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Elizabeth Biddle (Boulding) MP (1693 - 1782)

Sources: Repository: Name: Note: Title: Ancestry Family Trees Publication: Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network. Original data: Family Tree files submitted by A...

Mary Boulding (Bowling) MP (1590 - 1670)

Mary BOWLING [Parents] was born about 1590. She married Thomas BOULDING III before 1610. They had the following children: M i Thomas BOULDIN was born 1618 in Virginia. M ii William BO...

Albert Boulding (c.1891 - c.1915)

Medal Card references P of W. Unsure where. Death certificate notes he died at home, so must have been returned from the P of W camp?!

Annie Elizabeth Boulding (1856 - 1903)

August Walker Boulding (deceased)

Bryan Boulding (deceased)

Charles Boulding (1826 - d.)

Charlotte Bettschen (Boulding) (1848 - 1925)

Charlotte Gough (Boulding) (deceased)

Christine Ann Boulding (deceased)

Denis Boulding (deceased)

Denis Boulding (deceased)

edward boulding (deceased)

Elizaabeth Cherry (Boulding) (deceased)

Elizabeth Ann Boulding (1828 - 1899)

Elizabeth Boulding (Gibbins) (deceased)

Elizabeth Ferrabee Powell (Boulding) (c.1624 - d.)

Elizabeth Boulding (deceased)

Elizabeth Powell (Boulding) (1624 - 1650)

Esther (Hester) Emily BOULDING (c.1857 - c.1937)

Ethel Boulding (c.1898 - d.)

Florence Boulding (deceased)

Frances Edge (Boulding) (1827 - d.)

Frank Webb Boulding (1835 - 1918)

fredrick boulding (deceased)

George Boulding (deceased)

Grace Boulding (deceased)

Harry T. Boulding (deceased)

hilda boulding (deceased)

Jane Boulding (Surunk) (1836 - d.)

John Boulding (c.1806 - d.)

John Boulding (deceased)

Joseph Boulding (1811 - 1877)

Josephine Boulding (deceased)

Margaret Wild (Boulding) (1837 - d.)

Marion Wright (Boulding) (deceased)

Martha Boulding (1796 - d.)

Mary Boulding (deceased)

Mary Ann Boulding (c.1895 - d.)

Mary Boulding (deceased)

Mary Ellen Boulding (1875 - 1953)

Mary Ellen Boulding (1879 - d.)

Mary Ann Howse (Boulding) (1832 - 1915)

Mary Boulding (deceased)

Mary Ellen Boulding (c.1879 - 1951)

Mary Boulding (deceased)

Miriam Boulding (1812 - 1900)

Myrtle Boulding (Mercer) (1898 - 1957)

Percy Boulding (deceased)

Reg Boulding (b. - 1962)

Richard Boulding (deceased)

Some people have claimed that Thomas Bouldin I had other children. According to The Powell Families of Virginia and the South by Rev. Fr. Silas Emmett Lucas Jr , a Richard Bouling or Boulin of Lower No...

Richard BOLDEN (c.1819 - 1870)

Roger Boulding (deceased)

Sarah Boulding (deceased)

Sarah Ann Boulding (c.1877 - d.)

Susan Rawn (Boulding) (1868 - 1959)

Thomas Boulding (deceased)

Thomas Boulding (deceased)

Thomas Boulding (c.1887 - d.)

Thomas Boulding (1865 - d.)

Thomas Boulding (deceased)

Thomas Boulding (deceased)

Thomas Boulding (1827 - d.)

Thomas Boulding (deceased)

Thomas Boulding (c.1811 - c.1874)

Thomas Bouldinge (Boulding), II (1546 - 1587)

THOMAS BOULDINGE was born about 1546 in BARFORD, WARWICK, ENGLAND. He was christened on Oct 22 1548 in BARFORD, WARWICK, ENGLAND. He died on Feb 11 1587 in BARFORD, WARWICK. He was buried on Feb 11 158...

Thomas Boulding (deceased)

Thomisin Boulding (Nash) (deceased)

William Boulding (deceased)

William Henry Boulding (1851 - c.1880)

Willoughby Boulding (c.1797 - d.)