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Agnès de Méranie MP (1180 - 1201)

Nedan från koenig_von_frankreich_1223.html Der Thronfolger war dem Vater spät geboren worden. Nach 28 Ehejahren Ludwigs VII. hatte seine 3. Gemahlin, Adela vonChampagne, am 21. ...

Agnès Capet de France MP (1260 - 1327)

Agnes of France, Duchess of Burgundy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Agnes of France (c. 1260 - December 19, 1327) was the youngest daughter of Louis IX of France and Marguerite Berenger of P...

Alice de France (Capet), Comtesse de Blois MP (1151 - 1195)

Alix de France (1150-1195) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. ) Alix de France (ou Adélaïde de France ou Aélis de Blois), née en 1150, morte ...

Alphonse, comte de Poitiers MP (1220 - 1271)

Alphonse de Poitiers Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Alphonse de Poitiers, né le 11 novembre 1220 à Poissy et mort le 21 août 1271, prince de san...

Blanche de France, comtesse de Beaumont MP (1328 - 1393)

Blanche of France, Duchess of Orléans From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Blanche of France (1328-1382) was the posthumous daughter of Charles IV of France by his third wife Jeanne d'�...

Blanche Capet, (mort jeune) MP (1205 - 1206)

Blanche Capet de France MP (1253 - 1323)

Blanche of France (1253-1323) was a daughter of Louis IX of France and Marguerite of Provence. Her paternal grandparents were Louis VIII of France and Blanche of Castile, her maternal grandparents were...

Charles 'le Téméraire', duc de Bourgogne MP (1433 - 1477)

Charles de Valois-Bourgogne, dit Charles le Téméraire (Dijon, 10 ou 11 novembre 14333 – Nancy, 5 janvier 1477) est, après Philippe II le Hardi, Jean sans Peur et Philipp...

Charles "le Bel" Capet, roi de France MP (c.1294 - 1328) (open this link for English version) Charles IV de France, dit Charles le Bel, né le 18 juin 1294 au château de Creil (Oise), mort le 1er février 1328 �...

Charles I, King of Sicily MP (1227 - 1285)

Charles I (21 March 1226 – 7 January 1285), commonly called Charles of Anjou, was the King of Sicily by conquest from 1266, though he had received it as a papal grant in 1262 and was expelled ...

Cécile de France MP (1097 - 1145)

Cecile of France (1097–after 1145) was a daughter of Philip I of France and Bertrade of Montfort. The Historia Regum Francorum Monasterii Sancti Dionysii names "Philippum et Florum et filiam una...

Emma Capet de France MP (1054 - 1109)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on France Capetian Kings: EMMA de France (1054-). The Historia Francorum names "Emmamque filiam" in addition to the three sons of King Henri and An...

Hugues Capet, roi des Francs MP (c.940 - 996)

Reign: 3 July 987 – 24 October 996 Coronation: 3 July 987, Noyons Titles: Duke of the Franks, Count of Paris (956 – 987) Hugh Capet (c 940 – 24 October 996) was the first K...

Hugues Magnus, comte de Vermandois MP (c.1057 - 1101)

Note regarding his name: Sources show that Hugues Magnus was a compound name. See below for details. Wikipedia From the English Wikipedia page of Hugh I, Count of Vermandois: French Wikipedia: ...

Isabelle de France (Capet) MP (1312 - 1348)

) Isabelle de France, née en 1312, morte en 1348, fille de Philippe V le Long, roi de France et de Navarre, et de Jeanne II, comtesse de Bourgogne et d'Artois. Elle épouse en premi&#x...

Isabelle de France (Capet), Abbesse de Longchamp MP (1225 - 1270)

Saint Isabelle of France From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other people named Isabella of France, see Isabella of France (disambiguation). Saint Isabelle a...

Jean Tristan de France (Capet) MP (1200 - 1200)

Jean Capet de France (Capet) MP (1213 - 1213)

ALPHONSE de France (Lorrez-le-Bocage en Gâtinais, Seine-et-Marne 26 Jan 1213-died young, bur Notre-Dame de Poissy). Twin with his brother Jean. The Chronicon Bernardi Iterii records the birth of...

Jean I, roi de France MP (1316 - 1316) John I (15 November 1316 – 20 November 1316), called the Posthumous, was King of France and Navarre, and Count of Champagne, as the son and successor of Louis X, for the five ...

Jean Tristan Capet, Comte d'Anjou et du Maine MP (1219 - 1232)

Jean (1219-1232), comte d'Anjou et du Maine. Twin of Alphonse. Died young.

Jeanne Capet, (mort jeune) MP (1326 - 1327)

Jeanne Capet de la Marche (Capet) MP (1315 - 1321)

Joan of Poitiers (of Toulouse) Capet (de Toulouse), Comtesse de Toulouse MP (1220 - 1261)

The Treaty of Paris stipulated that a brother of King Louis was to marry Joan of Toulouse, daughter of Raymond VII of Toulouse, and so in 1237 Alphonse married her.[1]

Louis de France MP (1324 - 1324)

Marguerite Capet MP (1254 - 1271)

Marguerite of France (1254–1271) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) Marguerite of France (1254-1271) was a daughter of Louis IX of France and his wife Marguerite of Provence. She was ...

Marguerite de Maupin (Capet) MP (c.1631 - 1669)

Marie Capet de France, comtesse de Champagne MP (1145 - 1198)

Marie de France (1145-1198) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. ) Marie de France, née en 1145, morte le 11 mars 1198, fille de Louis VII le jeune roi de France et...

Marie de France MP (1327 - 1341)

Marie de France, Duchesse de Brabant MP (1198 - 1224)

from Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia. Marie Capet (1198–1238) was a daughter of Philip II of France and his disputed third wife Agnes of Merania. She was a member of the House of Capet. Co...

Mathilde Maud/Matilda de Vermandois (Capet) MP (c.1080 - c.1130)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Northern France: MATHILDE de Vermandois. The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines records the proposed marriage of "Robertus comes Mellenti...

Philippe II Auguste, roi de France MP (1165 - 1223)

PHILIP II OF FRANCE From Wikipedia, And in French: Philip II Augustus (French: Philippe Auguste) (21 August 1165 – 14 July 1223) was the King of France from 1180 until his death. A membe...

Philippe de France (Capet) MP (1209 - 1218)

Died young. He was the second Philippe; an older brother Philippe (1209-1218) died as a child.

Philippe V "le Long", roi de France et de Navarre MP (1293 - 1322)

Medlands (open this link for English version) Philippe V de France, dit Philippe le Long, né le 17 novembre 1291, mort le 3 janvier 1322 à Longchamp (Paris), est roi de France de 13...

Philippe Capet de la Marche (Capet) MP (1314 - 1322)

Philippe Dagobert de France (Capet) MP (1222 - 1232)

Philippe de Clermont MP (c.1200 - 1234)

Philippe Hurepel de Clermont Philippe Hurepel, né en juillet 1201, mort en 1234, comte de Clermont, de Boulogne, d'Aumale et de Dammartin, fils de Philippe II Auguste, roi de France, et d'Ag...

Robert I, comte d'Artois MP (1216 - 1250)

Robert de France, Comte d'Artois Robert I, Count of Artois and in French: Robert I d'Artois Robert I (1216 – 8 February 1250), called the Good, was the first Count of Artois, the fifth...

Robert Capet de France MP (c.1054 - c.1063)

Please note that this is a son of Henry of France and Anna of Kiev that did not make it to adulthood. (Therefore it follows that he never had a wife.) From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page ...

Robert Capet, Prince of France MP (1297 - 1308)

Robert (1296-1308), fils de Philippe IV 'le Bel' Capet, Roi de France et Jeanne I de Navarre, Reine de France "mort jeune" (died young)

Robert II Capet, comte de Clermont MP (1256 - 1317)

The family of Robert de FRANCE and Béatrice de BOURGOGNE [129137] FRANCE (de), Robert (..), comte de Clermont-en-Beauvaisis, born Clermont-en-Beauvaisis (Oise : 600157), France married 127...

Étienne de France (Capet) MP (1226 - 1227)

Died young. Etienne (nacida y muerta en 1226)

1. Philip IV Capet (deceased)

Adela Hildebranthe DeVermandois (Liegarde Robetina-Capet de Neustria) (887 - 931)

Adela Flanders (Capet) (1003 - 1079)

Adela Capet (c.928 - c.959)

Adela Capet (deceased)

Adela Capet (1003 - 1079)

Adela Capet (1009 - 1079)

Adela (950 - 980)

Adelaide Capet (b. - 1063)

Adelaide Adela Havoise Capet (of England), The Holy Princess of France, Countess of Flanders (deceased)

Adele Aelis of France de Flanders (Capet) (deceased)

Adele Capet Capet, Queen (deceased)

Adelheid (Aelis) CAPET, (deceased)

Adelisa Capet (c.1009 - c.1063)

Adélaïde Capet, Comtesse d' Auxerre et de Coutance (deceased)

Adélaïde Capet (c.973 - c.1068)

aelis"adele" england (capet) (1009 - 1079)

Agnès Capet (1207 - 1207)

Alice Capet (deceased)

Alice Capet (deceased)

Alisa Capet (1150 - 1198)

Anne Capet (deceased)

Anthony Capet (c.1605 - 1648)

Anthony Capet (c.1600 - d.)

Anthony Capet (1607 - d.)

Beatrice Capet (939 - 987)

Beatrice A Capet (Arles) (deceased)

Beatrix Capet (1079 - 1144)

Bertha of Vermandois Capet (856 - d.)

Blanche Capet d¨ France (deceased)

Blanche de Blois (Capet) (c.1247 - 1302)

Catherine-Marie Capet (Lefebvre) (1717 - d.)

Catherine-Marie Capet (Lefèbvre dit Boulanger) (deceased)

Charles I of Capet, I (1226 - 1285)

Charles II "the lame" Capet (1254 - 1309)

Charles I of Capet, I (1226 - 1285)

Charles II "the lame" Capet (1254 - 1309)

Charles Capet de France (Capet) (c.1085 - 1085)

Charles II "the lame" Capet (1254 - 1309)

Charles I of Capet, I (1226 - 1285)

Costas (Charles) The Templar (deceased)

Costas (Charles) St Marestain ("a Marestain de Santon") (The Templar) Person:390923 in Lineage Capet-Arpad Sex Male Full name (at birth) Costas (Charles) St Marestain ("a Marestain de Santon") Other ...

Duke Of Burgundy Eudes I Capet (1058 - d.)

Edhilda Capet (?) (deceased)

Edith Hainault (Capet) (b. - c.1013)

Elizabeth (Isabel) Capet (deceased)

Elizebeth Capet (de Pomerania) (1607 - 1648)

Emma Capet (b. - 962)

Emma de Saone (Capet) (1054 - 1122)

Emma Capet, Of France (1054 - d.)

Etienne Capet (1225 - d.)

Etienne Capet (1225 - d.)

Etienne Capet (1225 - d.)

Eugenie "Genie" Capet (deceased)

Eustachie Capet Capet, Princesse de France (Capet) (c.1099 - d.)

Eustachie, souvent mentionnée en généalogie, n'aurait jamais existé. Bernard Gineste, citant Dom Basile Fleureau: Son mariage prétendu avec Jean d'Etampes repose sur ...

Frances Coquillette(Capet) (deceased)

Francis Coquillette(Capet) (deceased)

Françoise Capet (deceased)

Gisela de Ponthieu (Capet) (deceased)

Guillaume de Montagu Seigneur de Sombernon [Bourgogne-Capet] (deceased)