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Augusta Sophie Frederiche Marie Caroline Julie von Blixen-Finecke Lady of Masbyholm (Lothringen-Brabant, Hessen), Baronesse af Næsbyholm MP (1823 - 1899)

Vigd 1 juni 1854 Begraven i Skamby, Fyn Links: The Peerage Geneall Johann the Younger #1003 + #1187 Wikipedia Danish

Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel, Duchess of Cambridge MP (1797 - 1889)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Johann the Younger #854 Wikipedia: English Deutsch

Elisabeth van Brabant MP (1273 - 1350)

Ernst Ludwig, Großherzog von Hessen und bei Rhein MP (1868 - 1937)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine: Reign 13 March 1892 – 9 November 1918 Predecessor: Ludwig IV Successor: Grand Duchy abolished

Francisco Fernández de Córdoba y Glimes de Brabant, I. duque de Alagón MP (1758 - 1841)

* es.wikipedia.... * enciclopedia-aragonesa.... Golden Fleece - Knights: Spanish Branch English translation of 1.* Translate The Duchy of Alagón, is a Spanish noble title, created ...

Prince Frederick of Hesse-Kassel MP (1747 - 1837)

Friedrich Prinz von Hessen-Kassel. Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel zu Rumpenheim on 25 January 1805. (Founder of the Rumpenheim line) General in the service of the Danish Army. Links: The Peerag...

Landgrave Frederick of Hesse-Kassel MP (1676 - 1751)

Links The Peerage Geneall King of Sweden Reign 24 March 1720 – 25 March 1751, Coronation 3. May 1720 Predecessor: Ulrika Eleonora Successor: Adolf Frederick Landgrave of Hess...

Georg I "der Fromme" von Hessen (Brabant-Lothringen), Landgraf zu Hessen-Darmstadt MP (1547 - 1596)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt 1567–1596 Predecessor: first ruler of Hessen-Darmstadt. Successor: Ludwig V

Godfried van Brabant, heer van Aarschot MP (c.1255 - 1302)

Zie Wikipedia... Note by Please Help me with this research because what I'v e already found, means the this family is alive and well, thriving in the world today. After much searching, I found ...

Hendrik III, hertog van Brabant MP (c.1230 - 1261)

Henry III of Brabant (c. 1230 – February 28, 1261, Leuven) was Duke of Brabant between 1248 and his death. He was the son of Henry II of Brabant and Marie of Hohenstaufen. The disputed territo...

Hendrik van Brabant, Landgraf von Hessen MP (1244 - 1308)

Wikipedia: Heinrich I. (Hessen) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Heinrich I. von Hessen (* 24. Juni 1244; † 21. Dezember 1308 in Marburg) wa...

Hendrik II, hertog van Brabant MP (1180 - 1248)

Henri II de Brabant, né en 1207, mort à Louvain le 1er février 1248, fut duc de Brabant de 1235 à 1248. Il était fils d'Henri Ier, duc de Brabant, et de Matilde d...

Henri I Duc de Brabant-Lorraine MP (c.1160 - 1235)

Ida van Leuven (van Brabant) MP (c.1105 - c.1162)

Note: Daughter of Godfrey I and Ida, wife of Arnold I, do not confuse with daughter of Godfrey III and Doda, wife of Eustace II. Ida van Leuven was born about 1106 died on 27 Jul 1162. Married: ...

Jan III, hertog van Brabant MP (1300 - 1355)

John III, Duke of Brabant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John III, Duke of Brabant - Wikipedia - English Jan III van Brabant - Wikipedia - Dutch

Jan II, hertog van Brabant MP (1275 - 1312)

Jean II de Brabant, Duc de Brabant1 M, b. 27 September 1275, d. 27 October 1312 Jean II de Brabant, Duc de Brabant was born on 27 September 1275. He was the son of Jean I de Brabant, Duc de Braba...

Jane Brabant MP (1803 - d.)

Juliana Luisa Amelia von Hessen-Kassel (Hessen, Lothringen-Brabant), Prinzessin MP (1773 - 1860)

Juliane Luise Amelia princess of Hesse-Kassel (prinzessin von Hessen-Kassel). Abbess at Itzehoe, Germany. Died unmarried, and without issues Links: The Peerage Geneall Johann the Younge...

Landgrave Carl von Hesse-Kassel MP (1744 - 1836)

Karl Prince(Prinz) of Hesse-Kassel. Landgrave(titular) of Hesse-Kassel on 25 January 1805. He held the office of Regent of Schleswig-Holstein. He gained the rank of Field Marshal in the service o...

Queen Consort Louise of Denmark MP (1817 - 1898)

Name/title: Luise Wilhelmine Friederike Karoline Auguste Julie, Princess(Prinzessin) of Hesse-Kassel (German: Luise Wilhelmine Friederike Caroline Auguste Julie von Hessen-Kassel) (Danish: Louise Wilhe...

Louis I, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhein MP (1753 - 1830)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Find A Grave Wikipedia: English Deutsch Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt: As Louis X Reign 1790 - 1806

Ludwig III, Großherzog von Hessen MP (1806 - 1877)

Links: 8The Peerage Geneall 'Wikipedia: English Deutsch Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine: Reign 1848 – 13 June 1877 Predecessor: Louis II Sucessor: Louis IV

Ludwig IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt MP (1719 - 1790)

Links. The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt: Reign 1768–1790 Predecessor: Louis VIII Successor: Louis X or Louis I as Grand Duke of Hesse a...

Lutgardis von Sulzbach, Herzogin von Niederlothringen MP (1109 - 1162)

Luitgarde von Sulzbach, Herzogin von Nieder-Lothringen1 b. circa 1115, d. circa 1162 Father Berenger II, Graf von Sulzbach b. circa 1080, d. 3 December 1125 Mother Adelheid von Dießen b. c...

Machteld, countess of Holland MP (c.1197 - 1267)

Machteld van Brabant Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie Machteld in Wikipedia NL Machteld van Brabant (±1200 - 1267), de dochter van hertog Hendrik I van Brabant, was getrouwd met graaf ...

Maria van Brabant, vrouwe van Rotselaer MP (c.1324 - 1366)

Maria van Brabant MP (1277 - 1328)

Marie de Brabant, reine consorte de France MP (1254 - 1321)

Marie de Brabant1 F, b. 1256, d. 12 January 1321 Marie de Brabant was born in 1256 at Louvain, Belgium. She was the daughter of Henri III de Brabant, Duc de Brabant and Alix de Bourgogne. She m...

Maire De Brabant Capet MP (1260 - 1321)

Maria MP (1824 - 1880)

Alt death date: 6/8/1880 Name/title: Maximiliane Wilhelmine Auguste Sophie Marie Prinzessin von Hessen-Darmstadt. By Marriage 28 April 1841, her married name became Mariya Aleksandrovna Romanov. ...

Mathilde van Brabant MP (1224 - 1288)

Mathilde de Brabant Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Mathilde de Brabant, née en 1224, morte le 29 septembre 1288, était fille d'Henri II, duc de Brabant...

Matilda de Sutton (de Brabant) MP (c.1216 - 1250)

Philipp I "the Magnanimous", Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel MP (1504 - 1567)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch Landgrave of Hesse: Reign 1509-1567 Predecessor: William II Successor: of Hesse-Kassel: William IV Successor of Hesse-Marburg: Loui...

Wilhelm II, Landgraf von Hessen MP (1469 - 1509)

Wilhelm der Mittlere Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch Landgrave of Hesse: 1493–1509 Predecessor: William I Successor: Philip I

? Van Brabant (deceased)

? Brabant (La Combe) (deceased)

Achille Nap Brabant (deceased)

Ada BRABANT (Schouten) (1914 - d.)

Adelaide Leroux (Brabant) (1825 - d.)

Adelard Brabant (deceased)

Adelia Van Brabant (Longchamps) (1926 - 2010)

Adelicia Princess of Brabant (c.1109 - 1151)

Adelicia Of Brabant (1103 - 1151)

Adelicia Princess Of Brabant (1094 - 1151)

Adelicia Princess of Brabant (c.1109 - 1151)

Adelicia Of Brabant (1103 - 1151)

Adelicia Princess of Brabant (c.1094 - 1151)

Adélaïde Brabant (de Bourgogne) (1233 - d.)

Agnes von Hessen (Lothringen-Brabant, Hessen), Herzogin zu Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Fürstin zu Göttingen (1391 - 1471)

Links: The Peerage Geneall

Albina Brabant (1916 - 1973)

Alexandre Brabant (1870 - 1954)

Alfred Pierre Brabant (1865 - 1932)

Alfred Geoffry Brabant (1888 - d.)

Alice Brabant (1896 - d.)

Alice Von Brabant (deceased)

Alix de Brabant (c.1281 - 1315)

Amable Brabant (1751 - 1834)

Amalie Countess of Hesse-Darmstadt (1607 - 1627)

Links: Geneall

Amanda BRABANT (Kerman) (deceased)

Ambroise François VAN BRABANT (1743 - d.)

Angelique Nault (Brabant) (1828 - d.)

Anna Van Brabant (Fontaine) (1891 - 1981)

Anna Van Brabant (Louage) (1667 - d.)

Anna von Hessen-Darmstadt (Lothringen-Brabant, Hessen), Gräfin zu Solms-Laubach (1583 - 1631)

Links: The Peerage Geneall

Anna von Hessen (Brabant-Lothringen, Hessen), Pfalzgräfin und Herzogin von der Pfalz-Zweibrücken (1529 - 1591)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

Anna von Hessen (Brabant-Lothringen), Prinzessin (c.1491 - d.)

Anna Van Brabant (deceased)


Anna von Hessen (Lothringen-Brabant, Hessen), Landgräfin (1385 - 1386)

Links: Geneall

Anna Lilienbach (Brabant) (1860 - d.)

Anna von Hessen (Lothringen-Brabant, Hessen), Prinzessin (c.1455 - 1459)

Anna Maria Van Brabant (deceased)

Anne de Glymes de Brabant (b. - 1639)

Anne,Françoise Brabant (deceased)

Annie Amo (Brabant) (deceased)

Antoine de Brabant (1639 - 1709)

antoine fred brabant (1951 - 1998)

Antoinette Pilon (Brabant) (deceased)

Antoinette de Glimes de Brabant (de Glymes) (deceased)

antonio brabant (1916 - 1985)

Antoon Van Brabant (deceased)

Appeleca Brabant (1891 - d.)

Archange Brabant (Leger) (1798 - 1830)

Armand Brabant (deceased)

Arnold Van Brabant (1721 - 1782)

Arnold Van Brabant (deceased)

Arthur Henry Brabant (1868 - 1905)

Arthur Vernon Brabant (1913 - d.)

Arthur Brabant (deceased)


Augustin Brabant (c.1853 - 1909)

Augustin Bourbon dit Brabant (1792 - d.)

Augustin Eustace Brabant (1826 - 1907)

Augustine Brabant (c.1789 - c.1830)

Augustus Joseph Brabant (b. - c.1997)

Barbara von Hessen-Kassel (Lothringen-Brabant, Hessen), Gräfin zu Württemberg-Montbéliard, Gräfin zu Waldeck-Wildung (1536 - 1597)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

Barbara Theresia Brabant (deceased)

Beatrice Downs (Brabant) (deceased)

Beatrix van Brabant (1225 - d.)

Beatrix van Brabant, gravin van Vlaanderen (1225 - 1288)