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Ada Callaway MP (c.1857 - 1891)

Agatha Callaway (Ward) MP (c.1747 - d.)

Amelia Callaway MP (1753 - 1773)

Amelia, or Milly as her husband called her was the daughter of Colonel William, and Elizabeth (Crawford) Callaway. At a very young age, she married George Callaway, her 1st. cousin, and the son of Colo...

Ann Syflet (Callaway) MP (1774 - d.)

Ann Bowker Callaway (Smith) MP (1751 - 1834)

Obituary: "The Lynchburg Virginian",Nov 13, 1834, p. 3, col. 4.CALLAWAY, MRS. ANNAH B. died Nov 2, 1834 at her residence in Bedford Co. Relict of Col. Wm. Callaway dec'd; died age 83. Member Presbyteri...

Edmund Callaway, of Virginia MP (1610 - c.1719)

Emigrate from England on May 11, 1639 An old book listin ship arrivals at Virginia port, on file in the Denver Public Library shows-"Edmund Callaway emigrated under contract from England in 1639 to Cha...

Eliza Huggins (Callaway) MP (1848 - 1940)

Elizabeth Patrick (Callaway) MP (1771 - 1819)

Elizabeth Patrick was the daughter of George Callaway and granddaughter of Colonel Richard Callaway of Virginia. William Callaway Jr, her uncle, became her guardian after the death of her father and mo...

Elizabeth Callaway (Johnson) MP (1654 - 1719)

from the Postem dated 2006, posted on the Rootsweb database for the Calloway Family Association: What is the source for the marriage between Peter and Elizabeth? They do not seem to have been married...

Elizabeth Callaway (Crawford) MP (c.1720 - 1827)

Elizabeth, my 6th great grandmother was the second wife of Colonel William Callaway. It is believed that they married in 1752, as their first child Amelia Callaway was born on June 5, 1753. Three more ...

Elizabeth Callaway (Tilley) MP (1713 - 1750)

The Family name "Tilly" is derived from tilian and means "to til," or "husbandman of Tiller". Tilia ME. John de tylie. Variations of the name are: Tiley, Tilio, Tily, Tilley, Tillie, Tylee and Tyley.Ea...

Elizabeth Callaway (Calland) MP (c.1785 - 1827)

Flanders Isham Callaway MP (1758 - 1824)

Flanders Callaway was the son in law of Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan Boone, the husband of Jemima Boone. He was the father of Captain James Callaway. Flanders was with Daniel Boone and a party of men...

George Callaway MP (1748 - 1772)

Gustavus Adolphus Callaway MP (1853 - 1930)

James Callaway MP (1806 - d.)

Col. James Callaway MP (1736 - 1809)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of COLONEL. DAR Ancestor # A018369 Colonel James Callaway was born on December 21, 1736 in Bedford County. He was the oldest son of Col...

Jemima Callaway (Boone) MP (1762 - 1834)

Jemima was the daughter of Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan Boone. She was the wife of Flanders Callaway. Jemima and two Callaway girls were kidnapped by the Shawnee. The story of their kidnapping and ...

Maj. John Callaway MP (1738 - 1820)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of LIEUTENANT COLONEL. DAR Ancestor # A018379

John Callaway MP (1807 - 1861)

John M. Callawayby Donna F. Morganfrom: Callaway Family Association - US Immigrant Joseph Callaway File, @ Bedford Co., VA census shows three children living with this family, probably John's brother's...

John Smith Callaway MP (1777 - 1803)

Col John Callaway MP (1746 - 1821)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A018378

Joseph Callaway MP (c.1646 - 1732)

Lucinda W. Callaway (Saunders) MP (1808 - 1854)

Mary Brown (Callaway) MP (1759 - 1831)

The following biography of Polly Callaway Brown has been submitted by Sallie Lewis Hurt for inclusion in "Bedford County Virginia Family Heritage Book 2003":Mary "Polly" Callaway was the daughter of Co...

Minerva Jones (Callaway) MP (1799 - 1850)

Peter Callaway, of Maryland MP (c.1630 - 1719)

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Samuel Callaway MP (1768 - d.)

Sarah Boone Barnes (Callaway) MP (1779 - 1835)

Sarah "Sally" Callaway was the daughter of Flanders Callaway and Jemima Boone, granddaughter of Daniel Boone and Rebecca Ann Bryan, and was born in Boonesboro. She married James Barnes Jr. in about 1...

Sarah Callaway (NN) MP (1828 - 1910)

Shedonna Alexander (Callaway) MP

Cee Lo Green MP

Thomas DeCarlo Callaway (born May 30, 1974) better known by his stage name Cee Lo Green, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actor. Initially, he came to prominence as a memb...

Warren Callaway MP (c.1856 - d.)

wife of Edmund Callaway, of Virginia MP (c.1624 - d.)

William Callaway, II MP (1748 - 1821)

Obituary: "The Lynchburg Press"Oct. 5, 1821, p. 3, col. 4.CALLAWAY, COL. WILLIAM of Bedford Co., age 73. Died at house of Samuel Reid, Sept. 22, 1821. Survived by aged widow and one child.

William "Long Billy" Callaway, III MP (1780 - 1813)

Col William Callaway, Sr MP (1714 - 1777)

DAR Ancestor # A018395 Red Flagged: "FUTURE APPLICANTS MUST PROVE CORRECT SERVICE" Married Elizabeth Tilley in 1735 Founder of New London, Bedford County, Virgina William Calaway was the founder of N...

William Callaway, of Cornwall MP (c.1595 - d.)

Notes Descent William (c. 1595, Cornwall - ?) Edmund (btw. 1610-20, Cornwall - May 1639, VA) Peter (c. 1630, MD - 1719, MD) Jane (c. 1692, MD - ?)

Callaway (deceased)

Callaway (c.1855 - 1858)

Callaway (deceased)

Callaway (deceased)

Manning (Callaway) (deceased)

"Major" ? Callaway (deceased)

(unknown) Whitaker (Callaway?) (b. - 1810)

. Callaway (deceased)

<Private> Callaway (deceased)

<Private> Callaway (deceased)

<Private> Callaway (deceased)

? Callaway (deceased)

Aaron Reeves Callaway (deceased)

Abbie Allen (Callaway) (1883 - 1974)

Abner Early Callaway (1787 - d.)

Abner Benjmin Callaway (c.1809 - d.)

Abner Josepheus Callaway (1848 - d.)

Abner Reeves Callaway (1832 - 1898)

Rev. Callaway was a 3rd great-grandson of American immigrant Peter Callaway. His Callaway ancestry: Peter Callaway = Elizabeth Johnson John Callaway = Mary Gould Edward Callaway = Elizabeth John Call...

Abraham Aaron Callaway (1807 - 1875)

Abraham Aaron Callaway (1807 - 1875)

ada callaway (deceased)

Ada Norton Kyshe (Callaway) (1861 - d.)

Adah Hubbard (Callaway) (1795 - 1878)

Addie H Cooke (Callaway) (1855 - d.)

Adeline Jones Donan (Callaway) (1883 - 1975)

Adeline(Addie) Schellenberger (Callaway) (deceased)

Aden F Callaway (1917 - 2000)

Adraleigh Callaway (deceased)

Agnes Callaway (1897 - 1936)

Agnes Callaway (deceased)

Agnes Matilda Maria Callaway (Stephens) (1848 - 1905)

Agnes Callaway (deceased)

Agnes Durrant (Callaway) (deceased)

Agnes Hilton Callaway (Platt), Platt (1881 - 1951)

Agnes Matilda Pearl Symons (Callaway) (1910 - 1999)

Agnes Minnetta Callaway (c.1902 - c.1903)

Agnus Callaway (deceased)

Alabertha Pratt (Callaway) (1921 - d.)

Albert Callaway (deceased)

Albert Bradford Callaway, I (1883 - 1923)

Albert Jacob Callaway (1886 - d.)

Albert George Callaway (1902 - d.)

Albert Lincoln Callaway (1862 - 1942)

Albert Bradford Callaway, II (1911 - d.)

Albert Hill Callaway (1837 - 1910)

Albert Callaway (1883 - d.)

Albert Callaway (deceased)

Albert Ragan Callaway (1818 - 1825)

Albert Edward Callaway (deceased)

Alberta Callaway (deceased)

Albina Callaway (Lunceford) (1872 - 1937)

Aletha V Callaway (deceased)

Alf Callaway (deceased)

Alfred Callaway (1862 - d.)

Alfred Percival Edward Callaway (1881 - 1951)

Alfred Sherrill Callaway (deceased)

Alice Callaway (deceased)

Alice Virginia Callaway (c.1956 - c.1921)

Alice Callaway (Morris) (1859 - 1943)

Alice C Callaway (1849 - d.)

Alice Callaway (Boothroyd) (deceased)

Alice Grace Ellis (Callaway) (deceased)