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Andrés Bonifacio MP (1863 - 1897)

Andres Bonifacio was a Filipino nationalist and revolutionary. He worked as a warehouseman (bodeguero) of Fressel y Cia, a German-owned cement, brick and tile company on Calle Nueva, Binondo. He also m...

- Bonifacio (deceased)

???? Bonifacio (deceased)

???? Bonifacio (Nivaldo) (deceased)

Abelardo Bonifacio (deceased)

Adelina Bonifacio (deceased)

Agostino Bonifacio (deceased)

aguilar montalvo bonifacio (deceased)

altavilla bonifacio (deceased)

Amador Bonifácio (deceased)

Amalia Bonifacio (Jimenez) (deceased)

Amélia Bonifácio Rossi (deceased)

amparo bonifacio (deceased)

Andres Bonifacio (deceased)

Andres Bonifacio (deceased)

Andres de Jesus Bonifacio (c.1896 - c.1896)

Andres Bonifacio (deceased)

andres bonifacio (deceased)

Andrés Antonio Pietri Bonifacio (1803 - 1878)

Angel Bonifacio (deceased)

Angela María Jaume Bonifacio (1884 - d.)

Angelito Bonifacio (deceased)

Anibal Bonifácio da Costa (deceased)

Anita Bonifacio Silva (deceased)

Ann ??? Bonifacio (c.1810 - d.)

Anna Ida Bonifacio (Troiani) (1910 - 2005)

Antonio Bonifacio (deceased)

Antonio Bonifacio (deceased)

Antonio Bonifacio (deceased)

Antónia D´Assunção Bonifácio (deceased)

António Bonifácio (deceased)

António Chasqueira (D´Assunção Bonifácio Chasqueira) (b. - 1969)

Antônio Bonifácio Bonifácio dos Santos (deceased)

Aristeu José Bonifacio (1922 - d.)

Arsenio L Bonifacio (1893 - 1976)

One time drove via Rizal to Mabitac, Laguna and visited his piece of land.

Arsénio Bonifácio Francisco da Silva (deceased)

Arsénio Bonifácio Marques (deceased)

Artigas Bonifacio (deceased)

Artigas Bonifacio (deceased)

arturo bonifacio (deceased)

Atanasia Bonifacio (deceased)

Bartolomé Fortunato Juan Jaume Bonifacio (1882 - d.)

Benedicto P Bonifacio (deceased)

Benita Bonifacio (Flores) (deceased)

Benjamim Bonifacio (deceased)

Benta Bonifácio Damim (deceased)

Bonifacio Malabanan (c.1881 - d.)

Carlos Bonifacio (1865 - 1939)

Cecelia Lopez (Bonifacio) (deceased)

Celestino Bonifacio (deceased)

Celina Angela Bonifacio de Moroni (1908 - d.)

Ciriaco de Castro De Castro (Bonifacio) (deceased)

claro bonifacio (deceased)

Concepcion Santos (Bonifacio) (deceased)

Concha Bonifacio (deceased)

Dionicio Viray (c.1897 - d.)

Dozolina Fontanella Bonifacio (Fontanella) (1925 - d.)

Ellen/Nini (1942 - 2003)

Emilio Bonifacio (deceased)

Ernesto Bonifacio (deceased)

Espiridiona Bonifacio (1875 - 1956)

Eucebio Mallari Bonifacio (1934 - d.)

Eulogia bonifacio (deceased)

Eulogio Bonifacio (deceased)

Evaristo Bonifacio (deceased)

Evelyn Bonifacio (Santos) (1901 - 1966)

Feliciana Bonifácio (deceased)

Felipa Bonifácio (deceased)

Felipe Bonifacio (deceased)

Filippa di San Bonifacio (deceased)

Filomeno Bonifacio (1914 - d.)

Filomeno Bonifacio was father to 13 children. Lived to be about 88.

Flor Bonifacio (Hocson) (deceased)


Francis Bonifacio ( Abuelo Kuki ) (1897 - 1974)

Francis Bonifacio (deceased)

Francis Bonifacio (1867 - d.)

francisca bonifacio (deceased)

Francisca David (Bonifacio) (deceased)

Francisca Bonifacio (c.1889 - d.)

NOTE: This ancestor is verified through discussion.

Francisca Bonifacio de Poblet (deceased)

Francisca Bonifácio Leitão (deceased)

Francisco Bonifácio (deceased)

Gabriel Bonifacio (deceased)

Gaetana Bonifacio (deceased)

Genarosa B Canlas (deceased)

Gianluca Bonifacio (deceased)

Gilda Jane Bonifacio (c.1920 - d.)

Giulia de Bonifacio (deceased)

Giuseppe Bonifacio (deceased)

Giuseppina Bonifacio (deceased)

Guadalupe Bonifacio (Aquino) (1901 - 1954)

Guilio Bonifacio (deceased)

Guillermo Bonifacio (b. - c.1991)

Guillermo Bonifacio (deceased)

Henry Bonifacio (deceased)

ida bonifacio in bartole (deceased)

Ignatia ?? Bonifacio (??) (deceased)

irenea navarro-bonifacio (deceased)

Sister Rosary P Bonifacio (deceased)

Isidoro Bonifacio (1901 - 1960)