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Abraham Booth (b. 1735) MP (1735 - d.)

Alice Radcliffe (Booth) MP (1477 - 1568)

Ann Booth (Buckner) MP (c.1701 - d.)

Anne Booth (Gobard) MP (1629 - 1675)

Anne Clopton (Booth) MP (c.1647 - 1717)

Information from: The Families of LOU DRAPER & CHARLIE MARTIN of Johnson and Henry Counties, Missouri" by James M McMillen Arlington, Texas Published in .pdf format 13 January 2010 ANN BOOTH 1647–1...

Anne Brereton/ Corbett (Booth) MP (c.1520 - 1585)

-------------------- ID: I24142 Name: Anne Boothe Sex: F Father: Sir William Boothe Marriage 1 John Corbet Children 1. Mary Corbet b: ABT. 1550 in of Congleton, Astburg, Chestershire,...

Benjamin Booth MP (1667 - 1753)

4. BENJAMIN BOOTH Sr. (John1). Born on 4 Jul 1667 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA. Benjamin died in prob. Middleboro, Plymouth Co., MA, bef 9 Apr 1746; he was 78. Ca 1690 when Benjamin was 22, he first...

Beverly Booth MP (1753 - 1833)


Beverly K Booth MP (1801 - c.1840)

Burwell Booth MP (1828 - 1903)

Catherine Booth (Hatton) MP (b. - 1466)

Catherine Booth (Mumford) MP (1829 - 1890)

Catherine Booth (17 January 1829 – 4 October 1890) was the wife of the founder of The Salvation Army, William Booth. Because of her influence in the formation of The Salvation Army she was known as the...

Catherine Brooke (Booth) MP (1664 - d.)

Robert Brooke married Catherine BOOTH , daughter of Captain Humphrey BOOTH Of Rappahannock and Margaret UNDERWOOD , on 19 Jun 1689 in Essex Co., Virginia. Catherine was born about 1664 in Old Rappahann...

Claire Windsor, Countess of Ulster MP

Connie Booth MP

She is an American writer and actress, known for appearances on British television and particularly for her portrayal of Polly Sherman in the popular 1970s television show Fawlty Towers, which she co-w...

Constance Georgine Markievicz, Countess Markievicz MP (1868 - 1927)

Constance Markievicz Constance Georgine Markievicz, Countess Markievicz (Polish: Konstancja Markiewicz; née Gore-Booth; 4 February 1868 – 15 July 1927) was an Irish Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil politici...

Cornelia Anna Booth (Vanbleet) MP (1823 - 1899)

Demetricia "Mazey" Oney Tillot Madera (Booth) MP (1775 - 1854)

From: Paul Sykes [ ] Mazey / Masey Booth was born February 16, 1775 in Southampton Co., Virginia to Beverly and Elizabeth Cocke Booth. Her husband, James Oney, died of yellow fev...

Dorothy Booth (St. John) MP (b. - 1654)

Dorothy Warren (Booth) MP (c.1510 - 1584)

Some have death as March 19, 1583/84. Married August 14, 1516 to Sir Edwarde Waren Prestbury, Cheshire, England

Edwin Thomas Booth MP (1833 - 1893)

Edwin Thomas Booth (November 13, 1833 – June 7, 1893) was a famous 19th century American actor who toured throughout America and the major capitals of Europe, performing Shakespearean plays. In 1869 ...

Elena De Booth (de Workesley) MP (1339 - 1360)

Elizabeth Booth MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Napier (Booth) MP (c.1641 - 1672)

Information from: The Families of LOU DRAPER & CHARLIE MARTIN of Johnson and Henry Counties, Missouri" by James M McMillen Arlington, Texas Published in .pdf format 13 January 2010 ------------------...

Elizabeth Booth MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Pilkington (Booth) MP (c.1404 - c.1498)

Elizabeth Booth (Cocke) MP (1755 - 1772)

Elizabeth Booth (Granger) MP (c.1636 - 1719)

ALL DATA: Robert Charles Anderson, FASG, "Elizabeth Granger, Probable Wife of John Booth of Scituate," THE MAYFLOWER DESCENDANT 42 (1992) 55. Notes The descendants of John Booth are also fortunat...

Ellen Legh (Booth) MP (c.1417 - 1504)


Ellen Booth (Byron) MP (1440 - d.)

Ezra Booth MP (1792 - d.)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary "...Ezra Booth (born 1792 in Connecticut) was a member in the early Latter Day Saint movement. Booth had been a popular Methodist minister before going to Kirtland, O...

Ferguson Booth MP (1799 - 1876)

George Booth MP (1753 - 1786)

Sir George Booth, Lord of Dunham Massey MP (1445 - 1483)

TITLE: Lord of Dunham-Massey - Sheriff of Chester NOTE: Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, as well as President Thomas Jefferson and his wife Martha Wayles are descendants. Notes for GEORGE...

George Booth, 1st Baron Delamere MP (1622 - 1684)

Hannah Booth (Franklin) MP (c.1776 - 1867)

Hannah Booth (Richmond) MP (1702 - d.)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page for Hannah Richmond: Hannah Richmond[1] F, b. 29 August 1702 Hannah Richmond was born on 29 August 1702 at Middleboro. She was the daughter of Samuel Ric...

Hannah Booth (b. 1745) MP (c.1745 - d.)

Henrietta Booth (Jarrett) MP (1870 - 1925)

Find a Grave Birth: Jan. 30, 1870 Nephi Juab County Utah, USA Death: Jul. 4, 1925 Nephi Juab County Utah, USA Family links: Parents: Ann Jenkins Jarrett (1830 - 1911) Spouse: T...

Sir Henry Booth MP (c.1385 - 1476)

Isabel Margaret Booth MP (c.1457 - 1478)

Isaiah Booth (b. 1730) MP (1730 - d.)

Isaiah Booth, Sr. MP (1703 - c.1759)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Isaiah Booth: Isaiah Booth[1] M, b. 10 March 1702/3, d. between 3 May 1759 and 28 June 1759 Isaiah Booth was born on 10 March 1702/3 at Scituate. He was the...

Jacob Booth (b. 1731) MP (1731 - d.)

Jane Holford (Booth) MP (c.1500 - 1545)

John Booth, Sr MP (c.1637 - 1704)

The origins of this family line trace back to John Booth, a servant to either Governor Edward Winslow or his son Josiah Winslow, both of whom lived in Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA. His only wife, Eli...

John Wilkes Booth MP (1838 - 1865)

John Wilkes Booth was the assassin of President Lincoln. He was born on the small farm of his parents, both British immigrants, in Harford County, Maryland, the ninth of ten children. Wilkes Booth beca...

John Booth, Jr. MP (1687 - 1755)

John Booth MP (c.1779 - 1854)

John Cooke Booth MP (1749 - 1775)

John of Barrowford Booth MP (deceased)

John Booth, Jr. MP (c.1661 - 1718)

John Booth, Sr. MP (1653 - 1728)

John de Booth, of Barton MP (c.1354 - 1422)

Amongst the benefactors to the Parish Church of Eccles in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries the Booths of Barton occupy perhaps the first place. A few of their benefactions have been mentioned, an...

Sir John Booth MP (1435 - 1513)

Judith Abigail Pierce (Booth) MP (1679 - 1733)

Judith Bayle (Booth) MP (1692 - 1736)

Katherine Hawley (Booth) MP (1580 - 1692)

Katherine Booth (Assheton) MP (c.1372 - d.)

Lydia Barker (Booth) MP (1701 - 1757)

Margaret Booth MP (deceased)

Margery Hyde (Booth) MP (c.1444 - 1516)

Mary Booth (Dodson) MP (1655 - 1729)

Christened on Nov. 23, 1656 in Scituate, Plymouth, Ma. as Margarite. Birth listed as 1655/1656. Death listed as after 1729.

Mary Dodson Pierce (Booth) MP (1698 - d.)

Mary Pease (Booth) MP (1700 - 1731)

Michael Booth MP (deceased)

Mordecai Cooke Booth MP (1756 - d.)

Mordecai Booth MP (1703 - 1775)

Naomi Pierce (Booth) MP (1691 - 1727)

Nathaniel Booth, 4th Baron Delamer MP (b. - 1770)

NOT KNOWN Booth MP (deceased)

Rebecca Travers (Booth) MP (1609 - 1688)

Robert Booth, Sr. MP (deceased)

Robert Booth, III MP (1649 - 1692)

Information from: The Families of LOU DRAPER & CHARLIE MARTIN of Johnson and Henry Counties, Missouri" by James M McMillen Arlington, Texas, Published in .pdf format 13 January 2010

Dr. Robert Booth (immigrant) MP (c.1615 - 1657)

Additional Curator's Note: The parentage of Robert Booth of Virginia is unknown. Please do not add parents to this profile without documentation. Maria Edmonds-Zediker, curator, 2/5/11 From: The Fami...

Robert Booth MP (1662 - 1730)

Sir Robert Booth MP (c.1384 - c.1450)

■+ Richard Venables, younger son of Hugh Venables, baron of Kindeton. In addition to the eldest son, William there was a son John Venables of Antrobus. ■5. Sir William Venables of Bollin, knight, die...

Sarah Ann Osgood (Booth) MP (1598 - 1667)

Sarah BOOTH was born about 1606. Spouse: John OSGOOD. John OSGOOD and Sarah BOOTH were married on 1 JUN 1626 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England.

Sarah Booth (Ansley) MP (c.1803 - c.1836)

Sebeilla Booth (Brereton) MP (deceased)

Sybil de Brereton1 F, #11220 Father Gilbert de Brereton Sybil de Brereton married William de Boothes, son of Adam de Boothes. Sybil de Brereton was born at of Brereton, Cheshire, England. Family Wi...

Shadrach Booth MP (deceased)

Silas Booth MP (deceased)

Sir John Booth MP (1610 - 1678)

Sir John Booth1 M, #48954, b. 1610, d. 9 May 1678 Last Edited=15 May 2011 Sir John Booth was born in 1610.3 He is the son of Sir George Booth, 1st Bt. and Katharine Anderson.1,2 He married, first...

Sir Roger Booth MP (1396 - 1467)

St. John Booth MP (1636 - 1687)

Sir Saint John Booth M, #346543, b. 8 January 1637, d. 3 December 1687 Last Edited=30 Mar 2009 Consanguinity Index=0.0% Sir Saint John Booth was baptised on 8 January 1637.1 He was the son of Sir J...

Sir Thomas Booth MP (c.1378 - 1450)

Thomas Booth MP (1663 - 1736)

Thomas Booth, II MP (1702 - 1756)

Thomas of Barton Booth (Boothe) MP (1330 - 1370)

Thomas Willingham Booth MP (c.1806 - 1869)

Vere Booth MP (c.1700 - 1753)

William Booth, of Dunham Massey MP (b. - 1636)

1. William Booth, of Dunham Massey, co. Chester (dvp. 26 Apr 1636; bur. in the Booth Chapel, Bowdon Church, co. Chester), mar. 1619 Vere Egerton (d. 4 May 1629; bur. in the Booth Chapel, Bowdon Church,...

William Booth MP (1275 - d.)

William Booth MP (1829 - 1912)

William Booth (10 April 1829 – 20 August 1912) was a British Methodist preacher who founded The Salvation Army and became its first General (1878–1912). The Christian movement with a quasi-military str...

William Booth, JP MP (c.1635 - 1692)

William Booth, J.P. (Robert1) died 16 May 1692 in Charles Parish, York Co, VA9,10. He married Margaret, widow of Thomas Chapman, on 12 Aug 165711,12. She died 26 Jun 1697 in Charles Parish, York Co, VA...

Sir William Booth MP (c.1473 - 1519)

Born at Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England.Residence; Bolen House, Bowdon, Cheshire. Buried at Wilmslown Church. "General History of Wilmslow Parish" Church" Plantagenet ancestry: a study in colonial and...

Booth (deceased)

Booth (deceased)

de Booth (c.1180 - d.)

De Booth (1205 - d.)