deceased)

Isser Bleiweiss (deceased)

Jack Bleiweiss (deceased)

Jacob Bleiweiss (1895 - d.)

Jane Becker (Bleiweiss) (deceased)

Jay Bleiweiss (deceased)

Jean Bleiweiss (Berger) (1912 - d.)

Jeanne Bleiweiss (Sussfeld) (deceased)

Jenny Bleiweiss (deceased)

Joan Bleiweiss (deceased)

Jonathan Bleiweiss (deceased)

Joseph Bleiweiss (deceased)

Joseph Bleiweiss (c.1859 - 1932)

Joseph Bleiweiss (deceased)

Joseph Bleiweiss (deceased)

Julio Bleiweiss (deceased)

Karen Beth Tepper (Bleiweiss) (1946 - 2009)

Katherine A. Bleiweiss (Lush) (1906 - 2007)

Katherine Lush Bleiweiss age 101, of Fairfield, the beloved wife of the late Dr. Louis H. Bleiweiss, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at the Carolton Convalescent Home. Born in Br...

Laura Bleiweiss (Katz) (1925 - 2001)

Leah Bleiweiss (1872 - 1941)

Lina Hendler (Bleiweiss) (deceased)

Lorraine (Lorrie) Bleiweiss (deceased)

Lottie Jennie Bleiweiss (deceased)

Louis Herbert Bleiweiss (1894 - 1966)

1. Annie and Isador had one child 2. Name: Louis (Leopold [on manifest if it is correct]) Herbert Bleiweiss (1891/5(?) Hungary-1966 Bridgeport, CT) 3. He was married twice 4. First Wife: Sadie Berliner...

Lucille Kublin (Bleiweiss) (1913 - 2000)

Mali (Mia) Bleiweiss (1914 - 2006)

Maria Helena Rosenfeld (Bleiweiss) (deceased)

Marion Bleiweiss (deceased)

Martin Bleiweiss (deceased)

Mary Bleiweiss (Mohin) (1924 - 1983)

maryanne stein (bleiweiss) (deceased)

Maurice S. Bleiweiss (b. - 1956)

Max Bleiweiss (deceased)

Max Levy Bleiweiss (deceased)

Melvin Bleiweiss (deceased)

Michael Bleiweiss (1863 - 1944)

Michael Bleiweiss (1881 - 1960)