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Thomas Buchanan of Carbeth, 1st Laird of Carbeth MP (c.1450 - 1492)

Chiefs of Clan Buchanan 12th – Sir Walter Buchanan,[71][72] (Guthrie Smith identifies him as 6th Chief and Buchanan of Auchmar identifies him as 13th Chief) first married an unidentified women and ...

Thomas Buchanan of Carbeth, 2nd Laird of Carbeth MP (c.1470 - c.1555)

' The Buchanan book. The life of Alexander Buchanan, Q.C., of Montreal, followed by an account of the family of Buchanan XII. Sir Walter Buchanan, married Isobel Stewart, daughter of Murdoch, Duk...

Thomas Buchanan of Carbeth, 2nd Laird of Carbeth (1500 - 1590)

Thomas Buchanan of Carbeth, 3rd of Carbeth (1522 - 1590)

Source citation: -------------------- 3rd son, younger brother of Patrick, the 13th Laird of Buchanan from whom he had, in 1464, a grant of lands of Gartincaber, and who was in 1476 the 1st Laird...