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R. Jacob Mordecai Bombach of Dobromil MP (c.1816 - 1876)

Abraham Bombach (deceased)

Abraham Bombach (1843 - 1924)

Adelina Chavez (Bombach) (deceased)

Adão Bombach (deceased)

Andrew (Andy) Bombach (deceased)

Anna Annie Rovan (Bombač (Bombach)) (1886 - d.)

Immigration from Yugoslavia, 1903

Anna Bombach (Usler) (deceased)

Anna Catharina Rebach (Bombach) (deceased)

Trauurkunde Rebach & Bombach

Anna Pauline Bombach (Tritsch) (1861 - d.)

R' Aryey Leib Bombach, A.B.D. Oleszyce (1888 - 1943)

נולד בתרמ"ח,1888. בין שתי מלחמות הע...

Avraham Bombach (1891 - c.1942)

R' Abraham Bombach of Kenty (1890 - c.1943)

Berta Bombach (Sobel) (deceased)

Bertram Bombach (deceased)

Binah Bombach (deceased)

Binyomin Bombach (1905 - 1943)

Bluma Beker (Bombach) (1894 - 1930)

Borbála Mann (Bombach) (deceased)

Bronia Bombach (deceased)

R. Chaim Zeev Wolf Bombach (deceased)

Chaim Zev Bombach (c.1750 - c.1810)

Chaim Bombach (1821 - 1822)

R' Haim Zeev Bombach, A.B.D. Zaibusz (1886 - 1943)

Dayan and Rabbi of Zyweic, Eastern Galicia.Chaim Bombach. Prior to WWII he lived in Zywiec, Poland. Chaim was murdered/perished in the Shoah at the age of 60. This information is based on a Page of Tes...

Chana Tzirel Bombach (Margolioth-Smuckler) (deceased)

Chaya Rontcha Halberstam (Bombach) (1892 - d.)

Chaya Runtcha Bombach (Baum) (b. - 1883)

Chaya Bombach (1900 - 1943)

David Bombach (b. - 1942)

David Bombach (deceased)

Efroim Bombach (1883 - d.)

Elsa Bombach (1885 - d.)

Converts in Vienna No. 926 Last Name Bombach First Name Elsa Baptism First Name Elsa Date of Birth 1885.08.14 Birth Place Wien Profession Schausp. Conversion 1911.10.21 Baptism Pari...

Ester Shaal (Bombach) (deceased)

Ethel Lapayowker (Taube Bombach) (c.1853 - c.1891)

franya Bombach (deceased)

Fred Bombach (deceased)

Gitel Hofstaedter (Bombach) (deceased)

Gitel Bombach (Ehrlich) (deceased)

Hania Bombach (deceased)

Hanna Barkan (Bombach) (deceased)

Heinrich Bombach (1882 - d.)

Henriette Cronsbruch (Bombach) (deceased)

henrik Bombach (deceased)

Ida Bombach (deceased)

Ida Bombach (Bat Frankel Teomim) (deceased)

Ida Gehlstein (Bombach) (deceased)

Ida Gelshtein (Bombach) (deceased)

Ita Bombach (Frankel) (deceased)

Jacob Mordechai Bombach (1879 - 1952)

Jacob Markus Bombach (1878 - d.)

Josef Barkan (Bombach) (deceased)

Josef Bombach (1882 - 1892)

Josef Isak Bombach (deceased)

Joseph Barkan (Bombach) (1908 - 1979)

José Bombach (deceased)

R. Judah Zvi Bombach of Przemysl (deceased)

Jutta (Itke) (1902 - d.)

Layzer Bombach (deceased)

Lazar Bombach (1870 - d.)

Leib Bombach (c.1843 - d.)

Leib (Leon) Hirsch Bombach (1916 - d.)

Lonek Bombach (deceased)

Ludwika Eisenstein (Bombach) (1898 - 1939)

Ludwika Bombach (deceased)

Malka Slava Margules (Bombach) (deceased)

Maria Catharina Bombach (Schmid) (deceased)

Mary Bombach (deceased)

Max (Laser Mayer) Bombach (1854 - d.)

Melitta Bombach (1889 - d.)

Mischke Bombach (Melzer) (deceased)

Mordechai (Motel) Bombach (1895 - c.1950)

Moshe Aharon Bombach (1924 - 1924)

R. Naftali Herz Bombach (c.1885 - 1942)

R. Naftali Herz Bombach of Dobromil (1851 - 1921)

Olga Gitel Bombach (Robinsohn) (1861 - 1941)

Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes Vorname Olga Nachname Bombach Geburtstag 07.09.1861 Wohnort Wien 1, Judengasse 7/15 Deportation Wien/Modliborzyce Deportation...

Olga Bombach (Robinson) (deceased)

Ozyasz Efrojim Bombach (1878 - d.)

Pearl Bombach (1824 - d.)

Perl Belf (Bombach) (deceased)

R' Shia Pinchas Bombach (deceased)

Rabbi Yehoshua Ephraim Bombach (1800 - 1876)

R' Elijah Bombach of Oswiecim, A.B.D. Kenty (1883 - 1943)

נולד בתרמ"ד,1884. למד אצל חותנו, יעק�...

Rabbi Shmuel Bombach (1907 - 1943)

Rabbi Yaacov Bombach (b. - 1943)

Rachel Bombach (1887 - d.)

Reb Eliyahu Bombach (deceased)

Reb. Zlata Bombach (Horshovki) (b. - 1943)

Rebecca Elke Bombach (Wickler) (deceased)

Rivka Blum (Bombach) (deceased)

Rivka Bombach (deceased)

Rivka (Regina) Elke Kanarek (Bombach) (1898 - 1943)

Full Record Details for Kanarek Rywke Source: List of the Jews deported from Belgium - Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistence at Mechelen / Malines Last Name: KANAREK First Name: RYWKE First Name:...

Roza Bombach (Hofstatter) (1893 - 1942)

Roza Bombach (Hofstaetter) (b. - c.1942)

Sarah BOMBACH (1810 - d.)

Rebecca Bombach (Safrin) (1892 - 1943)

Sheindel Safrin (Bombach) (b. - c.1943)

Shmiel Shmelka Shneur Bombach (b. - c.1942)

Slava Margaliyot (Bombach) (deceased)

Tauba Bombach (Sobel) (c.1843 - d.)

Toubeh Bombach (deceased)