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James Boseley MP (c.1758 - d.)

Parish Records; 1783; Page 25, Entry No 99; NOTE; Ann Syflet married John Hales, (both of this Parish) 28 Jan 1783 at Stockbury, Kent; Witnesses Sarah Bosley and James Bosley; Vicar Thomas Frank. B. ...

James Boseley MP (c.1788 - d.)

? Boseley (deceased)

Alfred Boseley (deceased)

Alfred Boseley (1839 - d.)

Alfred Boseley (deceased)

Angelina Keel Boseley (deceased)

Angelina Boseley (1846 - d.)

Bertha Lillian Boseley (1897 - 1959)

Charles Alfred Boseley (deceased)

Charles Frederick Boseley (deceased)

Charlotte Boseley (1831 - d.)

Dorris Boseley (deceased)

Edward Boseley (deceased)

Elizabeth Boseley (1833 - d.)

Elizabeth Douglas Boseley (deceased)

Elizabeth Boseley (deceased)

Ernest George Boseley (deceased)

Ezekiel Boseley or Bozley (Bosley) (1738 - d.)

RECORD: 1. Personal Records of Corinne Hanna Diller, Corinne Hanna Diller, . "Ezekiel b. 17838 s/o James and Eliz." 2. Personal Records of Thomas Green III (Date: 5 Dec 1996 , letter), , E-Mail: tm...

Fanny (or Francis) Boseley (deceased)

Florence Boseley (deceased)

Frank Boseley (deceased)

George Boseley (deceased)

George Ernest Boseley (deceased)

Harriet Boseley (1835 - d.)

James Boseley (1817 - d.)

Jane Boseley (deceased)

John Boseley (deceased)

John Boseley (1780 - d.)

Joseph R. Boseley (deceased)

Lewis Boseley (deceased)

Lillian Boseley (deceased)

Lillie Boseley (deceased)

Lydia F. Boseley (1857 - d.)

Maggie Douglas Boseley (deceased)

Mary Ann Boseley (deceased)

Minnie Boseley (deceased)

Newman George Boseley (deceased)

Newman Boseley (1824 - 1886)

NEWMAN BOSELEY was born 1824 in Leeds, Kent, England, the 2nd of 8 children of James (1788-1874 & Sarah (1795-1855) Boseley He married CHARLOTTE FEAKINS in September 1851 in Kent, England - Charlotte...

Newman Boseley (deceased)

Thomas Boseley (deceased)

Thomas Boseley (deceased)

Thomas Boseley (1819 - d.)

William Boseley (deceased)

William Henry Boseley (deceased)

William Boseley (c.1820 - 1865)

William Boseley (deceased)