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1st wife of Robert Brooke MP (b. - 1662)


Adela Brooke (Pelham-Clinton) MP (1850 - 1915)

Agnes Brooke (Gill) MP (1577 - d.)

Alan Francis Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke MP (1883 - 1963)

Field Marshal Alan Francis Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke, KG, GCB, OM, GCVO, DSO & Bar (23 July 1883 – 17 June 1963), was a senior commander in the British Army. He was the Chief of the Im...

Alice Barne (Brooke) MP (c.1504 - 1559)

Alice Sophia Brooke (Bellingham) MP (1845 - 1920)

Ann Brooke MP (1650 - 1720)

Ann Hill (Brooke) MP (1645 - d.)

Ann Brooke (Boarman) MP (b. - c.1716)

Brooke, Ann Boarman ( ? - ? ) Husband: Leonard Brooke. Parents: William Boarman (SM#456). Siblings (half and full, division unknown): Francis Ignatius, John Baptiste, Benedict Leonard, Mary, Elizabet...

Anne Hyde (Brooke) MP (1618 - c.1688)

Anne Brooke (Venerables) MP (1453 - 1491)

Anne Hay Brooke (Taliaferro) MP (1731 - 1782)

from Rootsweb, "Compton's Place of Georgia Connections" Ann Hay Taliaferro is shown to be the daughter of Francis Taliaferro and Ann Hay in The Brooke Family of Virginia by Prof. St. George Tucker Br...

Anne Brooke (Unknown) MP (c.1663 - c.1687)

Ann Brooke could have the name Baker or Addison. However, I did not find any data to substantiate this. The most reliable sources indicated the possibility of either, but the likelihood of neither. As ...

Baker Brooke, Jr. MP (1666 - 1698)

Brooke, Baker ( ? - 1698 ) Wife: Catherine, daughter of William Marshall and Katherine Hebden Marshall, later wife of 2. Samuel Queen. Parents: Baker Brooke (SM#546) and Anne Brooke Brent Marsham, da...

Baker Brooke MP (1717 - 1756)

Baker Brooke MP (1628 - 1679)

Brooke, Baker ( 1628 - 1679 ) Wife: by 1664, Anne, daughter of Leonard Calvert, niece of Cecilius Calvert, later wife of 2. Henry Brent, 3. Richard Marsham. Parents: Robert Brooke (SM#561) and Mary, ...

Barbara Brooke (Dent) MP (1669 - 1754)

Col. Thomas Brooke, (1659-1730/31) of "Brookefield", President of the Council in Maryland and acting Governor. Thomas, was the son of Maj. Thomas Brooke, Esq. (1632-1676) and his second wife Eleanor ...

Benjamin Brooke MP (1702 - 1728)

Caroline Harriett Heron-Maxwell (Howard-Brooke), Lady Heron-Maxwell MP (1846 - 1900)

middle name spelling variations are Harriet , Harriette ========================================================================= Links:

Catherine Brooke MP (c.1527 - d.)

Catherine Brooke (Booth) MP (c.1664 - 1712)

Robert Brooke married Catherine BOOTH , daughter of Captain Humphrey BOOTH Of Rappahannock and Margaret UNDERWOOD , on 19 Jun 1689 in Essex Co., Virginia. Catherine was born about 1664 in Old Rappahann...

Charles Brooke MP (1611 - 1678)

Charles Brooke MP (c.1667 - 1698)

Brooke, Charles ( ? - 1697 ) Parents: Baker Brooke (SM#546) and Ann Brooke Brent Marsham, daughter of Leonard Calvert. Grandparents: Robert Brooke and Mary. Siblings: Leonard, Baker, Mary. Land at de...

Dorothy Brooke MP (deceased)

Dorothy Brooke (Fairbairne) MP (1560 - 1581)

Dorothy Brooke (Neale) MP (1646 - 1680)

Dorothy Brooke (Neville), Baroness Cobham MP (c.1526 - 1559)

'Lady Dorothy Neville1 'F, #11815, b. after 1520, d. 22 September 1559 Last Edited=18 Jan 2011 Consanguinity Index=1.18% ' Lady Dorothy Neville was born after 1520. She married Sir William Broo...

Dorothy Hyde (Brooke) MP (c.1620 - d.)

... Dorothy daughter of Sir Richard Brooke bait Norton by Catherine his wife daughter of Sir Henry Nevill of Billingbere in Berkshire.

Edward Brooke, 6th Baron Cobham MP (c.1411 - 1464)

6º B. Cobham of Olditch. Succeeded to the title in 1442. Staunch Yorkist. He fought in the Battle of St. Albans on 23 May 1455. He fought in the Battle of Northampton on 10 Jul 1460. _______...

Eleanor Sewall (Brooke) MP (c.1684 - d.)

Some sources spell Elinor

Eleanor Mary Brooke (Hatton) MP (c.1642 - 1725)

Maj. Thomas Brooke, Sr., Esq. (1632-1676), Burgess, High Sheriff, and Chief Justice of Calvert Co., Maryland. The elder Thomas was born in Battle, Sussex, England on June 23, 1632. Thomas was raised ...

Elizabeth Smith (Brooke) MP (1655 - d.)

Elizabeth Carroll (Brooke) MP (1709 - 1761)

Elizabeth Brooke (Whetman) MP (c.1535 - 1599)

John Brooke married, "8 May 1554, Elizabeth Waterman, both of St. Leonard's". Her surname is apparently incorrect in the marriage record, for in her will she names Elizabeth and William Whetman, childr...

Elizabeth Wyatt (Brooke) MP (c.1503 - 1560)

Maiden name also reported as Brooks. Elizabeth Brooke was the wife of Thomas Wyatt, the poet, and the mother of Thomas Wyatt the younger who led Wyatt's Rebellion against Mary I. She was the sister o...

Elizabeth Touchet (Brooke) MP (b. - 1464)

'Elizabeth Touchet1,2,3,4 'F, b. circa 1420, d. after 8 November 1464 Father Sir James Touchet, 5th Lord Audley2,3,4 b. c 1398, d. 23 Sep 1458 Mother Margaret Roos1,2,3,4 b. c 1400, d. bt Sep 1...

Elizabeth Brooke MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Brooke (Twynne) MP (c.1535 - 1599)

Elizabeth Josselyn (Brooke) MP (1596 - 1622)

From Wikipedia, December 2014: Elizabeth Brooke Jocelin (sometimes spelled "Joceline" or "Joscelin") was an English writer believed to have lived from 1595–1622. She is best known for her reno...

Elizabeth Brooke, Countess of Salisbury MP (c.1562 - 1597)

'Elizabeth BROOKE (C. Salisbury) 'Born: 1 Jan 1562, Cobham, Kent, England 'Died: 24 Jun 1596/7 'Buried: Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England 'Notes: Twin with Frances. Father: W...

Elisabeth Brooke, Marchioness of Northampton MP (1526 - 1565)

Elizabeth Brooke , June 12,1526-April 2,1565, was the daughter of George Brooke, 9th baron Cobham (1497-September 29,1558) and Anne Bray (c.1500-November 1,1558). She is known to have been at court in ...

Elizabeth Brooke (Starkey) MP (1516 - 1530)

Elizabeth Brooke (Thompson) MP (c.1646 - c.1681)

Born: circa 1646 St. Mary's, Maryland Death: circa 1681 Calvert, Maryland Father: William Thompson b. 1623 Mother: Unknown Spouse: Robert Brooke, Links

Elizabeth Beall (Brooke) MP (1699 - 1748)

Evelyn Gertrude Brooke MP (1879 - 1962)

Frances Brooke MP (deceased)

Honorable Frances Stourton (Brooke) MP (1562 - c.1615)

Frances Brooke , 1562-1615+, was the daughter of William Brooke, 10th baron Cobham (November 1, 1527-March 6, 1597) and Frances Newton (1539-October 17, 1592). She married John Stourton, 9th baron Stou...

Frances Brooke (Howard) MP (c.1572 - 1628)

'Lady Frances Howard1 'F, #12648, b. before 1572, d. circa 7 July 1628 Last Edited=13 May 2011 Consanguinity Index=0.8% 'Lady Frances Howard was born before 1572.4 She married, firstly, Henry F...

Frances Brooke MP (c.1549 - d.)

Frances Brooke was the daughter of Sir William Brooke, 10th Lord Cobham (of Kent) and Lady Dorothy Neville. She married, firstly, Thomas Coppinger. She married, secondly, Edward Becher, son of Henry Be...

Frances Whitmore (Brooke) MP (c.1640 - 1690)

Lady Frances Brooke (Mordaunt) MP (c.1595 - d.)

Frances Brooke MP (deceased)

Judge Francis T. Brooke MP (1763 - 1851)

DAR Ancestor #: A014908 Birth: Aug. 27, 1763 Spotsylvania County Virginia, USA Death: Mar. 3, 1851 Spotsylvania County Virginia, USA Son of Richard Brooke & Ann Hay [Taliferro] Brooke 1st Married...

Reverend George Brooke MP (1568 - 1603)

Sir George Brooke, KG, 9th Baron Cobham MP (c.1497 - 1558)

George Brooke, MP MP (1533 - 1572)

Family and Education b. 27 Jan. 1533, 2nd s. of George, 9th Lord Cobham by Anne, da. of Edmund, 1st Lord Bray, sis. and coh. of John, Lord Bray; bro. of John, Thomas, William† and Henry Brooke...

George Hastings Brooke MP (1842 - 1922)

Grace Brooke (Boone) MP (1662 - 1725)

Harriet Brooke (Butler) MP (deceased)

Henry Brooke (Brookes) MP (1610 - 1663)

Henry BROOKE, father of Jane, patented land in then-Northumberland (later Westmoreland) on 31 May 1650, on land adjacent to Nathaniel POPE I and Hercules BRIDGES, with headrights including himself, Dav...

Sir Henry Brooke, Kt. MP (deceased)

Henry Brooke, 11th Baron Cobham MP (1564 - 1618)

'Henry Brooke, 11th Baron Cobham (22 November 1564 – 24 January 1618 (Old Style)/3 February 1619 (New Style)) was an English peer who was implicated in the Main Plot against the rule of James I ...

Sir Henry Brooke, 1st Baronet of Norton Priory MP (1611 - 1664)

Henry Brooke, 1st Baronet MP (1770 - 1834)

Sir Henry Brooke, MP MP (1538 - 1592)

Family and Education b. 5 Feb. 1538, 7th s. of George, 9th Lord Cobham, and bro. of George, John, Thomas and William†. Uncle of William† and Henry Brooke alias Cobham II . educ. Trinity, ...

Humphrey Brooke MP (1608 - 1638)

Jane Contee (Brooke) MP (1703 - 1779)

Notes Folio 112 JANE CONTEE PG 01/26/1779 06/12/1779 "being in good health ...' Bequeaths to: 1. Thomas Contee --son -to have all of testatrix's tract of land in Charles County called "Rozer's Refu...

Jane Brooke (Meverell) MP (1485 - 1514)

Alternat Birth years 1475 vs. 1482

Jennith Brooke (Hirst) MP (c.1523 - 1612)

Joan Brooke, 5th Baroness of Cobham MP (c.1391 - c.1442)

'Joan Braybrooke1,2 ' F, b. circa 1396, d. 25 November 1442 Father Sir Reginald Braybrook3,1 b. c 1356, d. 20 Sep 1405 Mother Joan Pole1,3 b. c 1370, d. 13 Jan 1434 ' Joan Braybrooke was born c...

Joan Smyth (Brooke) MP (1437 - 1460)

Joan Brooke (Chaderton) MP (1574 - 1599)

Joane Foote (Brooke) MP (1555 - 1634)

She was from Salford, Essex She was a member of the leatherseller company of London. She is mentioned in the wills of both her parents, and her husband's will of 1608/1609. For more tree,

John Brooke MP (1640 - 1675)

Thomas Tasker, about 1678, married Rebecca ISAAC, the wealthy widow of John BROOKE (1640-1675), son of Robert Brooke (1602-1655), and half-brother of our Thomas Brooke (1632-1676). Rebecca may have h...

John Brooke MP (1703 - d.)

John Brooke Ellis, of Dedham MP (1583 - 1676)

Please note: NOT the Puritan John Ellis of Leiden who married Blandyna Masterson. John Ellis was born Abt. 1590 in of Cotton, Suffolk, England (336), christening: 21 Apr 1605 in Cotton, Suffolk, and ...

John Brooke, M.D. MP (1605 - 1692)

John Brooke; b. 1605. He was educated at Wadham College, Oxford, England

John Brooke, MP MP (1535 - 1594)

Family and Education b. 22 Apr. 1535,1 4th s. of George, 9th Lord Cobham, and bro. of George, Thomas, William† and Henry Brooke alias Cobham I. Uncle of William and Henry Brooke alias Cobham II....

John Thomas Brooke of Shropshire MP (1483 - 1522)

He was a sergeant-at-arms under Henry VIII and also a Justice of Assize. He died in 1522 leaving his eldest son Thomas "age 36" in 1526".

John Brooke 7th Lord Cobham of Kent MP (c.1447 - 1512)

8th Lord of Cobham -------------------- 7th Ld Cobham. Of Weycroft, Devon and Cooling, Kent. Succeeded to the title on 19 Aug 1472. From 1491 to 1492 he was in an expedition to Flanders with King Henry...

John Brooke MP (1540 - 1584)

John was a leatherseller and merchant tailor in London. He completed his apprenticeship as a leatherseller about 1546-7. The Registry of Freemen, City of London, Henry VIII to Edward VI says: "John Bro...

Judith Brooke (Winsmore) MP (1606 - 1693)

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Katherine Brooke (Lincoln) MP (1551 - d.)

Katherine Brooke (Neville) MP (1589 - 1650)

Leonard Brooke MP (1670 - 1718)

Brooke, Leonard ( 1670 - 1718 ) Wife: Ann, daughter of William Boreman and Mary. Parents: Baker Brooke (SM#546) and Ann Brooke Brent Marsham, daughter of Leonard Calvert. Grandparents: Robert Brooke ...

Lucy Hodgkin (Brooke) MP (c.1699 - 1748)

Lucy Brooke (Smith) MP (c.1688 - 1770)

Margaret Foote (Brooke) MP (1561 - 1634)

Margaret Brooke MP (1563 - 1621)

Martha Digon (Brooke) MP (1545 - d.)

Baptized 1545 as recorded on her father's tomb in Claverley Parish Church. parents: Robert Brooke, Justice of England b. c 1515 & Dorothy Gattacre b. c 1517 Married Christopher Digon So...

Mary Brooke (Pusey) MP (deceased)

Mary Catherine Tarrant (Brooke) MP (c.1690 - 1716)

Mary Brooke Sherwood MP (1636 - 1707)

Mary Darnall (Brooke) MP (1674 - 1742)

Mary Neale (Brooke) MP (1678 - d.)

Brooke, Mary ( ? - ? ) Husband: Raphael Neale. Parents: Baker Brooke (SM#546) and Anne Brooke Brent Marsham, daughter of Leonard Calvert. Siblings: Baker, Charles, Leonard.

Mary Brooke (Baker) MP (1602 - 1634)

Mary Baker (1602-1634) married Robert Brooke Robert was born in Whitemarsh, Southampton on June 23, 1602, and matriculated at Wadham College, Oxford University on April 28, 1618. He received the degr...

Mary More (Brooke) MP (1608 - 1683)

For details see: "The Family and Descendants of St. Thomas More". By Martin Wood. Published in the UK by 'Gracewing'. April 2008. Thomas More V was born at Leyton in 1607. Married Mary Brooke in June...

Mary Sim (Brooke) MP (deceased)

Doctor Patrick Sim (d. 1740) was implicated in the Scottish rebellion of 1715. When Dr. Sim fled Scotland, his estate "Kilcairn" was confiscated. When he came to America he settled in Prince George's C...

Mary Brooke (Mainwaring) MP (1617 - 1663)

Brooke, Mary Mainwaring ( ? - 1663 ) Husband: Robert Brooke. Children: Charles (1636-1671), Robert (1637-1639), Roger (1637-1700), John (1640-1677), William (born 1643), Francis (1648-1671), Basil, H...

Nathaniel Brooke MP (1689 - d.)