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Anna Brydges (Scrope) MP (c.1549 - d.)

Anne Elizabeth Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, Duchess of Buckingham and Chandos MP (1779 - 1836)

Her baptism info, according to website, gives her birth date as 22 October 1779 Links:

Catherine Russell (Brydges), Countess of Bedford MP (1576 - c.1656)

Catherine Brydges , 1576-January 29, 1656/7, was the daughter of Giles Brydges, 3rd baron Chandos (1547-February 21, 1594) and Frances Clinton (1553-September 12, 1623). She does not seem to have serve...

Edmund Brydges, 2nd Baron Chandos MP (c.1522 - 1573)

Family and Education b. by 1520, 1st s. of Sir John Brydges. m. c.1544, Dorothy, da. of Edmund, 1st Lord Bray, 6s. inc. Giles† and William† 2da.; 1s. 1da. illegit. Kntd. 27 Sept. 1547. su...

Elizabeth Brydges (Grey) MP (1492 - 1559)

Elizabeth Tuchet (Brydges), Countess of Castlehaven MP (b. - c.1679)

Florence Brugges/Brydges (Darell) MP (c.1425 - 1506)

Frances Cecil (Brydges) MP (c.1580 - 1663)

FRANCES BRYDGES (1580-1663) Frances Brydges was the daughter of William Brydges, 4th baron Chandos (d.1602) and Mary Hopton (d. October 23,1624). She may have been a maid of honor. By 1603, she had m...

Giles Brydges (Brugge) MP (c.1396 - 1466)

Sir Giles Brydges MP (c.1462 - 1511)

Sheriff of Gloucester; Knight of Cubberley Sir Giles Brugge, 6th Lord Chaundos was born before 1462. He married Isabel Baynham , daughter of Thomas Baynham and Alice Walwyn. He died on 1 December 151...

Grey Brydges, 5th Baron Chandos of Sudeley MP (c.1580 - 1621)

Henry Brydges, MP MP (c.1470 - 1539)

Family and Education b. c.1470, yr. s. of Thomas Brydges of Coberley, Glos. by Florence, da. of Sir William Darrell of Littlecote, Wilts. m. c.1500 Margery, wid. of one Bedford of Newbury, 1s. Richard ...

Joan Brydges MP (c.1503 - 1557)

Joan BRYDGES Born: ABT 1503, Newbury, Berkshire, England Father: Henry BRUGGE Mother: Dau. HUNGERFORD Married 1: Son THORNEHULL Married 2: John (Henry) GIFFORD (son of Sir William Gifford a...

Joanna Taylor (Brydges) MP (1619 - d.)

Taylor was the great grandson of Rowland Taylor, the martyr (Jeremy Taylor, Nathan Taylor, Thomas Taylor I, Rowland Taylor). In 1636 Jeremy married Phoebe Langsdale with whom he had several children....

Margaret Brydges MP (deceased)

Thomas Clutton, Esq. of Pensax, m. Anne, dau. of Sir Thomas Aston, Bart. of Aston Hall, co. Chester, and by her had an only son, John, who dying unm. in 1754, the estates and representation desovolved ...

Mary Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville (Campbell), Duchess of Buckingham & Chandos MP (1795 - 1862)

Miss Brydges MP (deceased)

"Charles is also believed to have had a daughter prior to his marriage with Henrietta Maria. Her name was Joanna Brydges, born 1619-1620, the daughter of a Miss Brydges ("a member of a younger branch o...

Richard Temple-Grenville, 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos MP (1797 - 1861)

Richard Plantagenet Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, KG GCH PC FSA (11 February 1797 – 29 July 1861), styled Viscount Cobham from birth until 1813, ...

Richard Temple-Grenville, 3rd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos MP (1823 - 1889)

Richard Plantagenet Campbell Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, 3rd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos GCSI PC DL (10 September 1823–26 March 1889), styled Earl Temple until 1839 and Marques...

Richard Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, 1st Duke of Buckingham & Chandos MP (1776 - 1839)

Thomas Brugges/ Brydges MP (c.1427 - 1493)

Thomas Brugge, 5th Lord Chaundos was born before 1427. He married Florence Darrell, daughter of William Darrell and Elizabeth Calstone. He died on 30 January 1492/93. He was the son of Giles Brugge, 4t...

Ursula Sydenham (Brydges) MP (c.1500 - 1559)

Ursula BRYDGES Born: ABT 1499 Died: Jan 1575/6 Notes: her will of 31 Oct 1575 was proved in Feb 1576. Her husbands will of 8 Apr 1557 was proved 21 May 1557. He was Justice of the Peace for Som...

Lady Winifred Brydges MP (c.1510 - 1586)

Note: Winifred Bridges is identified in some genealogies as the daughter of John Brydges, 1st baron Chandos and Elizabeth Grey, but the Oxford DNB entries for her husband and her daughter identify Wini...

?? Brydges (Freeman) (1700 - 1759)

?? Brydges (deceased)

Alice Brydges (Estington) (b. - 1539)

Allen Campbell Brydges (b. - 2005)

Ann Brydges (deceased)

Ann Brydges (1548 - d.)

Ann Jane Brydges (Gibbon) (c.1690 - 1738)

Ann Brydges (c.1665 - 1704)

Anna Maria Brydges (Brandt) (deceased)

Anne Mansell (Bruges) (c.1496 - d.)

'History of Maunsell or Mansel, and of Crayford, Gabbett, Knoyle, Persse, Toler, Waller, Castletown; Waller, Prior Park; Warren, White, Winthrop, and Mansell of Guernsey (1903) PHILIP MANSELL, so...

Anne Brydges (c.1747 - 1804)

Anne Brydges (Brugge) (1452 - d.)

Anne Reade (Brydges) (1466 - 1520)

Anne Brydges (Hungerford) (c.1546 - 1580)

Anne Brydges, Duchess of Chandos (Wells) (b. - 1759)

Anne Alford (Brydges) (deceased)

Anne Mary Brydges (c.1799 - d.)

Anne Eliza Brydges (Gamon), Duchess of Chandos (1737 - 1813)

Anne Brydges (Hungerford) (deceased)

Lady Anne Eliza Mary Gore-Langton (b. - 1879)

Anthony Brydges (deceased)

Anthony Rokeby Brydges (c.1804 - d.)

Anthony Brydges (c.1543 - d.)

Anthony BRYDGES (1491 - 1530)

Arabella Pade (Brydges) (1885 - 1912)

Arabella Brydges (deceased)

Arnold H Brydges (deceased)

Barbara Brydges (Pecksall) (deceased)

Beata Poole (Brydges) (deceased)

Beatrice Brydges (deceased)

Bernard Brydges (c.1667 - 1676)

Boyd Brydges (deceased)

Bridget BRYDGES (1500 - 1530)

Carol Alice Brydges (Waterbury) (1923 - 1992)

Caroline Leigh (Brydges) (1730 - 1804)

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Caroline, Duchess of Buckingham & Chandos (b. - 1874)

Cassandra Brydges (Willoughby), Duchess of Chandos (c.1670 - 1735)

Cassandra Willoughby was born ? and died on 18 July 1735, from apoplexy, without issue. She was buried on 26 July 1735 at Whitchurch, Middlesex, England.1,3 Parents: daughter of Francis Willoughby an...

Catherine Brydges (Tollemache) (b. - 1754)

Catherine Brydges (1552 - d.)

Catherine Brydges (c.1524 - 1556)

Catherine Brydges , c.1524-April 1566, was the daughter of John Brydges, 1st baron Chandos (March 9, 1491/2-April 13, 1557) and Elizabeth Grey (d. December 29, 1559). She was a lady of the privy chambe...

Lady Catherine Stanhope (deceased)

Catherine Russell (Brydges) (b. - c.1657)

Catherine Brydges (1678 - 1732)

Catherine Poole (Brydges) (c.1497 - 1556)

Catherine Brydges , c.1497-1556, was the daughter of Sir Giles Brydges or Brugge of Cubberley (1462-December 1, 1511) and Isabel Baynham (c.1475-1511+). She married c. 1515 Leonard Pole or Poole of Sap...

Catherine Florence Mayes (Brydges) (1877 - d.)

Charles Brydges/Bruges (c.1526 - 1619)

Charles BRYDGES (c.1625 - d.)

Charles Brydges (deceased)

Charlotte Brydges (1766 - 1849)

Charlotte Katharine Swann (Brydges) (1800 - 1841)

Clarence Raymond Brydges (1924 - 1994)

David Raymond Brydges (1949 - 1949)

Deborah Brydges (b. - 1753)

Deborah Jemima Brydges (deceased)

Diana Brydges (Hollis) (1648 - 1716)

Earl W. Brydges (1905 - 1975)

Ebert A Brydges (deceased)

Edmund Brydges (?Little) (deceased)

Edmund Brydges (deceased)

Edmund Brydges (1548 - d.)

Edmund BRYDGES (1466 - d.)

Edward Tymewell Brydges (1749 - 1808)

Edward Brydges, Esq. (1712 - 1780)

Edward William George Brydges (1800 - 1816)

Egerton Anthony Brydges (1802 - 1849)

Eleanor (Brydges) (c.1463 - d.)

Eleanor Brydges (Robbins) (deceased)

Eleanor Brydges (deceased)

Eleanor Brydges (c.1546 - d.)

Eleanor Brydges was the daughter of Edmund Brydges, 2nd baron Chandos (d. September 11, 1573) and Dorothy Bray (c.1524-October 31,1605). She went to court with her sister Katherine to be maids of honor...

Elizabeth Brydges (1668 - 1739)

Elizabeth Hughes (Brydges) (1728 - 1786)

Elizabeth Little (Brydges (?Little)) (deceased)

Elizabeth Charlotte Jemima Radcliffe (Brydges) (1813 - 1855)

Elizabeth Jemima Holmes (Brydges) (c.1789 - 1852)

Elizabeth Brydges (c.1574 - 1617)

ELIZABETH BRYDGES (1574-October 1617) Elizabeth Brydges was the daughter of Giles Brydges, 3rd baron Chandos (1547-February 21,1594) and Frances Clinton (1553-September 12,1623). She was co-heiress w...

Elizabeth Burges, c. 1459 (c.1459 - c.1535)

Elizabeth Brugge or Bruges , January 26, 1525, was the daughter of Thomas Brugge or Bruges of Cobberley (1427-January 30, 1492/3) and Florence Darrell (c.1425-1506). She married first William Cassey of...

Elizabeth Clerke / Vane (Brydges) (c.1510 - 1568)

ELIZABETH BRYDGES (c.1510-1568) Elizabeth Brydges was the daughter of Rowland Brydges (Brugge; Bruges; Bridges) of Clerkenwell, Middlesex and Ley Weobley, Herefordshire (d. before December 22, 1544) an...