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Abijah Bray MP (1797 - 1842)

Family of Abijah Bray and Isabella Bray (Scott): ------------------- Springfield MM Henery(sic) Bray Keziah Bray Ch: Jemina b. 11-30-1778 John b 5- 8-1780 Henery b 2-18-1782 Sarah b 1-2...

Honorable Anne Vaux MP (1542 - 1619)

... Thomas, afterwards second Lord Vaux of Harrowden, who married Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas Cheney, knight, of Islingburg, Northamptonshire, and died in 1562. Of this marriage was b...

Anne Bray (Thorowgood) MP (c.1618 - 1687)

dot net/ghotes/thorowgd/d0/i0017617.htm#i17617 It is NOT proved that Anne was the daughter of William Thorowgood or sister of Adam. Thomas Keeling transported his wife, Ann, in 1634. They came to the...

Beatrix Bray (Shirley) MP (1480 - 1532)

Beatrice or Beatrix, dau. of Ralph Shirley of Wiston, Suss. & Jane Bellingham, wid. of Edward Elrington of London and Udimore, Suss., 2nd wife of Sir Edward BRAY of Vachery Park (Bef 1492-1558) Child...

Bouchard I de Bray, seigneur de Montmorency MP (c.930 - c.978)

Dorothy Bray, Baroness Chandos of Sudeley MP (c.1530 - c.1605)

Dorothy Bray1 F, #74032, b. circa 1530, d. 31 October 1605 Dorothy, Baroness Chandos of Sudeley 2 Dorothy Bray was born circa 1530.1 She was the daughter of Edmund Bray, 1st Lord Braye and Jane...

Dorothy Knollys (Bray), Baroness Knollys of Greys MP (c.1530 - 1605)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Dorothy Bray: Dorothy Bray [1] F, #74032, b. circa 1530, d. 31 October 1605 Last Edited=5 Feb 2011 Dorothy Bray was born circa 1530.[1] She was the...

Edith Louisa Bray (Hubbard) MP (1854 - 1929)

Sir Edward Bray of Shere MP (c.1519 - 1581)

Biographical notes Bray presumably served in the Scottish campaign of 1559-60, since he was knighted by the Duke of Norfolk in Jul 1560, apparently at Berwick. No record of his military activities is...

Edward Bray MP (1849 - 1926)

another source gives marriage year as 1872

Edward Bray MP (1504 - c.1588)

Elizabeth Bray (Darby) MP (1823 - 1851)

Elizabeth Bray (Denny) MP (1784 - 1869)

Elsa Mary Barclay (Bray) MP (c.1881 - 1956)

Frances Lyfield (Bray) MP (c.1522 - 1588)

Harrell Bray MP (1802 - 1877)

Henry Bray, Sr. MP (1755 - 1838)

Henry BRAY was the son of Edward BRAY and Sarah MAYNARD, and the grandson of Edward BRAY (1693-1796) according to the book BRAY-SHELTON-JAMESON, compiled for the Bray-Shelton Reunion Organization in In...

Isabella Bray (Scott) MP (c.1800 - 1842)

The family a Abijah Bray and Isabella Bray (Scott): This is where my mother's family ties into my father's family. The parents of Isabella Scott are my 5th great grandparents on my father's side. The...

Jane Bray (Halighwell) MP (c.1486 - 1558)

Jemima Tomlinson (Bray) MP (1778 - 1851)

Another source has her death as 1854. JAT -------------------- Family Data Collection - Individual Records about Jemima Bray Name: Jemima Bray Parents: Henry Bray, Keziah Huff Birth Place: Ca...

Joan Bray (Pierce) MP (c.1634 - 1694)

Joanna Greenway (Bray) MP (1809 - 1878)

John Bray MP (1800 - 1841)

Kesiah Huff Bray (Jones) MP (1761 - 1836)

She was the daughter of Richard JONES and Jemima HUFF, who came from Chester Co., PA to the Monocacy MD or Fairfax VA area, then moved to Surry Co., NC. ----------------- U.S. and International Mar...

Margaret Sandes MP (c.1436 - 1463)

Margaret Bray MP (c.1482 - 1539)

Maria Bray (Crowell) MP (1805 - 1851)

Mary Clarke (Bray) MP (deceased)

Mary Chamness (Bray) MP (1788 - 1853)

Mary Albany Bray (Breshears) MP (1822 - 1891)

Milon I "le Grand" de Bray, II de Montlhéry, vicomte de Troyes MP (c.1044 - c.1112)

Milo I the Great (died 1102) was lord of Montlhéry from 1095 until his death. He was the son of Guy I of Montlhéry and Hodierna of Gometz. The identify of his first wife is unknown. His s...

Nancy Bray (Calvert) MP (deceased)

Nancy Ann Bray (Crawford) MP (1801 - 1902)

Noah Jackson Bray MP (1819 - 1889)

Reuben Bray MP (1822 - 1881)

Obituary in the Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Page 4, Column 5: A Gallipois Sensation: Reuben Bray, a prominent citizen, blows out his brains with a shotgun Special dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette: ...

Reynold 'Reginald' Bray MP (1530 - 1583)

Notes: of Steane and Hinton, Warwickshire. He wedded Anne, daughter of Thomas, Lord Vaux, ABT 1578, in Harrowden, Northamptonshire, England, and left six daughters, his co-heirs. His daughter Tempe...

Sarah Bray (Tarr) MP (1800 - 1882)

Lady Temperance Crewe (Bray) MP (c.1580 - 1619)

Born: BEF 6 Nov 1580, Steane, Northamptonshire, England. Died: 25 Oct 1619, Steane, Northamptonshire, England. Buried: 28 Oct 1619, Hinton, England Parents: Reginald Bray & Anne Vaux Notes: ...

Thibaut "File Etoupe", seigneur de Bray et de Montlhéry MP (983 - 1031)

He was also known as Milon de Monteleherico.--------------------Thibaud "Fille-Etoupe", Seigneur de Bray & de Montlhéry and Bouchard I "le Barbu", Seigneur de Montmorency appear to have been a b...

Thomas Bray MP (c.1562 - c.1569)

Thomas Bray has been detached as the father of Elinor Whitney, based on the Whitney Research Group site: Thomas's death date here on Geni was December 6th, 1615 which is the day his father's will was...

Thomas Bray MP (1799 - 1891)

Timothy Bray MP (deceased)

William Bray MP (1784 - 1863)

BRAY (deceased)

Harry C. Bray, Sr. (deceased)

(Bray) (1685 - 1767)

Bray (deceased)

BRAY (deceased)

BRAY (c.1650 - d.)

"aunt" Anna Bray (deceased)

"aunt" Clara Bray (deceased)

(Henri) Michel Bray (deceased)

(Lilly) Marie Bray (johnston) (1909 - d.)

(Unknown) BRAY (1625 - d.)

. Bray (deceased)

? Rankin (Bray) (deceased)

? le Canu de la Jonquière de Bray (deceased)

? Bray (deceased)

? le Canu de la Jonquière de Bray (deceased)

? le Canu de la Jonquière de Bray (deceased)

? Bray (deceased)

? Bray (1845 - d.)

? le Canu de la Jonquière de Bray (deceased)

? Bray (deceased)

? le Canu de la Jonquière de Bray (deceased)

? Bray (deceased)

? Bray (deceased)

? Bray (deceased)

? Bray (deceased)

? le Canu de la Jonquière de Bray (deceased)

? de Bray (deceased)

? le Canu de la Jonquière de Bray (deceased)

??? Bray (deceased)

A Skeffington (Bray) (deceased)

Aaron Bray (1814 - 1882)

Aaron Bray (1851 - d.)

Aaron Bray (1809 - 1894)

Aaron Bray (1699 - 1772)

Aaron Bray was born on 2 Jul 1699 in ,Gloucester,Essex,MA. He died on 14 Aug 1772 in Gloucester,Essex,MA. He married Elizabeth Davis on 28 Dec 1727 in Gloucester,Essex,Ma. Parents: Thomas Bray and Mary...

Aaron Bray (1699 - 1772)

Aaron Bray (1798 - d.)

Aaron Bray (1756 - 1811)

Abbie Lee Bray (1927 - 1967)

Abdiel Bray (1878 - 1952)

Abigail H Bray (deceased)

Abigail Bray (1707 - d.)

Abigail Bray (1852 - d.)

Abigail Jane Bray (Tregoning) (deceased)

Abigail Haskell (Bray) (1727 - 1813)

Abigail Bray (1753 - d.)

Abigail Guire (Bray) (1738 - d.)

Abigail BRAY (1785 - d.)

Abigail Guilford Bray (Forbes) (c.1709 - d.)

Abigail BRAY (1728 - d.)

Abigail Somes (Bray) (c.1755 - 1811)

Abigail (607) Bray (deceased)

Abijah Bray (1880 - d.)

Abijah Bray, Sr. (1790 - d.)

Abijah Bray, , Sr. (1790 - d.)

Abijah Bray (deceased)

Abijah Bray (c.1815 - c.1860)