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Brimmer (deceased)

(Born Dead) Brimmer (deceased)

????? BRIMMER-ברימר (deceased)

Adeleine Brimmer (deceased)

Alanzo Brimmer (deceased)

Albert Brimmer (deceased)

Albert Brimmer (deceased)

albert brimmer (1886 - 1918)

Aletta Brimmer (Rowley) (1829 - 1908)

alfred Brimmer (deceased)

alfred brimmer (1898 - 1988)

Alice mae Bowers (Brimmer) (1879 - d.)

Alice (Brimmer) (c.1863 - d.)

Alice Laverne Brimmer (deceased)

Allen Brimmer (deceased)

Alonzo brimmer (1888 - 1959)

Ama Brimmer (c.1790 - d.)

Ama Brimmer (c.1827 - d.)

Amelia BRIMMER (1852 - d.)

Aniss Smith (Brimmer) (deceased)

Ann Brimmer (christain) (deceased)

Anna Brimmer (1704 - 1754)

Anna Youngblood (Brimmer) (deceased)

Anna Maria Westinghouse (Brimmer) (1745 - c.1780)

Christina Louise Brunner/Brimmer emigrated from Germany, and was the first of two wives of Johannes Hendrik Westinghouse. John Hendrick Westinghouse married Anna Maria Brimmer on 2- June 1765 at Hoos...

Anna Maria Wiley Belford (1825 - 1885)

Anna Brimmer (deceased)

Anna Elizabeth Brimmer (Spreckilson) (deceased)

Anna Mae Blair Brimmer (deceased)

Anne Pedder (Brimmer) (1816 - 1895)

Annie Vassallo (Brimmer) (deceased)

Annie Brimmer (deceased)

Appolonia Kaufmann (Brimmer) (deceased)

Arthur brimmer (1898 - d.)

Arthur Brimmer (deceased)

Arthur Brimmer (deceased)

Augusta Brimmer (deceased)

Augustus Brimmer (deceased)

Bertha Craig (Brimmer) (1869 - 1958)

This picture is of Bertha when she was 70 years old or older. Per Raymond Craig

Bertha A. Rose (Brimmer) (1869 - d.)

Betty Brimmer (1924 - 1935)

Betty Lou Brimmer (Geer) (1934 - 1994)

betty j brimmer (deceased)

Carmela Brimmer (Ambinett) (deceased)

- check this website out, it may be the daughter of this Camela, thus Annie's sister, listed on the site. It read "Carmela BRIMMER, of Hamrun, aged 62 years, killed by enemy bombing, 26th May 1942 ..... "

Cassius Brimmer (deceased)

Catherine Crandall (Brimmer) (1767 - 1854)

Catherine Rhodes (Brimmer), I (deceased)

Celesta Wilcox (Brimmer) (1855 - 1914)

Charles H. Brimmer (1888 - d.)

Charles Brimmer (1849 - d.)

Chester Brimmer (deceased)

Christian Brimmer (c.1742 - 1829)

Christina Brimmer (deceased)

Clara BRIMMER (1881 - d.)

Clarence L. Brimmer (1889 - d.)

Clarissa Brimmer (Wright) (1815 - 1846)

clifford brimmer (deceased)

Colonel Lester Brimmer (deceased)

Cora Brimmer (Baker) (deceased)

Coral Van Brimmer (deceased)

Creecy Brimmer (deceased)

Cynthia Brimmer (lowe) (1861 - d.)

Darlene Lucht (b. - 2011)

Miss Milwaukee 1961 Miss Sun Fun (first) Filmography (from Actress: 1970s 1960s Five Bloody Graves (1970) (as Tara Ashton) .... Althea Richards ... aka Five Bloody Days to ...

Delight Van Brimmer Holt (Van Brimmer) (1910 - 1910)

Della BRIMMER (1856 - d.)

doris burke (brimmer) (deceased)

Doris Elvira Brimmer Baker (deceased)

Dorothy Brimmer (deceased)

Dorothy Brimmer (Bihn) (deceased)

Richard Dix (1893 - 1949)

American motion picture actor Richard Dix achieved popularity in both silent and sound films portraying rugged and stalwart heroes. For his achievement in the motion picture industry, he has a star on ...

Ed Brimmer (deceased)

edith brimmer( elliott) (deceased)

Edith Brimmer (Brewster) (c.1880 - d.)

edson brimmer (deceased)

Eli C Brimmer (1858 - 1940)

Eliza Brimmer (deceased)

Eliza Brimmer (deceased)

Elizabeth Brimmer (1768 - 1832)

Elizabeth Brimmer (c.1785 - 1823)

Ella Brimmer (1883 - d.)

Ella Brimmer (Reit) (deceased)

ella brimmer(butters) (deceased)

Ella Celestine Brimmer (deceased)

elmer brimmer (b. - 1963)

Emily K. Smart (Brimmer) (deceased)

ernest brimmer (deceased)

Ernest Eugene Brimmer (deceased)

Richard Dix (1893 - 1949)

) Richard Dix (July 18, 1893 – September 20, 1949) was an American motion picture actor who achieved popularity in both silent and sound film. His standard on-screen image was that of the ru...

ESTER-אסתר Yagid-יגיד (BRIMMER-ברימר) (1867 - 1943)

Ethyl brimmer (Kenyon) (deceased)

Faye Hicks (Brimmer) (deceased)

Frances Einhouse (Brimmer) (1866 - 1944)

Frances was a member of the Portland Grange and of the Neighborhood Club. Survived by 17 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.

Frances Brimmer (deceased)

Frederick Brimmer (c.1873 - d.)

Geoge Daul Brimmer (1902 - d.)

George Brimmer (deceased)

george brimmer (deceased)

george brimmer (deceased)

george brimmer (deceased)

George Brimmer (deceased)

georgia vera gervais (brimmer) (1916 - d.)