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Wife of Thomas de Carew (Malemaynes) MP (c.1295 - d.)

Alice Prater (de Carew) MP (c.1455 - 1470)

Amicia de Carew (Peverell) MP (c.1275 - 1292)

Avice de Carew (Martin) MP (c.1261 - d.)

Catherine Chapman (Carew) MP (1562 - d.)

David de Carew MP (c.1285 - 1375)

Sir Edmund Carew, Kt. MP (c.1466 - 1513)

Supported Henry Tudor and was knighted by him at Bosworth as was Rhys ap Thomas. Sir Edmund died heavily in debt in 1513 while fighting in France. He was buried at Calais. His heirs were unable to keep...

Elizabeth de Carew MP (c.1372 - 1410)

CAREW1 Elizabeth CAREW Born: ABT 1372, Mallerforde, Buckinghamshire, England Died: 25 Sep 1410 Father: John CAREW Mother: Agnes MARTIN Married: Roger LEWKNOR (b. ABT 1369 - d. BEF 1405) ABT...

Elizabeth de Carew MP (c.1395 - 1410)

Elizabeth Carew MP (1602 - d.)

Elizabeth Carew (Croker) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Carew MP (c.1595 - 1666)

Immigration; 8 Jun 1637, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. 7344 "ROSE" of Yarmouth, William Andrews, Jr., Master. Set sail from Ipswich, England and arrived at Boston, MA Church membership; 10 Nov 1634...

Isabella de Carew (de la Mare) MP (1362 - 1398)

Sir James Carew, Kt. MP (c.1445 - 1493)

Jane Cary (de Carew) MP (c.1460 - c.1495)

Jane CAREW Born: ABT 1460, Clovelly, Devonshire, England Father: Nicholas CAREW (Sir) Mother: Margery DYNHAM Married: Robert CAREY Children: 1. Robert CAREY 2. John CAREY 3. Thomas CARE...

Joan de Carew (Carminow) MP (c.1427 - 1502)

Joan de Carew MP (c.1320 - 1348)

In summary, it appears that Sir Guy de Bryan was born say 1309, he being in arms in 1327 and stated to be of age in 1330. His first wife, Joan, was living 12 April 1348. It is Nicolas' suppositio...

Joan Carew (Courtenay) MP (1411 - 1501)

Joan COURTENAY Father: Hugh COURTENAY of Haccombe (Sir) Mother: Phillipa ARCHDEKNE Married 1: Nicholas CAREW (B. Carew) Children: 1. Thomas CAREW of Mohun's Ottery 2. Nicholas CAREW o...

John de Carew MP (1313 - 1363)

CAREW1 John CAREW Died: 1346/7 Died: Siege of Calais Father: John De CAREW (B. Carew) Mother: Margaret MOHUN Married: Agnes MARTIN Children: 1. Elizabeth CAREW -----------------

John de Carew MP (1283 - 1324)

John Alieu Carew MP

John Alieu Carew (født 5. september 1979 i Lørenskog) er en norsk landslagsspiller i fotball. Han spiller i hovedsak spiss og er kjent for sin styrke og høyde. Han spiller for tiden i Aston Villa i Pre...

John de Carew MP (1346 - d.)

Katherine Carew (Huddesfield) MP (c.1462 - c.1528)

Lucy Carew (Willoughby) MP (1349 - 1390)

Malyn Carew (Oxenbridge) MP (1475 - 1544)

MALYN OXENBRIDGE (1475-October 3, 1544) Malyn Oxenbridge was the daughter of Sir Robert Oxenbridge of Ford Place in Brede, Sussex and Anne Lyvelode. She married Sir Richard Carew of Beddington (c.147...

Margaret St. John (Carew) MP (1508 - 1535)

Margaret Carew [1] Margaret Carew is the daughter of Sir Richard Carew and Mary Oxenbridge.[1],[2] She married John St. John, son of Sir John St. John and Joan Iwardby. Her married name became St...

Martha Carew MP (deceased)

Mary Pelham (Carew) MP (c.1462 - d.)

'Mary Carew is the daughter of Sir Richard Carew.2 She married Sir William Pelham.1 ' Her married name became Pelham. 'Children of Mary Carew and Sir William Pelham 1.Anthony Pelham2 2.Sir Ni...

Mary Darcy (Carew) MP (c.1520 - 1545)

Mary Carew was buried in St Botolph without Aldgate Churchyard, Aldgate, Greater London, England. Parents: Sir Nicholas Carew (1496 - 1539) and Elizabeth Carew (1500 - ____) Married: Arthur D...

Maude de Carew (Pauncefoot) MP (deceased)

Maurice de Carew MP (deceased)

Mercy de Carew (Hayme) MP (b. - 1453)


Sir Nicholas Carew, Kt. MP (1433 - 1469)

Nicholas de Carew MP (c.1253 - 1311)

David Nash Ford's Royal Berkshire History Sir Nicholas Carew (d. 1311) Born: circa 1255 'Baron Carew of Moulsford' Died: 1311 at Carew Castle, Pembrokeshire Nicholas was the son of Nichol...

Nicholas de Carew, MP of Beddington Surrey MP (1356 - 1432)

From The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1386-1421, ed. J.S. Roskell, L. Clark, C. Rawcliffe., 1993: CAREW, Nicholas (c.1356-1432), of Beddington, Surr. ConstituencyDates SURREY 1...

Nicholas de Carew MP (c.1235 - c.1297)

Nicholas de Carew MP (b. - 1324)

Nicholas de Carew, Keeper of the Privy Seal MP (1322 - 1390)

Notes: He was Keeper of the Privy Seal, Edward III. The long association of the Carew family with Beddington and its Parish Church began about the middle of the 14th century and lasted, at least in nam...

Sir Nicholas Carew, Kt. MP (1409 - 1446)

From Jorge Castelli's Tudor Place page on Nicholas Carew, Baron Carew (no sources): Nicholas CAREW (B. Carew) Born: ABT 1409, Molesford, Devonshire, England Died: ABT 1446 Father: Thomas CA...

Nicholas de Carew MP (c.1185 - 1228)

Note: Nicholas de Carew, a minor in September 1213, ward of William Fitz John de Harptree, a Somerset knight, until after March 1224 when he succeeded his father as Lord of Carew, Pembrokeshire, Cymru;...

Sir Nicholas Carew, KG, Master of the Horse MP (c.1496 - 1540)

Executed Born by 1496, first son of Sir Richard Carew of Beddington by Malyn, dau. of Sir Robert Oxenbridge of Ford, Suss. Kntd. by Jul 1520; KG nom. 23 Apr, inst. 21 May 1536. Groom of the privy cha...

Odo FitzWilliam de Carew MP (c.1125 - 1204)

THE ORIGIN OF THE CAREWS It may have been observed by some that in the Fitzgerald pedigree which I gave at the close of my paper on the origin of that family,1 I followed the example set by Mr. Dimock,...

Reimund de Carew MP (deceased)

Sir Richard Carew, Kt. MP (1469 - 1520)

Buried in Carew Chapel, St. Marys in Beddington.

Sir Richard Carew, Kt. MP (1436 - d.)

'Sir Richard Carew lived at Beddington, Surrey, England.1 'Child of Sir Richard Carew 1.Mary Carew+2 Citations 1.[S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107...

Robert de Carew MP (deceased)

Sir Mathew Carew MP (deceased)

Stephen de Carew MP (deceased)

Tancred de Carew MP (deceased)

Thomas de Carew MP (c.1292 - 1334)

Thomas de Carew, Baron Hydon MP (c.1361 - 1431)

Proceedings , Volumes 27-28 By Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society Pg.104 His wife brought him Haccombe, near Newton Abbot, and other lands in Devon and East Cornwall. He lived a...

Thomas Carew MP (1428 - 1461)

Due to his failing to answer summons to military service and his never being knighted, it has been conjectured that he had poor health or was otherwise physically handicapped. He lived at Mohun's Ottery.

William de Carew MP (1215 - 1279)

Note: William de Carew, grandson of the William de Carew who died in 1213, succeeded as Lord of Carew, Pembrokeshire, Cymru; Moulsford, Berkshire, England & Idrone, County Carlow, Ireland, his father b...

William de Carew MP (c.1284 - 1357)

William de Carew MP (deceased)

William Fitz de Carew MP (c.1155 - 1213)

William de Carra, or Carrio, temp. King John, was the first that took upon him the name of Carru. He had a confirmation of the manor of Mullesford, the 14th of that reign ; and married, ..................

(Unknown) Boulton (Carew) (deceased)

? Carew (deceased)

? Carew (deceased)

Abbie Chesebro Carew (1834 - d.)

Abigail Whiting (Carew) (1733 - d.)

Admiral Benjamin hallowell-carew (deceased)

Agnes Carew (deceased)

account deleted (deceased)

Albert Alexander CAREW (1880 - 1913)

Sir Alexander Carew, MP, 2nd Baronet (1608 - 1644)

Sir Alexander Carew, 2nd Baronet (30 August 1609 – 23 December 1644), of Antony in Cornwall, was an English Member of Parliament executed for attempting to betray the Parliamentary cause during the Eng...

Alexander De Carew (1439 - 1492)

Alice Carew (Ingpenny) (deceased)

ALICE PRATER (CAREW) (c.1455 - d.)

Alice (1137 - d.)

Alice (deceased)

Angela M. Gormley (Carew) (1912 - 1976)

I know from family records that Angela graduated from Cooper Union in New York, NY.She was a fantastic artist and taught art for many years.

Ann Maria Larue (Carew) (1848 - d.)

Ann Maria Larue (Carew) (1848 - d.)

Ann Carew (deceased)

Ann Carew (Harvey) (b. - 1605)

Ann Carew (Thompson) (deceased)

Ann Maria Larue (Carew) (1848 - d.)

Anna Carew (1858 - 1927)

Anna Carew (Crocker) (1410 - d.)

Annabel Glanville (Pole-Carew) (1796 - 1871)

Anne (deceased)

Anne Carew (c.1490 - d.)

Anne Carew (deceased)

Anne Carew (1519 - 1570)

Anne Carew1 F, #146599, b. 1520, d. 24 November 1587 Anne Carew was born in 1520. She was the daughter of Sir Nicholas Carew.1 She married Sir Nicholas Throckmorton, son of Sir George Throckmorton ...

Anne Godolphin (Carew) (1592 - d.)

Anne Carew (deceased)

Anne (Nesta) Awbrey (Ferch Carew) (c.1243 - d.)

Anne de Carew (Digon) (deceased)

Much perplexity has arisen in accounting for the acquisition of the Barony of Odrone by the Carews, Sir Thomas Phillipps gives this William as wife Avice, da. and heir to Digon, Baron of Odrone, but in...

ANNE (CAREW) (deceased)

Anne Carew (Clopton) (1562 - 1636)

Anne Carew (deceased)

Anne Carew (deceased)

Annemarie Halowsky Sampogna (Carew) (c.1956 - c.2000)

Annie Condon (Carew) (1877 - 1917)

Source: Familysearch.org, International Genealogical Index for the British Isles, batch no. C005747 Spelled there as "Anne" According to Christina Hazen ( ), married in Ireland Michael J. O' Carr...

Anthony Carew (c.1619 - d.)

Austin V. Carew (1908 - 1963)

account deleted (deceased)

Avice De Carew (of Ireland) (c.1160 - d.)

Bartholomew Carew (1575 - d.)