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Felipe "Ipe" Siojo Buencamino Sr. MP (1848 - 1929)

Felipe Siojo Buencamino Sr. was a lawyer by profession, a revolutionary leader, a statesman, a cabinet secretary during the First Philippine Republic and was one of the founders of the Philippine Indep...

Narcisa Lim Buencamino MP (1877 - 1966)

Narcisa Lim Buencamino-de Leon was a pioneering business woman. She was part of the establishment and early years of the Republic Cement Corporation; but she is most known as the driving force behind L...

Adriano L. Buencamino (1837 - d.)

Alejandro L Buencamino (deceased)

Anastacia Viri-Buencamino (deceased)

Arturo C Buencamino (1907 - d.)

Ascencion Arnedo Buencamino (deceased)

Asuncion Buencamino (deceased)

Asuncion "Cion" Arnedo Buencamino (deceased)

Atanacia Buencamino (Lim) (deceased)

Aurora C Buencamino (1908 - d.)

Baltazara Buencamino (deceased)

Basilia Buencamino (David) (deceased)

Basilia Buencamino (deceased)

Carmen Erfe (Buencamino) (1913 - d.)

Catalino C. Buencamino (1836 - d.)

Catalino Buencamino (deceased)

Catalino Buencamino (deceased)

Celina Ramos (Buencamino) (1953 - 2004)

Cenon F Buencamino (1912 - d.)

Consolacion Teodoro (Buencamino) (deceased)

Delfin Buencamino (deceased)


Donato Buencamino (deceased)


Eulalia F Buencamino (deceased)

Felicismo Buencamino (deceased)

Felipe Abreu Buencamino, Jr. (deceased)

Felipe S. Buencamino, Sr. (deceased)

Felipe Siojo Buencamino (1848 - d.)

Don Felipe Siojo Buencamino (1848 - 1929)

Felipe A. Buencamino III (1920 - 1949)

References "Philippines Deaths and Burials, 1726-1957," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 11 Feb 2013), Phillip Iii Buencamino, 28 Apr 1949; citing Manila, Metropolitan Manila, Philippines, referenc...

Flaviano Buencamino (deceased)

Florencia de Leon (Buencamino) (deceased)

Florentino L Buencamino (deceased)

Fortunato Siojo Buencamino (1846 - d.)

Fortunato Buencamino (deceased)

Fortunato Buencamino (deceased)

Fortunato Siojo Buencamino (deceased)

Francisco D.V. Buencamino (1919 - 2007)

Gelacio Buencamino (deceased)

Genoveva L Buencamino (deceased)

Irene L Buencamino (1855 - d.)

Joaquin Arnedo Buencamino (deceased)

Joaquin Arnedo Buencamino (deceased)

Jose F Buencamino, Sr (1909 - d.)

Jose Buencamino (deceased)

Jose Siojo Buencamino (deceased)

Jose Buencamino (deceased)

Jose Buencamino (deceased)

Jose Siojo Buencamino (1854 - d.)

Josefa F Buencamino (deceased)

Juan Buencamino (deceased)

Juan Buencamino (deceased)

Juan C Buencamino (deceased)

Juan Manuel Buencamino (deceased)

Juan Manuel Siojo Buencamino (deceased)

Juan Manuel Siojo Buencamino (1855 - d.)

Juana Buencamino (Estrella) (deceased)

Juana L. Buencamino (1857 - d.)

Juana Maria Buencamino (deceased)

Juanita F Buencamino (1899 - d.)

Julia Buencamino (deceased)

Justo Siojo Buencamino (deceased)

Justo Buencamino (deceased)

Justo S, Buencamino (deceased)

Justo Siojo Buencamino (deceased)

Justo Siojo Buencamino (1850 - d.)

Liony F Buencamino (deceased)

Lourdes Buencamino-Quisumbing (1907 - 1993)

Ma Virginia Consolacion Siojo Buencamino (1856 - d.)

Macaria L Buencamino (deceased)

Manuel Buencamino (deceased)

Marcela L. Buencamino (deceased)

Maria Buencamino (Tecson) (deceased)

Maria B Tecson (Buencamino) (1891 - d.)

Maria Arnedo Buencamino (deceased)

Maria Buencamino (de la Cruz) (deceased)

Maria "Biang" Arnedo Buencamino (deceased)

Marie Fe Buencamino Novales (deceased)

Maria Flora Buencamino (deceased)

Mariano Buencamino (deceased)

Mariano T Buencamino (1853 - d.)

Marta Buencamino (deceased)

Miguel Buencamino (deceased)

Narcisa Lim Buencamino (deceased)

Dona Sisang owned LVN Pictures. 'LVN' takes its name from the first letter of the families that put up the movie studio: L - De Leon; V - Villonco; and N - Navoa. Dona Sisang eventually bought out the ...

Narcisa Siojo Buencamino (deceased)

Narcisa de Leon (Buencamino) (deceased)

Narcisa Buencamino (deceased)

Narciso Siojo Buencamino (1851 - d.)

Natividad F Buencamino (Ferrer) (deceased)

Nicolasa Buencamino (Yamson) (deceased)

Pablo Buencamino (deceased)

pastor aragon buencamino (deceased)

Paulina F Buencamino (deceased)

Pedro Buencamino (deceased)

Petrona Buencamino (Siojo) (deceased)

Placida Buencamino (Juliano) (deceased)

Placida Buencamino (deceased)

Potenciano Buencamino, Jr. (deceased)