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Felipe "Ipe" Siojo Buencamino Sr. MP (1848 - 1929)

Felipe Siojo Buencamino Sr. was a lawyer by profession, a revolutionary leader, a statesman, a cabinet secretary during the First Philippine Republic and was one of the founders of the Philippine Indep...

Narcisa Lim Buencamino MP (1877 - 1966)

Narcisa Lim Buencamino-de Leon was a pioneering business woman. She was part of the establishment and early years of the Republic Cement Corporation; but she is most known as the driving force behind L...

Adriano L. Buencamino (1837 - d.)

Alejandro L Buencamino (deceased)

Anastacia Viri-Buencamino (deceased)

Arturo C Buencamino (1907 - d.)

Ascencion Arnedo Buencamino (deceased)

Asuncion Buencamino (deceased)

Asuncion "Cion" Arnedo Buencamino (deceased)

Atanacia Buencamino (Lim) (deceased)

Aurora C Buencamino (1908 - d.)

Baltazara Buencamino (deceased)

Basilia Buencamino (David) (deceased)

Basilia Buencamino (deceased)

Carmen Erfe (Buencamino) (1913 - d.)

Catalino Buencamino (deceased)

Catalino Buencamino (deceased)

Catalino C. Buencamino (1836 - d.)

Celina Ramos (Buencamino) (1953 - 2004)

Cenon F Buencamino (1912 - d.)

Consolacion Teodoro (Buencamino) (deceased)

Delfin Buencamino (deceased)


Donato Buencamino (deceased)


Eulalia F Buencamino (deceased)

Felicismo Buencamino (deceased)

Felipe A. Buencamino III (1920 - 1949)

References "Philippines Deaths and Burials, 1726-1957," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 11 Feb 2013), Phillip Iii Buencamino, 28 Apr 1949; citing Manila, Metropolitan Manila, Philippines, referenc...

Felipe S. Buencamino, Sr. (deceased)

Don Felipe Siojo Buencamino (1848 - 1929)

Felipe Abreu Buencamino, Jr. (deceased)

Felipe Siojo Buencamino (1848 - d.)

Flaviano Buencamino (deceased)

Florencia de Leon (Buencamino) (deceased)

Florentino L Buencamino (deceased)

Fortunato Siojo Buencamino (1846 - d.)

Fortunato Buencamino (deceased)

Fortunato Siojo Buencamino (deceased)

Fortunato Buencamino (deceased)

Francisco D.V. Buencamino (1919 - 2007)

Gelacio Buencamino (deceased)

Genoveva L Buencamino (deceased)

Irene L Buencamino (1855 - d.)

Joaquin Arnedo Buencamino (deceased)

Joaquin Arnedo Buencamino (deceased)

Jose F Buencamino, Sr (1909 - d.)

Jose Buencamino (deceased)

Jose Siojo Buencamino (deceased)

Jose Buencamino (deceased)

Jose Buencamino (deceased)

Jose Siojo Buencamino (1854 - d.)

Josefa F Buencamino (deceased)

Juan Buencamino (deceased)

Juan Buencamino (deceased)

Juan C Buencamino (deceased)

Juan Manuel Buencamino (deceased)

Juan Manuel Siojo Buencamino (deceased)

Juan Manuel Siojo Buencamino (1855 - d.)

Juana Buencamino (Estrella) (deceased)

Juana L. Buencamino (1857 - d.)

Juana Maria Buencamino (deceased)

Juanita F Buencamino (1899 - d.)

Julia Buencamino (deceased)

Justo Buencamino (deceased)

Justo S, Buencamino (deceased)

Justo Siojo Buencamino (deceased)

Justo Siojo Buencamino (1850 - d.)

Liony F Buencamino (deceased)

Lourdes Buencamino-Quisumbing (1907 - 1993)

Ma Virginia Consolacion Siojo Buencamino (1856 - d.)

Macaria L Buencamino (deceased)

Manuel Buencamino (deceased)

Marcela L. Buencamino (deceased)

Maria Buencamino (Tecson) (deceased)

Maria B Tecson (Buencamino) (1891 - d.)

Maria Arnedo Buencamino (deceased)

Maria Buencamino (de la Cruz) (deceased)

Maria "Biang" Arnedo Buencamino (deceased)

Marie Fe Buencamino Novales (deceased)

Maria Flora Buencamino (deceased)

Mariano Buencamino (deceased)

Mariano T Buencamino (1853 - d.)

Marta Buencamino (deceased)

Miguel Buencamino (deceased)

Narcisa Siojo Buencamino (deceased)

Narcisa de Leon (Buencamino) (deceased)

Narcisa Buencamino (deceased)

Narciso Siojo Buencamino (1851 - d.)

Natividad F Buencamino (Ferrer) (deceased)

Nicolasa Buencamino (Yamson) (deceased)

Pablo Buencamino (deceased)

pastor aragon buencamino (deceased)

Paulina F Buencamino (deceased)

Pedro Buencamino (deceased)

Petrona Buencamino (Siojo) (deceased)

Placida Buencamino (Juliano) (deceased)

Placida Buencamino (deceased)

Potenciano Buencamino, Jr. (deceased)

Potenciano Siojo Buencamino (deceased)

Potenciano Buencamino (deceased)