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Agnes Brereton (Legh) MP (1456 - 1478)

'Agnes Legh 'F, #44398, b. circa 1445 Father Robert Legh, Esq. b. 3 May 1410, d. 29 Jan 1479 Mother Isabella Stanley ' Agnes Legh was born circa 1445 at of Adlington, Cheshire, England. She mar...

Alice Dulcia Brereton (Ipstones) MP (1396 - 1440)

Alice Brereton (Savage) MP (1462 - 1506)

'Alice Savage1 'F, #44401, b. circa 1472 Father Sir John Savage1 b. c 1448, d. 18 Oct 1492 Mother Dorothy Vernon1 b. c 1445 ' Alice Savage was born circa 1472 at of Clifton, Cheshire, England. ...

Alice Moreton (Brereton) MP (1493 - 1552)

Alice Brereton (Corbet) MP (c.1389 - 1458)

Augusta Corbet's The Family of Corbet (Volume 2) (1914) is available online at . 8J5Q-XQ

Andrew Brereton MP (c.1448 - 1527)

'A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great ..., Volume 3 By John Burke Pg.453-457 Pg. 454 ROGERT LEGH, esq. of Adlington, wedded, first, Isabella, daughter of John Savage, of ...

Anne Brereton/ Corbett (Booth) MP (c.1520 - 1585)

-------------------- ID: I24142 Name: Anne Boothe Sex: F Father: Sir William Boothe Marriage 1 John Corbet Children 1. Mary Corbet b: ABT. 1550 in of Congleton, Astburg, Chestershire,...

Cicilie Alice Brereton (de Sandbach) MP (1242 - c.1300)

Eleanor Brereton (Dutton) MP (c.1505 - 1545)

Eleanor (Elizabeth) Savage (de Brereton) MP (1406 - 1495)

Elizabeth Brereton: Birth: 1406 in Brereton, Cheshire, England Death: in Runcorn, Cheshire, England Relatives: William Brereton (Father) and Angella Venables (Mother). --------------------...

Eleanor (Brereton) Egerton MP (1498 - c.1567)

'Eleanor Brereton1 'F, #69887, b. circa 1500, d. 3 November 1567 Father Randle Brereton, Esq.1 d. 16 Jun 1536 Mother Emma Carrington1 ' Eleanor Brereton was born circa 1500 at of Ipstones, Ches...

Elizabeth Smith (Brereton) MP (1460 - 1549)

Elizabeth de Brereton (de Somerset) MP (1497 - 1545)

In 1529 the widowed Elizabeth (by John Savage) married William Brereton of Malpas. Elizabeth was a second cousin to Henry VIII and this union improved his status and his connections to the crown. As a ...

Elizabeth Brereton (Goring) MP (1615 - 1687)

Elizabeth Legh / Carrington (Brereton) MP (1460 - 1497)

'Elizabeth Brereton 'F, #44555, b. circa 1470 Father Sir Andrew Brereton b. c 1440 Mother Agnes Legh b. c 1445 ' Elizabeth Brereton married Philip Legh, son of Sir John Legh. Elizabeth Brereton...

Ellen Fitton (Brereton) MP (1477 - 1541)

'Ellen Brereton 'F, #73592, b. circa 1477, d. 22 September 1541 Father Sir Andrew Brereton b. c 1440 Mother Agnes Legh b. c 1445 ' Ellen Brereton was born circa 1477 at of Brereton, Cheshire, E...

Ellen de Brereton MP (deceased)

Ellen Brereton (Egerton) MP (c.1356 - 1382)

Francis Brereton, 5th Baron Brereton of Leighlin MP (deceased)

George Andrew Brereton MP (1874 - 1942)

George A. Brereton - Mystery Man is a summary from Titanic Research by Mike Herbold - interesting read - including - "My great uncle was one of the surviving passengers of the Titanic. His name was...

Gilbert de Brereton, Rector of St. Mary's Church, Astbury MP (1253 - 1327)

Gilbert Brereton was Rector of St. Mary's, Astbury, Chesire during the time of the building of his parents tomb. Roger Venables was his patron, proving a very close connection between these families. T...

Jane Brereton (Claiborne) MP (c.1636 - 1671)

Joan (Jane) Cotton (Brereton) MP (1454 - 1517)

Joan de Bostock (de Brereton) MP (1274 - 1291)

John Brereton, 4th Baron Brereton of Leighlin MP (deceased)

'John Brereton, 4th Baron Brereton of Leighlin1 'M, #151643, b. 2 December 1659, d. 1718 Last Edited=21 Jul 2005 Consanguinity Index=0.13% ' John Brereton, 4th Baron Brereton of Leighlin was bo...

Katherine Brereton MP (c.1476 - d.)

Katherine Brereton (Bukely) MP (c.1444 - 1468)

Katherine Smith (Brereton) MP (1466 - d.)

Margery de Brereton MP (1278 - c.1350)

A history and genealogy of the Davenport family, in England and America, from A. D. 1086 to 1850 .. (1851) Sir Thomas Davenport, of Davenport, knight, son of Roger, and grandson of Vivian de Dave...

Margery de Brereton (de Thornton) MP (1181 - 1240)

'Margery Thornton1 F, #36628 Father Randle de Thornton ' Margery Thornton married Sir William Brereton, son of Ralph de Brereton. 'Family Sir William Brereton d. a 1215 Children (Miss) Bre...

Matilda Davenport (Brereton) MP (c.1481 - c.1530)

A history and genealogy of the Davenport family, in England and America, from A. D. 1086 to 1850 .. (1851) Sir Ralph Davenport, knight, succeeded his father, Sir John, and was engaged in the serv...

Philippa de Brereton (Hulse) MP (c.1416 - 1463)

Ralph de Brereton, Knight MP (c.1147 - 1190)

Ralph de Brereton, of Brerton cum Smethwick, county Cheshire, knight Birth: estimated 1147 Barton, Preston, Lancashire, England Death: 1190 (43) Best, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands Son of Sir Wi...

Sir Ralph de Brereton MP (c.1200 - c.1280)

She (Ada de Huntingdon) is said, according to the pedigree of the Brereton family as given by Ormerod (the greatest authority on the Cheshire families of renown), to have afterwards married Sir Ranulph...

Randall Brereton MP (1420 - 1530)

Randle Brereton MP (c.1389 - c.1437)

RANDLE BRERETON, of Malpas, Cheshire & Ipstones, Staffs., Born c. 1380. M c. 1415 Alice (Born 1396, "aged 3 at her father's death, 1399), d & heiress of Sir William de Ipstones, Kt., of Blymhill & Ipst...

Sir Randall Brereton MP (c.1457 - 1522)

Sir Randle Brereton of Ipstones, Shocklach, and Malpas,[3] Knight Chamberlain of Chester, knight banneret and knight of the body of Henry VII.[1] His mother was Eleanor, daughter of Piers Dutton of Hal...

Sir Richard de Brereton, Kt. MP (1253 - 1253)

Sebeilla Booth (Brereton) MP (1236 - d.)

Sybil de Brereton1 F, #11220 Father Gilbert de Brereton Sybil de Brereton married William de Boothes, son of Adam de Boothes. Sybil de Brereton was born at of Brereton, Cheshire, England. Famil...

Sir John Brereton MP (1591 - 1629)

'Sir John Brereton1 'M, #151494, b. circa 1591, d. 23 December 1629 Last Edited=20 Jul 2005 Consanguinity Index=0.0% ' Sir John Brereton was born circa 1591.1 He was the son of William Brereton...

Sir Urian Brereton MP (c.1533 - 1577)

notes From English Heritage "Handforth Hall (1222483)". National Heritage List for England. Retrieved May 2014 Handforth Hall is a former manor house in Handforth, Cheshire, England. It is dated 15...

William Brereton, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland MP (c.1473 - 1541)

'Sir William Brereton1,2 'M, #44399, b. 1473 Father Sir Andrew Brereton b. c 1440 Mother Agnes Legh b. c 1445 ' Sir William Brereton was born in 1473 at of Brereton, Cheshire, England. He marri...

Werburge Compton (Brereton) MP (c.1497 - 1524)

'Walburga Brereton1 'F, #86734, b. circa 1486 Father John Brereton, Esq.1 b. c 1452, d. a 1493 Mother Katherine Berkeley1 b. c 1458, d. 25 Jan 1494 ' Walburga Brereton was born circa 1486 at of...

Sir William de Brereton MP (1390 - 1425)

William Brereton was born in Of Brereton, Cheshire, England about 1390. William died before 1425. He married Alice Corbet in Of Leighton, Montgomery, England, about 1404. Alice was born in Of Leighto...

William Brereton, 2nd Baron Brereton of Leighlin MP (1611 - 1664)

'William Brereton, 2nd Baron Brereton of Leighlin1 'M, #44085, b. 28 February 1611, d. circa April 1664 Last Edited=20 Jul 2005 ' William Brereton, 2nd Baron Brereton of Leighlin was born on 28 F...

Sir William de Brereton MP (c.1347 - 1426)

In 1400, during the reign of the new King Henry IV, several more hundred men accompanied Richard and Thomas Vernon, William Brereton and Adam Bostock, John and Thomas Massey to Scotland. ______________...

William Brereton of Malpas MP (c.1492 - 1536)

William was the 7th of 9 sons and had to find his own fortune in the world rather than rely on his inheritance. William's family was prosperous landed gentry, seated in Cheshire in Northern England. Hi...

Sir William de Brereton, Kt. MP (c.1250 - c.1290)

Sir William Brereton1 M, #23166 Father Sir Ralph Brereton d. a 1275 Sir William Brereton was born at of Brereton, Cheshire, England. He married (Miss) Sandbach, daughter of Richard de Sandbach. ...

William Brereton, 3rd Baron Brereton of Leighlin MP (1631 - 1680)

William Brereton, 3rd Baron Brereton FRS (4 May 1631-17 March 1680) was an English mathematician and politician who sat in the House of Commons in 1659 and became Baron Brereton in the Irish peerage ...

William Brereton VIII, 10th Lord of Brereton MP (c.1414 - 1485)

Sir William Brereton1,2 M, #33237, b. circa 1410, d. 1484 Father Sir William Brereton b. c 1389, d. 1415 Mother Alice Corbet d. c 1459 Sir William Brereton was born circa 1410 at of Brereton, C...

William de Brereton MP (c.1300 - 1355)

'William Brereton1 'M, #23161, d. before 1321 Father Sir William Brereton d. 1321 Mother Roesia Vernon ' William Brereton married Margery Bosley, daughter of Richard de Bosley. William Brereton...

Sir William de Brereton, Kt. MP (1170 - 1216)

LDS Sources relate that William was from Brereton cum Smethwick, Chesire. ◦KINSHIP: Son and heir of Ralph de Brereton. PROPERTY: Lord of Brereton. (Lloyd, History of the Princes, the Lords Mar...

William Brereton, 1st Baron Brereton of Leighlin MP (1550 - 1631)

The manor of Bretune is listed in Domesday Book. The house dates from 1586, the date inscribed over the entrance. It was built for Sir William Brereton (1550–1631), created Baron Brereton of Lei...

William V de Brereton, 7th Lord Brereton MP (c.1263 - 1342)

(Ormerod) Knight in 1301, fl. 1321, 1342. Sir William de Brereton.--------------------*Family Links Spouses/Children: Rose de Vernon of Shipbrook William Brereton+ Margery Brereton+ Sir Wil...

brereton (deceased)

(inknown) Mrs. Brereton (Unknown Brereton) (1470 - d.)

(unk) brereton (deceased)

? Brereton (deceased)

?? Brereton (deceased)

A Walcott (Brereton) (deceased)

Abel Brett Brereton (1773 - d.)

Abraham Brereton (1782 - c.1855)

Addie Brereton (c.1869 - d.)

Adele Frances Brereton (1889 - d.)

Agnes Brereton (deceased)

Agnes Brereton (1878 - 1978)

Agnes Brereton (deceased)

Agnes Legh Brereton (deceased)

Aileen Brereton (Lunney) (deceased)

Alan Ross Brereton (deceased)

Alan Robert Brereton (1905 - 1920)

Albert Brereton (deceased)

Albert Edward Brereton (deceased)

Alex Brereton (deceased)

Alexander Picton Brereton (deceased)

Alfred Brereton (1849 - d.)

Alfred Beresford Brereton (deceased)

Alice Zimmerman (Brereton) (deceased)

Alice Brereton (Corbet) (1370 - d.)

Alice Elizabeth Savage (Brereton) (1420 - 1440)

Alice Brereton (Slater) (deceased)

Alice Brereton (1153 - d.)

Alice Brereton (1485 - 1552)

Alice de Brereton (Trafford) (c.1537 - 1578)

2nd wife of Sir Urian was Alice, daughter of Sir Edmund Trafford. They had a son Urian and daughters Jane, Mary and Dorothy. Links

Alice Ann BRERETON (1885 - 1979)

Alice Emily Brereton (1844 - d.)

alice brereton (deceased)

Alice Elizabeth Brereton (1420 - 1440)

Alice de Brereton (unk) (deceased)

Alice Rudyard (Brereton) (deceased)

Alice Bracken (Brereton) (c.1881 - d.)

Alicia Blanca Brereton (deceased)

Alma Brereton (b. - c.1987)

Amalie Brereton (Olsen) (1881 - 1947)

Amelia Brereton (Denny) (1832 - 1898)

Amicia Digby (Bretton Brereton) (1160 - d.)

Amy Florence Brereton (1882 - 1945)

Amy Winifred Brereton (1890 - d.)

Andre John Brereton (deceased)

Andrew Brereton (deceased)