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John Thomas Caine MP (1829 - 1911)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... John Thomas Caine (January 8, 1829 – September 20, 1911) was a delegate to the United States House of Representatives from the Territory of Utah..." "......

Sir Michael Caine, CBE MP

Surrey, UK

Sir Michael Caine, CBE (born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite; 14 March 1933) is one of only two actors nominated for an Academy Award for acting (either lead or supporting) in every decade from the 1960s to...

? Caine (deceased)

Abel Caine (deceased)

Abigail Caine (Gorman) (deceased)

Abigail Holland (Caine) (1104 - 1153)

Louise Warhop (1919 - 1996)

Ada Corrie (Caine) (1910 - 1942)

Adele Caine, 13.12.1911 (1911 - 11)

Adele Grossman (Caine) (deceased)

Adele Caine (deceased)

Adell Caine (deceased)

Agnes Ellen Caine (1851 - 1926)

Agnes M Caine (1874 - 1940)

Albert Caine (1866 - 1868)

albert jeramiah caine (deceased)

alberta caine (deceased)

Alexander Caine (1871 - d.)

Alf Caine (deceased)

Alfred Ballif Caine (1891 - 1950)

Alice Caine (deceased)

Alice ~ (Caine) (1705 - d.)

Alice Caine (Teare) (c.1680 - 1758)

Allan (Ali) Caine Banhegyi (deceased)

Allen Caine (deceased)

Alton Carnes or Caine (deceased)

Alys (Lubin) Caine (1901 - 1984)

Andrew Caine (deceased)

Ann ~ (Caine) (c.1708 - d.)

Ann Caine (c.1771 - 1851)

Ann Cannell (Caine) (c.1758 - 1811)

Ann Cannell, 1811 Submitted by: Jenny Stepanek Date: 27 January 2002 Original: LDS: 0106414 Michael In the Name of God Amen. I Ann Cannell of the Parish of Kirk Michael being weak in body but ...

Ann ~ (Caine) (1847 - d.)

Ann ~ (Caine) (deceased)

Ann Caine (Cowell) (1799 - c.1831)

Ann Cowle Caine Birth: Jun. 9, 1799 Douglas, Isle of Man Death: 1831 Braddan, Isle of Man Braddan Parish Burial Register Book 2 1800-1849 page 10: "11 Dec 1831 Ann Caine als Cowle age 31" Famil...

Ann Caine (deceased)

Ann Caine (Garrett) (c.1773 - d.)

Anna Maria Roxburgh (Caine) (1844 - 1896)

Anna Mary/Mae Caine (Laughlin) (1907 - d.)

Anna Sarah Caine (?) (1858 - 1939)

Anna ~ (Caine) (c.1842 - d.)

Anna Kristina Caine (Taylor) (1895 - 1952)

Annabel Caine (Vincent) (1909 - 1988)

Anne Caine (Quiggin) (c.1786 - 1854)

One of Jane (Quiggin) Cannell's sisters married a COWIN. From a 1891 clipping about Jane's birthday party: "telegrams were recieved from . . . her nephew and neice in Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cowin...

Anne Craine (Caine) (b. - 1819)

(wil) 1819-1 E w CRAINE Ann CAINE dated 3 Apr 1812; widow of William Craine (shoemaker, Bollaugh Moar); children - William Craine (bed in room above parlour end of dwelling house) [?bapt], Ann (w/o Tho...

Anne Heatherington Tibbets (Caine) (deceased)

Anne Louise Caine (deceased)

Anne Caine (Corlet) (deceased)

Anne Caine (Garrett) (c.1773 - d.)

Anthony Caine (deceased)

Antonia Caine (Dobrozdravic) (1920 - 2002)

Archelaus (Alva) Banks Caine (Jaratt or Moore) (deceased)

A newspaper article (The Liberty Vindicator) written in connection with Alva Banks DeKaifetz having been the first baby for the year 1950 having been born at the Mercy Hospital in Liberty Texas, states...

Archie Ann Caine (deceased)

arthur caine (deceased)

Arthur Caine (deceased)

ARVELENA "LENA" Caine (1878 - d.)

Arvelina Rivers (caine) (1928 - 2000)

Audrey Joan Caine (deceased)

Bahee Caine (Corkan) (deceased)

Barbara Caine (deceased)

Barbara Caine (nee Forshaw) (1938 - d.)

Barry Caine (deceased)

Bella Caine (deceased)

Belle Caive / Caine (deceased)

Benjamin Caine (deceased)

Benjamin Caine (deceased)

Benjamin CAINE (Cohen) (deceased)

Berare Caine (deceased)

Bernard Caine (c.1897 - d.)

Bert Caine (deceased)

Bertha Sterns (Caine) (1859 - d.)

Bertha Gedrich (Caine) (deceased)

Bess Smith (deceased)

Bess C. Smith (Caine) (1912 - 1998)

Bessie Rose Carnes or Caine (deceased)

Bessie Caine (Gershkowitz) (c.1877 - 1962)

Bill Caine (deceased)

bradley john caine (2007 - d.)

Bridget Kemp (Caine) (deceased)

Bridget McNea (Caine) (deceased)

bridget kearney (caine) (deceased)

Bridgett Caine (Kane) (Murphy?) (deceased)

Briget Caine(Kane (deceased)

Carol Caine (deceased)

Caroline Gould Caine (deceased)

Carvel Stratton Caine (1903 - 1959)

Cassandra Caine (Sullivant) (deceased)

Catharine Caine (Cretney) (b. - 1827)

Catherine Cain (Caine) (c.1690 - c.1742)

Catherine Benbow (Caine) (deceased)

catherine caine (1861 - d.)

catherine stevens (caine) (deceased)

Catherine Quayle (Caine) (1689 - 1748)

Catherine Cavanaugh (Caine) (deceased)

Catherine Caine (b. - 1854)

Catherine Caine (deceased)

Catherine Jamison (Caine) (1795 - d.)

Catherine Lowber (Caine) (deceased)

Catherine Caine (Quark) (deceased)

Catherine Caine (?) (deceased)

Catherine Agnes Caine (Quirk) (deceased)