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Isabella Bacon (Cage) MP (1478 - 1535)

John Cage, Jr. MP (c.1460 - 1476)

John F. Cage MP (1627 - 1676)

Arrived Amer. 1635-6 from Portsmm. John arrived in America in 1636 as an indentured servant of Thomas Cornwallis and had an obligation to him for 8 years service. (2) His will was probated July 16, 167...

John Cage MP (c.1450 - d.)

John Milton Cage, Jr. MP (1912 - 1992)

John Milton Cage Jr. (September 5, 1912 – August 12, 1992) was an American composer, music theorist, writer, and artist. See John Cage Centennial: John Cage's genius an L.A. story from Wik...

Martha Eure (Cage) MP (1599 - 1672)

Martha Cage MP (c.1542 - 1593)

Nicolas Cage MP

Born Nicolas Kim Coppola, he changed his name early in his career to Nicholas Cage to avoid the appearance of nepotism as the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola. A peripheral member of the early Eighties' ...

Rosetta Lowry (Cage) Veazey MP (deceased)

Wife of John Cage (Cockfield) MP (c.1462 - d.)

William Cage MP (1661 - c.1698)

Notes William Cage - appears to have lived in Charles Co. to adulthood and married and died there because a younger William Cage (presumably his son), b. 1697-8, lived in Charles Co. to adulthood a...

William Cage MP (1720 - c.1771)

"As to who the parents of Maj. William Cage were, that has big a huge conundrum for Cage genealogists for decades.  He was almost certainly the grandson of William Cage (ca. 1698-aft. 1752) & Ma...

Maj. William Cage MP (1745 - 1811)

Major William Cage, born in Virginia, 1745, moved to Chatham County, N. C., before the Revolution. He was prominent and popular, and when the Revolution began he was appointed Major and was chiefly act...

William Cage MP (c.1698 - c.1752)

Landowner & tobacco farmer in William and Mary Parish, Charles County, Maryland. Family Parents: William Cage b: 1661 in Charles County, Maryland Married Margaret Willson b abt 1703 C...

A. Cage (deceased)

Adelia Cage (deceased)

Adeline Cage (c.1813 - d.)

Adolphus Allison Cage (1845 - 1930)

Albert Arthur Cage (1870 - 1924)

Albert Cage (deceased)

Albert Hunley Cage (1833 - 1878)

Albert Gallatin Cage (c.1796 - 1850)

13) Albert Gallatin Cage (ca 1796 - 16 Oct 1850) never married, but had at least eight illegitimate children with India, one of his slaves. Links

Alberta E. Cage (deceased)

Alfred M. Cage (1869 - 1869)

Alfred Joseph Cage (deceased)

Alma Goetz (Cage) (deceased)

Altha Wilson (Cage) (1894 - d.)

Alva Cage (deceased)

Amanda Thompson Cage (Garrett) (1840 - 1933)

Amanda Thompson Cage (Garrett) (1839 - d.)

Anita Florence Cage (Farrell) (1922 - 2000)

1930 census, Ewa, Honolulu, Hawaii Household Gender Age Birthplace Head Thomas Farrell M 40 California Wife Mary Farrell F 38 Hawaii Daughter Gladys Farrell F 13 Hawaii Daughter Anita Farre...

Ann Cage (Hall) (c.1762 - 1800)

After moving to Sumner County William Cage's first wife (Elizabeth Douglass) died in 1792 and he married Nancy Hall Morgan who was the daughter of Major William Hall and Elizabeth Thankful Doak. The co...

Ann Cage (deceased)

Anna E. Cage (Petty) (1860 - 1932)

Anna Balls (Cage) (c.1783 - d.)

Anna Cage (1659 - d.)


Anne Cage (Hall) (c.1637 - c.1666)

links Hall, William, St. Mary's County, 28th Mch., 1666; 31st May, 1666. To Anne Cage, wife of John Cage, personalty. John Cage, Sr., ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: J...

Anne Cage (deceased)

Anne Cage (b. - 1665)

Anne Cage (deceased)

Annetta Cage (b. - 1826)

Annie Whitman (Cage) (deceased)

Annie Cage (Steutermann) (1860 - 1952)

Annie Cage (deceased)

Annis Cage (Gage) (deceased)

Anthony Cage, of Longstow (deceased)

Anthony Cage (Gage) (c.1540 - 1583)

Notes Middlesex, England, Extracted Parish Records. Text: "Abraham Musgrove of St. Sepulchre's-without-Newgate, innholder, and Anthony Cage of St. Swithin's, gentleman, for Zacheus Mondaie of Marto...

Anthony Cage (deceased)

Anthony Cage (Gage) (c.1550 - 1588)

Anthony Cage (b. - 1583)

Anthony Cage (deceased)

Antonis / Anthony Cage (Gage) (deceased)

Arnold Cage (deceased)

Arnold Cage (deceased)

ASda Cage (deceased)

asdgasd Cage (deceased)

Audrey Cage (deceased)

Audrey Cage (deceased)

Bartholomew Cage (deceased)

Benjamin F. Cage (1857 - 1948)

Benjamin Franklin Cage (deceased)

BESSIE CAGE (deceased)

MOTHER (1944 - 2009)

Bessie M. Graf (Cage) (1880 - 1960)

BESSIE CAGE (deceased)

Bestman Cage (deceased)

Betsy Cage (deceased)

Bettie Cage (deceased)

Betty Cage (deceased)

Betty CAGE (Carroll) (deceased)

Burnice Cage (deceased)

Campbell Cage (deceased)

Carl Cage (deceased)

Catherine Sarah Johanna Cage (Petzer) (1888 - 1947)

Charles Cage (deceased)

Charles Eddie Cage (1872 - 1905)

Charles Cage (1939 - 2003)


Charlotte Ann Cage (Green) (1825 - 1891)

Chet Cage (deceased)

Clarinda Myrinda Smith Cage (deceased)

Clemmie Cage (deceased)

Clyde Thomas Cage, Jr. (1903 - 1971)

Cora Homie Saunders / Cage (Gutherie) (1891 - 1971)

Cora Bell Duke (Cage) (1877 - 1934)

Daisy Cage (Johnson) (deceased)

Daniel Cage (deceased)

Daniel Cage (deceased)

dasfasdf Cage (deceased)

david cage (deceased)

Delia D Beck (Cage) (1812 - 1848)

Della M. Cage (Henderson) (1882 - 1946)

derrick cage (deceased)

Dewey George Cage (1899 - 1963)

Dewitt B Cage (1865 - d.)

dora cage (deceased)

Dora Ann Ogle (Cage) (1894 - 1944)

Dorothy Cage-Flanigan (deceased)

Dorothy Yvonne Cage (Fulford) (1927 - 2002)

Dorothy Cage (deceased)