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Agnes Sarah Bell Cabell (Gamble) MP (1783 - 1863)

Agnes Sarah Bell Gamble , the second wife of Gov. Cabell, daughter of Col. Robert Gamble, was born August 22, 1783, and died February 15, 1863, at the residence of her son, Dr. J. G. Cabell, in Richmon...

Ann E. Cabell (Bolling) MP (deceased)

Ann Harrison (Cabell) MP (1771 - 1840)

Anne Cabell (Bolling) MP (1778 - 1836)

Pocahontas Rebecca Bolling (OMSS shows Pocahontas Watson Bolling) (Abt. 1767-1803), m. 1783, Col. Joseph Cabell, Jr. (Jan. 6, 1762-8/31/1831), son of Col. Joseph and Mary Hopkins Cabell. He m. (2nd 1...

Maj. General Benjamin W.S. Cabell MP (1793 - 1862)

Gen. Benjamin Cabell was born on his family's estate, "Repton," on the James River. After attending school at Hampden-Sydney, he emigrated with his father, "Repton" Joseph Cabell, Jr., to Kentucky in...

Elizabeth Cabell (Brierton) MP (c.1760 - 1802)

Elizabeth Brierton Jones was the second wife of John Cabell. They were married in Virginia on July 19, 1787. They had no children of their own but John adopted her son Robert Jones, known thereafter as...

Elizabeth Cabell (Burks) MP (1705 - 1756)

Elizabeth Burks was born c.1705 in Henrico County, Virginia and died Sept. 21, 1756 at the family plantation in Albemarle, Virginia. She was the daughter of Samuel Burks and Mary Davis. She married Wil...

Dr. George Cabell MP (1766 - 1823)

He was called Jr. because he needed to distinguish himself from his First Cousin, Dr. George Cabell, the son of his uncle.

James Branch Cabell MP (1879 - 1958)

James Branch Cabell was the author of fifty-two books, including fantasy and science fiction novels, comedies of manners about post-bellum Richmond, works of genealogy, collections of short stories, es...

Joseph Cabell, Jr. MP (1762 - 1831)

Joseph Cabell, Sr., M.D. MP (1732 - 1798)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of COLONEL. DAR Ancestor # A018015 Col. Joseph Cabell (1732-1798) (Excerpted from - ) "Like his brothers William, John, and Nicholas,...

Margaret Reid Cabell (Venable) MP (1782 - 1857)

TWIN of Elizabeth Woodson Venable _______________________________ Nicholas Cabell, son of Nicholas and Hannah (Carrington) Cabell, was born December 24, 1780; was educated by private tutors at Hamp...

Mary Breckinridge (Cabell) MP (deceased)

Mary Cabell (Hopkins) MP (1735 - 1811)

Info added per the DAR's "Lineage Book of the Charter Members" by Mary S Lockwood published in 1895

Mary Hopkins Breckenridge (Cabell) MP (1769 - 1858)

Mary Horsley (Cabell) MP (1727 - 1760)

Mary Cabell was the daughter of William Cabell, MD., and wife Elizabeth Burks. She was born in Virginia in 1727 and died before 1760. She married William Horsley. They had four children.

Nicholas Cabell MP (1750 - 1803)

Nicholas Cabell , son of William Cabell, MD and Elizabeth burks, was born October 29, 1750 in Goochland County, Virginia, and died at Liberty Hall Plantation, Amherst County, Virginia, on August 18, 18...

Nicholas Cabell, Jr. MP (1780 - 1809)

Nicholas Cabell, son of Nicholas and Hannah (Carrington) Cabell, was born December 24, 1780; was educated by private tutors at Hampden-Sidney College, and William and Mary College. He took charge of hi...

Pocahontas Rebecca Cabell (Bolling) MP (1754 - 1803)

Sarah Cabell (Winston) MP (1770 - 1826)

Mrs. Sarah Winston Cabell died early in the spring of 1826, and Bishop Richard Channing Moore thus alludes to her in his report made to the Council of the Episcopal Church on May 20, 1826: "During the ...

Sophonisba E. Grayson (Cabell) MP (1784 - 1857)

William Cabell, Jr. MP (1759 - 1822)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of Major. DAR Ancestor # A018020 William Cabell was a major in Col. John Pope's militia battalion of Amherst at the Battle of Yorktown. ...

Capt. William Cabell, MD MP (1687 - 1774)

William Cabell was born March 9, 1687 in Wiltshire, England. He was the son of Dr. Nicholas Cabell and wife Rachel Hooper. He studied medicine at the London College of Surgery and Medicine. Upon gradua...

Hon. William H. Cabell, of "Montevideo" MP (1772 - 1853)

William H. Cabell (December 16, 1772 – January 12, 1853) was a Virginia politician and Democratic-Republican. He served as Member of the Assembly, as Governor of Virginia, and as judge. He ado...

Colonel William Cabell MP (1730 - 1798)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A018019 He received a good education and held many offices; he was sub-sheriff of Albemarle county in 1751; captain of a company of t...

Cabell (deceased)

-- Cabell (Montgomery) (deceased)

? Cabell (Woodrum) (deceased)

Adolfus N. Cabell (1883 - 1902)

Adolfus Cabell (deceased)

Agnes Elmer Izac (Cabell) (1895 - 1975)

Daughter of Major General Derosey Carroll Cabell Sr (USMA Class of 1884), and Martha Otis. Married to Lieutenant Edouard Victor Michel Izac, the only US Navy winner of the Medal of Honor in World War I...

Agnes Ballew (Cabell?) (deceased)

Agnes Isaacs (Cabell) (1895 - c.1972)

Alethaea Spalding Cabell (1847 - d.)

Alexander A Cabell (c.1812 - c.1875)

Alexander Cabell (deceased)

Alfred Cabell (c.1850 - d.)

Major Algernon S. Cabell (CSA) (1834 - 1898)

Major Cabell was a native of Virginia and one of seven sons of Gen. B. W. L. Cabell, of Danville, Va. Six of the sons were in the Confederate army at the same time. Deceased moved to Arkansas in 1853...

Alice Winston Withers (Cabell) (1837 - 1912)

Alice Cabell (Winston) (1784 - c.1814)

Alice Cabell (deceased)

Alice Winston Cabell (c.1840 - d.)

Alice Cabell (Winston) (c.1770 - 1814)

Alice Winston Carrington (Cabell) (1800 - 1846)

"It is not certain just how the fortunes of the Carringtons began to decline. They were an open-handed, high-living, hospitable race. An older member of the family said several of the Carringtons would...

Alice Winston Cabell (1806 - d.)

alice mae Miller (Cabell) (deceased)

Alma Wilhelmina Cabell (von Wright) (1866 - 1934)

Anita Ford Dillon (Cabell) (1923 - 2006)

Ann Cabell (c.1810 - d.)

Ann Nancy Mayo Cabell (Carrington) (1760 - 1838)

Ann Carrington Flournoy (Cabell) (c.1786 - 1854)

Anna Henry Cabell (1858 - d.)

Anna Maria Cabell (Wilcox) (1830 - 1873)

Anna R Cabell (deceased)

Anne Cabell (1809 - d.)

Anne Atkinson Cabell (deceased)

Anne Harris Cabell (Branch) (1859 - 1915)

After graduating in June 1898, James Branch Cabell worked briefly as a reporter in New York City. On his return to Richmond he again found himself the subject of a malicious rumor, that he had murdered...

Anne Cabell (Anthony) (deceased)

Anne Bouldin Rust (Cabell) (1829 - d.)

Anne Blaws Cabell (Cocke) (1811 - 1862)

Archibald Bolling Cabell (1881 - d.)

Archibald Cabell (1795 - 1822)

Athaliah Cabell (Miller) (c.1826 - c.1910)

August Friedrich Wilhelm Cabell (1870 - 1941)

Aylett J Cabell (deceased)

Benjamin Franklin Cabell (1824 - d.)

Benjamin William Sheridan Cabell (1882 - 1952)

Find A Grave Memorial# 136363114

B.W. "Doc" Cabell (c.1917 - c.1974)

Benjamin Cabell (1824 - d.)

Benjamin Cabell (deceased)

Ben E. Cabell, Mayor of Dallas, Texas (1858 - 1931)

Benjamin Elias Cabell (November 18, 1858 - February 8, 1931), attorney, was mayor of Dallas 1900-1904. Biography Benjamin Elias Cabell was born November 18, 1858 in Ft. Smith, Arkansas to William...

Benjamin W. S. Cabell (1886 - 1886)

Benjamin Cabell (1765 - d.)

Benjamin Cabell (CSA) (1842 - 1862)

Benjamin Edward Cabell was the son of Gen. B.W.S. Cabell, a veteran of the War of 1812. Their family plot is marked by a tall brownstone column. He is buried with his brother Joseph Robert Cabell. He...

Benjamin William Sheridan Cabell (1793 - 1862)

Bertye Cabell (Earey) (deceased)

Calvin S. Cabell (deceased)

Caroline Augusta Brown (Cabell) (1854 - 1876)

Caroline Cabell (Anthony) (1822 - 1908)

Carrie Lee Cabell (deceased)

Carrie Lee Cabell (deceased)

Cary Charles Cabell (1854 - 1856)

Catherine S Cabell (Wells) (c.1821 - 1858)

Catherine Ann Cabell (1806 - 1807)

Catherine Kate Cabell (Wells) (c.1821 - c.1850)

Catherine Douglas Cabell (1847 - 1892)

Ceal Cabell (deceased)

Charles Cabell (deceased)

Charles Arnold Cabell (1870 - 1946)

General Charles P. Cabell (USAF), Deputy Director of the CIA (1903 - 1971)

Charles Pearre Cabell (October 11, 1903 in Dallas, Texas – May 25, 1971 in Arlington, Virginia) was an United States Air Force General and deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency. ...

Charles W Cabell (c.1863 - d.)

Charles Ellet Cabell (deceased)

Charles J Cabell (1789 - 1810)

Charles Joseph Cabell (1813 - 1882)

Charles W Cabell, (deceased)

Charles Webster l Cabell (deceased)

Charlotte Ridgely Cabell (1906 - d.)

Charlotte Cabell (Schott) (1877 - d.)

Clara Hawes Cabell (Coleman) (deceased)

Clara J Cabell (deceased)