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Alexander Burnet, 8th of Leys MP (c.1480 - 1526)

Alexander 8th of Leys probably never held the title of laird as he died in 1525/6 and predeceased his father, Alexander 7th of Leys (who died in 1529). The title of laird would have passed directly to ...

Alexander Burnet, 7th of Leys MP (1455 - 1529)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Alexander Burnet of Leys: Alexander Burnet of Leys [1] M, #189710 Last Edited=30 Apr 2006 Alexander Burnet of Leys married Janet Gardine.[1] He is th...

Alexander 4th Baron & 9th Laird of Leys Burnet, 9th of Leys MP (1500 - 1574)

He and his wife began the construction of Crathes Castle in 1553. In 1563 he fought for Mary, Queen of Scots, at the Battle of Corrichie.

Alexander Burnet / Burnett / Burnard, 1st Baron & 6th Laird of Leys MP (c.1419 - 1505)

Was rewarded with Banchory as a free barony in 1488 by fighting for James III. Laird from 1454 to 1505.

Alexander Burnet, Archbishop of St Andrews MP (b. - 1684)

Biographical Summary " Alexander Burnet [or Burnett] , bapt. 6th Aug. 1615, son of James B., min. of Jedburgh; educated at Univ. of Edinburgh; M.A. (22nd June 1633); became chaplain to his kinsman, J...

Ann Biddulph (Burnet), SM/PROG MP (1765 - 1844)

Anne Burnet MP (deceased)

Esther Leamyng (Burnet / Burnett) MP (1653 - 1714)

Her name may also have been spelled Hester

Helen Burnet (Wood) MP (deceased)

Judge Jacob Burnet MP (1770 - 1853)

Jacob Burnet (sometimes spelled Burnett) was an American jurist and statesman from Ohio. He was born in Newark, New Jersey on February 22, 1770, the son of Dr. William Burnet. He studied law, moved to ...

Janet Burnet (Gardine) MP (1454 - 1504)

John Burnet of Kilduthie MP (c.1576 - d.)

Margaret Burnet MP (1542 - d.)

Peninah Searing (Burnet) MP (1748 - d.)

Ralph Burnet MP (c.1569 - 1625)

Death date of 1628, Holland, listed, but unsourced. Links

Robert Burnet / Burnett / Burnard MP (1375 - d.)

Deputy Sheriff of Kincardine in 1391

Susannah Moseley Burnet MP (1595 - 1656)

Mrs. Susanna Moseley, the wife of William Moseley, of Lower Norfolk County, Virginia, was a member of a wealthy English or Dutch family living in Rotterdam. She had an excellent education, facility wit...

Symond Burnard ((Burnard) Burnet), 2nd Laird of Leys MP (1325 - 1400)

There are records which suggest that Symon was involved in commerce and shipping in the town of Aberdeen.

Dr. William Burnet MP (1730 - 1791)

) William Burnet (December 13, 1730, Elizabeth, New Jersey – October 7, 1791, Newark, New Jersey) was an American political leader and physician from New Jersey. He served in the Continental A...

William Burnet MP (1688 - 1729)

William Burnet was a British civil servant and colonial administrator who served as governor of New York and New Jersey (1720–1728) and Massachusetts (1728). Early life Burnet was the son of...

Burnet (c.1775 - d.)

Burnet (c.1769 - d.)


? Burnett (deceased)

? Burnet (deceased)

? Burnet (deceased)

? Burnet (deceased)

?????? Burnet (deceased)

Described as quite the philanderer, ?? caused the bishop to swear when he found out that he was baptizing two of ??'s children from different mothers. He was reported to be well dressed and a good dancer.

Abby Burnet (Littell) (deceased)

Ada Burnet (1863 - d.)

Agnes Wallace (Burnet) (deceased)

Agnes Burnet (8th of Leys) (Lichtoun) (1484 - 1503)

Agnes Burnet (1535 - d.)

Agnes Burnet (deceased)

Agnes Burnet (Wilson) (deceased)

Agnes Burnet (Gray) (deceased)

Agnes Naesmyth (Burnet) (1588 - d.)

Agnes Burnet (Lichtoun) (deceased)

Agnes Burnet of Criggie (b. - 1736)

Alan Riddle Burnet (deceased)

Alex Burnet (1859 - 1913)

Alexander Burnet (deceased)

Alexander Burnet (Comyn) (deceased)

Alexander Burnet(t) of Leyes (deceased)

Alexander Burnet(t) (both spellings of available, probably not standardized) was Laird of Crathes Castle, in Leyes, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Alexander Burnet of Craigmyle (b. - 1677)

Alexander Burnet of Kynneskie (deceased)

Alexander Burnet (1668 - d.)

Died young

Alexander Burnet (deceased)

Alexander Burnet of Craigmyle (deceased)

Alexander Burnet (1741 - d.)

Alexander Burnet (deceased)

Alexander Burnet of Kynneskie (deceased)

Alexander Burnet (deceased)

Alexander Burnet of Shedocksley (deceased)

Alexander Burnet (1681 - d.)

Alexander Burnet of Camphill (deceased)

Alexander Burnet (deceased)

Alexander Burnet of Monboddo (c.1662 - c.1690)

Alexander Burnet (deceased)

Alexander Burnet (1640 - d.)

Died young

Alexander Burnet (deceased)

Alexander Wear Burnet (1783 - 1863)

Alexander Burnet of Kynneskie (deceased)

Alexander Burnet of Monboddo (deceased)

Alexander Burnett (BURNET) (1613 - d.)

Alice Burnet (deceased)

Alison Burnet m. Geo at Athelstaneford 17Mar1856 Knox (deceased)

Amelia Burnet (1855 - d.)

Andrew Burnet / Burnett / Burnard (deceased)

Andrew Burnet (c.1873 - d.)

Andrew Burnet of Carlops (deceased)

Andrew Burnet (deceased)

Witness on a sassine in 1507

Andrew Burnet (b. - 1726)

Andrew Burnet (deceased)

Andrew Burnet (1670 - d.)

Andrew Burnet of Warriston (1632 - d.)

andrew burnet (deceased)

Andrew Lewis Burnet (1907 - 1946)

Andrew Burnet (1676 - d.)

Andrew Burnet (deceased)

Andrew Burnet (deceased)

Died young

Andrew Burnett of Cowcardie (deceased)

Andrew William Burnet (1840 - 1892)

Andrew William Burnet, III (1811 - 1896)

Andrew Burnet of Slowie (deceased)

Andrew William Burnet, Sr., Dr. (1710 - 1766)

andrew burnet (deceased)

Andrew William Burnet, Jr., Dr. (1763 - 1814)

Andrew Burnet (1639 - d.)

andrew william burnet (1904 - 1972)

Andrew Burnet of Slowie (b. - 1676)

Andrew Burnett of Schedoksley (deceased)

Ann Dawson (Burnet) (1690 - d.)

Ann Burnet (b. - 1827)

Ann McLean (Burnet) (1764 - 1827)

Ann Burns (Burnet) (c.1819 - 1885)

Ann Burnet (deceased)

Ann Christian (Burnet) (1805 - d.)

Anna Burnet (VanValkenberg) (1823 - 1853)

Anna Morse (Burnet) (deceased)