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Alexander Bryan MP (1602 - 1679)

His name is on a stone on the bridge over the Wepawaug River in Milford for being one of the first settlers. Alexander Bryan , Wm. Fowler, Edmund Tapp, and Zach. Whitman, agents on behalf of the plan...

Alexander Bryan MP (b. - 1673)

Alice Bryan (Needham) MP (c.1672 - 1730)

Alice Bryan (McCland) MP (1682 - 1704)

Alice Bures Bryan MP (c.1416 - 1475)

Alice "Aylee" Bryan (Linville) MP (c.1722 - c.1807)

Alice "Aylee" LINVILLE Sex: F Birth: 1722 in Chester County, Pennsylvania Death: 1807 in Floyd's Fork, Shelby, Jefferson, Kentucky Note: Burried: Floyd's Fork, Shelby, Jefferson, Kentucky. ...

Amanda Jane Jackson (Bryan) MP (1848 - 1906)

From John McAnally's page on Amanda Jane Bryan: ID: I034 Name: Amanda Jane Bryan Sex: F Birth: 10 JAN 1848 in Rockingham, Virginia Death: OCT 1906 in Decatur County, Indiana Father: Benja...

Andrew Jackson Bryan MP (deceased)

Ann Gray Bryan MP (deceased)

Ann Bryan MP (deceased)

Ann "Nancy" Bryan MP (c.1758 - d.)

Ann Bryan (Washington) MP (deceased)

Anne Bryan (Baldwin) MP (1604 - 1660)

Kilde: Stark - Bertholf Web Site administreret af Paul Stark

Anne (Jane) Carey (De Bryan) MP (c.1325 - 1356)

Annie Bryan (Rambeau) MP (1695 - 1730)

Annie C. Bryan MP (deceased)

Arthur Bryan MP (deceased)

Asa Bryan MP (c.1775 - 1829)

Parentage not proven, assumed based on proximity to Hardy Sasser Bryan in the 1820 Census.

Ashe Bryan MP (deceased)

Barbara Mitchenor (Bryan) MP (deceased)

Benjamin F. Bryan MP (deceased)

Benjamin Bryan, I MP (deceased)

Benjamin Bryan, II MP (deceased)

Bernice "Sissie" Bryan (Pitchlynn) MP (1902 - d.)

Sissie (Bernice) Pitchlynn Submitted by: Richard F. and Pauline L. Bryan Sissie Pitchlynn Bryan was born 3-11-1902 to Ellington Paul and Agnes (Wright) Pitchlynn. She was born at Albion, I.T. and...

Betsey Bryan MP (deceased)

Blake Bryan, I MP (deceased)

Blake Bryan, II MP (deceased)

Bytham Bryan MP (deceased)

Catharine Bryan MP (deceased)

Catherine Bryan (Barnwell) MP (deceased)

Catherine Cole (Bryan (O'Brien)) MP (1766 - 1823)

Alternate Birthdate: Abt 1726, Ireland Alternate Deathdate: 1766" (Catherine's maiden name may have also been listed as O'Brien; however, the account below indicates that she gave it as "Bryan". Of...

Catherine Bryan (Morgan) MP (1603 - 1680)

Lady Catherine Morgan Countess of Ormond Catherine Bryan (Morgan) Husband: William Smith Bryan Colonial Families of the United States of America: Volume 7 Lineage page 105 WILLIAM SMITH BRYAN was...

Charity Loverd Cheatham (Bryan) MP (1798 - 1841)

Charlotte Bryan (Moore) MP (deceased)

Charlotte Moore Whitfield (Bryan) MP (1765 - 1798)

Christiana Bryan (Council) MP (1670 - 1743)

Christopher Bryan MP (deceased)

Clement Bryan MP (1770 - 1839)

Clement Bryan, son of Needham Bryan, Jr., and Sarah Hinton , was born October 13, 1770, in Johnston County, North Carolina. On August 19, 1792, he married Edith Smith in Cumberland County, North Caroli...

Dr. Clement Bryan MP (deceased)

David Bryan MP (deceased)

David C. Bryan MP (deceased)

Delia Badger Bryan MP (deceased)

Dick Y. Bryan MP (1899 - d.)

Dorsey Bryan MP (deceased)

Edith Bryan (Smith) MP (1772 - 1841)

Edith Brown or Balm (Bryan) MP (1802 - 1842)

Edmond Hatch Bryan MP (deceased)

Edmund Bryan MP (deceased)

Edmund Bryan, I MP (1412 - 1470)

Edmund Bryan, II MP (c.1481 - d.)

Edmund Bryan (bryant/) MP (c.1520 - d.)

Edward Bryan (Bryant) MP (1661 - 1739)

DISCOVERY IN PAMLICO COUNTY, N.C. While logging just off Muddy Landing Road (Scott's Store Road) in the Scottstown area near Goose Creek in Pamlico County in March of this year, William Cahoon uncove...

Eleanor Bryan MP (1787 - 1829)

Eleanor "Nelly" Linville (Bryan) MP (c.1729 - 1772)

Eleanor Respass-Bryan (Mackey) MP (b. - 1791)

Eleanor Bryan MP (deceased)

Eliza Ventress Bryan MP (deceased)

Elizabeth "Betsy" Bryan / West / Hatch (Heritage) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Bryan, Lady Carew MP (c.1495 - c.1546)

Elizabeth Bryan , also known as Elizabeth, Lady Carew was born 1499 in England and died in July 1546. Her will as ‘Ladye Dame Elsabeth Carewe’ was dated (May 21, 1546) and proved (July 17, 1546) shortl...

Elizabeth Bryan MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Welles (Bryan) MP (1516 - 1553)

Elizabeth Bryan was the daughter of Sir Thomas Bryan 1464 and Margaret Bourchier 1468 -------- Elizabeth Bryan married Thomas WELLES, son of Robert DE WELLES on October 28, 1525 in Stourton, Whichf...

Elizabeth Bryan MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Bryan (Blackshear) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Bryan MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Sasser (Bryan) MP (1751 - 1845)

Elizabeth Bryan MP (deceased)

Elizabeth de Welles (Bryan) MP (1488 - 1572)

Bryan is probably not her correct maiden name. Please cite evidence that this Elizabeth a Bryan or other possible parentage. (More than one piece, if possible) I believe that this Elizabeth was not...

Elizabeth Bryan (Smith) MP (c.1729 - 1792)

Elizabeth Smith Bryan MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Bryan (Sasser) MP (1755 - 1789)

Source says she is "the aunt of John Sasser of Wayne Co." North Carolina.

Elizabeth Bryan (Gray) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Bryan MP (deceased)

Elizabeth "Betsy" Bryan MP (1771 - c.1806)

Elizabeth Sessions Bryan MP (deceased)

Emeline Bryan MP (deceased)

Emily Bryan MP (deceased)

Esther Smith (Bryan) MP (c.1760 - d.)

Eveline Anthorett Bryan (McIlvaine) MP (1804 - 1885)

Ezekiel Bryan MP (1794 - 1881)

Frances Oviatt (Bryan) MP (1634 - 1680)

•Christening: 14 Sep 1634 , Aylesbury, Buckingham, England Father: Robert Bryan b: ABT 1610 in , Aylesbury, Buckingham, England Mother: Bridget H b: ABT 1610 in , of Aylesbury, Buckingham, England ...

Frances Lee Bryan MP (deceased)

Sir Francis Bryan I "The Vicar of Hell", Lord Chief Justice of Ireland MP (1490 - 1550)

• Knight Banneret • Motto: Je Tiens Grace (I hope for Salvation) • Captain, Margaret Bonaventure • Cupbearer • Cipherer • Gentleman of the Privy Chamber • Esquire of the Body • Chief Cupbearer • Mast...

Sir Francis Bryan, II, Justicar of Ireland MP (1549 - 1640)

Sir Francis Bryan II had large estates in County Clare, Ireland. Francis Bryan Birth 1549 in Claire, Ireland Death 1 Jun 1640 in Gloucester, Hampshire, Virginia, United States Parents Francis Bryan...

Sir Francis Bryan MP (1630 - 1693)

Merge data to be resolved... Birth Location Glouster Co, Virginia Claire, , , Ireland -------------------- Francis Bryan III , eldest son of William Smith Bryan and Catherine Morgan, was born a...

Frank Bryan MP (deceased)

Frederick Bryan MP (deceased)

George Washington Bryan MP (deceased)

Grazilla Bryan MP (deceased)

Green Bryan, Sr MP (1780 - 1812)

Gusilda Bryan (Cox) MP (deceased)

Guy de Bryan, KG, 1st Baron of Bryan MP (c.1311 - 1390)

Guy has two different Elizabeth Montacute's as wives, they have different birthdates and parents. -------------------- The records that have come to light only refer to the line of primogeniture in...

Lord Brienne, Baron Chastel, Guy de Brien MP (c.1289 - c.1347)

Baron of Chastel Walweyn this is Welsh version of Walwyn's Castle. The castle no longer remains in any form except a mound in a field, but the village Walyns Castle does exist. It is in Pembrokeshire...

Hardy Bryan, II MP (deceased)

Hardy Bonner Bryan MP (1769 - d.)

Hardy Sasser Bryan MP (1772 - 1834)

Hardy Bryan, Jr. MP (1742 - d.)

Hardy Bryan, I MP (deceased)

Hardy Bryan MP (deceased)

Hardy Bonner Bryan MP (deceased)

Hardy Bryan MP (deceased)